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    Thank you @Seerose, @Maximilian and @CsyeCok The Soldier for the reps! Hope all is well with everyone... 🤗
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    You are a singular artist!
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    ❤️ @Vagabondi! I haven't been here for a long time. Very interesting and really beautiful . Thank you so much. (rep in the next days)
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    ❤️ @CsyeCok The Soldier, @lynxster4, @Maximilian, @Reptillian! Thank you very much, it's nice to be with you.
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    A Buncha Covers for my today's warmup (with references to songs in the imgur post btw). Also usable in Hotline Miami 2 References: [The first one is very obvious] https://youtu.be/MLYq9SVShhA https://youtu.be/nC7ii3Ir-no
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    The Waves Love them or hate them - they just keep on moving. And it's another summer... - Summertime - - Carry On - - Purple Cafe - - Imagination - - Ship That Passes In The Night - - Beaching - - Pretty Fly - - Goths Are Humans Too - - The Rock - - See You Again - Thanks for you visit. Swim Not Sink!
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    June Update Three new plugins this month, including first releases for a couple of new authors. Welcome aboard the plugin train Axis-Based Shift Reptillian Distortion plugin that shifts pixels with options to set direction, influence level, threshold level, and position. Codelab source code available. Reconstruction filter tool box loupasc Uses Sinc filters to process images. Options: Kernel shape (square, disc and diamond), Basic cutoff settings, Kernel radius, Border handling (uniform color, extend, mirror), Global contrast. Codelab source code available. Sound Wave Foxxey Generates a random waveform not dissimilar to a visual representation of an audio file. Codelab source code available.
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    Page 1. Depression For years I've battled with the invisible curse brought on by PTSD and in these uncertain times, not having seen my son for 5 months and my daughter for 4 ... it creeps back up on you without you realising it ... Paint.net and this forum is currently keeping my head above water. TMI ? Ahh well ... better out than in. I'm not ashamed of admitting it. All PDN except the eye
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    Hope everyone is still well! Haven't really done much in PDN while I was off for 6 weeks. 🙄 Opted to spring clean my home instead. Got lots done...yeah! This piece is based on a shape I was working on back in January and February...finally finished it. I have two versions...can't decide which I like better. I present Parrot Paradise Hope you enjoy them! 😊 (Both are clickable)
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    An update to what I have been up to. Also a sketch image pack I have been working on. At times I love to draw more then coloring my work. I wish I got it out sooner but it takes time for me to retrace my light drawings in paint. All images are copyright free have fun with em! http://www.mediafire.com/file/20181ewueypdxse/Sketch_pack.zip/file (Note) I did not resize any image in the pack, I actually cropped the extra white space. That is why file size is large. Kinda fell asleep after posting this so I forgot to add this note.
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    Two new images. Partly to test how to link a big thumbnail back to a larger image (hosted on my own site). The first 'Bad moon rising' relates to the current tragic epidemic. Sadly it seems today's courageous medics and carers have little more protection than the 'plague doctors' of the past. In the larger image the pseudo-random pixel patterns suggest demonic faces to me, probably just an 'inkblot' (Rorschach) effect. The second is the result of various geometrical distortions ... which I find strangely erotic... just my sordid mind then!😄