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    Congratulations to the winners! 1st Place: is @welshblue, @Pixey and @welshblue with 7 votes each 2nd Place: is @lynxster4 and @Djisves with 6 votes each 3rd Place: is @Maximilian with 5 votes Great entries from everyone! All the flowers were lovely! πŸ’
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    It's a bit confusing, @Pixey. You need to press APPLY for two new windows to open in order to set the morphing anchor points. EDIT: As @ReMake has already said before me 😁
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    Welcome @zaffer Are you using this Plugin?: If so, to save it as an animation you go to Save As and choose the option .agif. This is the Plugin for making an animation that was used in TR's Morpher tutorial:
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    +1 Paint.NET plus DDS FileType Plus must be the most comprehensive and bug free solution to working with DDS images in a paint package we have ever had.
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    .Ahmed's Plugins. Hello again ! This topic shall Contain all my PDN plugins or other additions . Plugins: You can download the .zip file that has them all : Ahmed\'s Plugins.zip (all the plugins are put in alphabetical order.) Apply Color.dll: Effects----->Color------>Apply Color a simple plugin that allows you to (Apply) a color to your image. Example: Cartoonize.dll: Effects----->Artistic------>Cartoonize a plugin that turns realistic photos into cartoony style (with some simple dithering ). Example: Clarifaction+.dll: Effects----->Photo------>Clarifaction+ a plugin to clarify your image. Example: InkSketch+.dll: Effects----->Artistic------>InkSketch+ an artistic effect that redraws your image as if drawn with ink. Example: Posterize+.dll: Adjustment----->Posterize+ a very useful, customizable effect , it allows you to limit the output of any channel , including HSV , RGB ! Example: Quick Gravity.dll: Effects----->Distort------>Quick Gravity a quick effect that will drag your image down while stretching it , giving it a gravity effect . Example: Vibration.dll: Effects----->Distort------>Vibration. an effect that well blur and then thick the insides of your image , gives a nice vibration effect. Example: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- -------- If you need the source of any of my plugins , please PM me ! if you have a plugin suggestion , please write it down here . please report any errors in this topic. Thanks for passing by! Ahmed.
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    Hello, I've made a plugin to render those twinkly highlights you get when a photo is taken towards the Sun, highlights on water or metallic text. It is also good for space type pictures. It works on transparent layers, allowing more blend options and uses the primary and secondary colours - so try setting those first, ( a slightly off-white for the secondary gives good results). Tell me what you think (don't be too cruel, it's the first plugin I've dared to publish!). Enjoy. Highlight (updated) is now in my plugin pack. Here's the link Red ochre plugin pack
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    Thanks for the lovely new images Seerose!
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    Happy birthday, stay safe, have fun!πŸŽ‚
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    Happy Birthday my friend
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    Another Happy Birthday @lynxster4 for you
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    Brilliant! it sounds a lot like the Neverhood soundtrack, which I love and play every so often.
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    Anyone else getting a virus report from DdsFileTypePlusIO_x86.dll? Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.C!ml is what Windows Defender is yelling at me. I've removed the download link for now while this is figured out.