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    Over here.... https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/116364-math-support-latex/... physics_teacher asked if there was a way to "render on-the-fly latex in my diagrams". Unbelievably, my masterful Dr Scott's Markup Renderer was not doing the job. Wha....? Anyway, I decided to write a much smaller and more specific plugin to render Math LaTeX equations using paint.net. Download it by hitting the big blue button >> Download Installation: Unzip the file Copy both DLL files to one of these two locations (depending on which version of paint.net you have installed) .... Classic: your \Effects\ folder. Store: /My Documents/ paint.net App Files/Effects/ 3. Restart paint.net 4. find the plugin in Effects > Text Formations Many thanks to toe_head2001 and null54 for their guidance as this plugin was being developed. Because of these guys the plugin scales with the system DPI and also handles paint.net themes. enjoy.
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    It is one of the selection modes in the toolbar, see https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/SelectionTools.html#13.
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    The '80's ... corny as hell in a lot of ways but a time to be coming of age. When my time comes I'll be glad I lived through it ...
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    My all time favourite R & B/ Blues/ Soul lady
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    Have a look at gmic-qt plugin and see artistic section.
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    Are you referring to changing the selection size and/or location? See this page in the Paint.NET online help file.
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    Stay safe and keep creating! That cake does look good.😉