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    I enjoyed this one, thank you @Pixey. Now, on to more text tutorials.
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    This update adds XMP metadata support, 3 new translations, some UI improvements, and several bug fixes. I'd like to point out the addition of a right-click menu that's now available from the thumbnail strip at the top of the window: If you’re using the Windows Store release, you should get the update automatically within the next 24 hours. You can also force an update check by following these instructions. For the Classic release, you should be offered the update automatically within the next week or so. You can get the update sooner by going to ⚙ Settings → Updates → Check Now. You can also download and install it directly from the website. Changes since 4.2.10: New: XMP metadata is now preserved for supported file types (PDN, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, JPEG XR, HEIC, AVIF, WEBP) New: Belarusian (be) translation New: Greek (el) translation New: Slovenian (sl) translation New: Added a right-click context menu to the image thumbnail/tab. It contains commands for Copy Path, Open Containing Folder, Save, Save As, and Close. New: The items in the File -> Open Recent menu now have a tooltip with the full file path for the image Changed: The selection outline animation is now smoother (2x the framerate) Fixed: Saving with the HEIC file type is no longer limited to a max Quality value of 90. This limitation was in place because of a crash due to heap corruption, which no longer happens. Fixed: The NVIDIA sharpening setting will no longer cause trippy distortions in the canvas area Fixed an issue with loading very small TGA images, first reported here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/116100-tga-rle-truecolor-1x1-image-failed-to-load/. Thanks @null54 or the fix! Fixed: Error dialogs when opening images now consistently show the file path Fixed a PropertyNotFoundException error message when saving JPEG images with a particular ordering of metadata. This was due to a bug in Windows 7's WIC JPEG codec. First reported here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/116079-jpg-cant-save-some-file/ Fixed clipped text rendering in the Curves adjustment dialog in some non-English translations. Fixed a crash when running the app with a DPI scaling setting of 500% Fixed a crash that would sometimes happen when running effects with very small selections Fixed some IndirectUI controls not honoring their default values if also initialized in read only (disabled) mode. Thanks @BoltBait for the fix! Fixed a memory leak in the effect system that was causing 1 orphaned thread per effect invocation Changed: Removed the use of NTFS Transactions, which was causing trouble with OneDrive. Microsoft has also deprecated this technology. New: Added /openCrashLogFolder command-line argument. This is intended for simplifying troubleshooting workflows. New: Added /forceUpdateCheck command-line argument. This is intended for troubleshooting scenarios to simplify acquiring the latest version, e.g. "just run paintdotnet:/forceUpdateCheck" instead giving a longer list of buttons to click on. Updated WebPFileType plugin to version, which adds XMP metadata support. Thanks @null54! Updated DDSFileTypePlus plugin to version 1.10.3. This fixes an issue with saving in the A1R5G5B5, A4R4G4B4, and R5G6B5 formats, and adds support for reading files that use a 'BC7\0' FourCC. Thanks @null54! Enjoy!
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    Possibly a job for one of Spinal Tap's technicians?
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    @Ego Eram Reputo No, it's not. Here's a screenshot of paint.net installer in Russian. You can see this image is localized. You can find these image files in "Paint.net->Resources". That folder contains folders with localized images for different resolutions. I assume these folders are used by installer. But there are no folders with images for several languages.
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    Ooooooo - I love it @Djisves
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    At 255 your opacity is set to completely solid... for every other software on the planet. That's why you need to ask at a forum dedicated to the game in question. Obviously, they're using something other than normal opacity to determine how solid their textures are. We don't know what that is... and until we know, we can't help you.
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    This does not apply to the Classic Version @Robyn Ensure you unzip the file first. Place the file in "C:\Program Files\paint.net\Effects" Folder. Restart Paint and the new plugin should appear under Effects/Photo sub-menu. Hope this helps
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    I've just added the file to the first post in this thread:
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    I recompiled the effect from the source code in the first post. Changes: Moved it into the Artistic submenu Added a Plugin Browser preview image (I cropped the example image in the first post) I was going to move it into Stylize, but Artistic is a better fit. TOON.zip Source code:
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    That's never fun to figure out 😬 Good luck!
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    Locking this thread -- Final build inbound. Also, there was a memory leak that I fixed for the final release.
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    ::keywords::Crystals|pyramids|extrude ::Menu::Effects/Iterative lines ::Original release date:: 4th October 2014 ::Author:: Red ochre (John Robbins) helped by TechnoRobbo (Rob Tauler) ::dll name:: Facet Should work on both Pdn3.5.11 and Pdn4.0.3+ Facet turns an image into various crystal/pyramid like shapes. Hopefully the images below explain better! Now in my pack:Red ochre v10 plugin pack Many thanks to TechnoRobbo for his help getting this one to work correctly. Please post any images you create using it, in this thread. I'd love to see what you can all come up with! http://i.imgur.com/ArISmnm.png http://i.imgur.com/pBkopmN.png http://i.imgur.com/QUWHIfD.png http://i.imgur.com/Zb4XY0A.png http://i.imgur.com/THNVzws.png http://i.imgur.com/RFKXpGv.png http://i.imgur.com/NRiswjq.png
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    Thank you, once again, @Red and@TR for sharing your amazing talents - which are endless. This is really so versatile and, judging from all the lovely results, it can be used to create such a variety of images. Here is my attempt: