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    Could 'Gears' be an alternative?
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    Relax! If you can read or follow video instructions, you will do fine! 🙂 Video tutorial links: Text and paint.net
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    Greetings, You will need to create a layer for your text and the use one of the text formation plugins to make the design that you want. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/15260-plugin-index/ You can find tutorials on applying text to layers in this forum: https://forums.getpaint.net/forum/23-text-effects/
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    i feel for you @LionsDragon - uncertainty and worry on top of everything you're already going through. Fingers crossed priority cases still go ahead as normal (the same for @Pixey)
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    I'm so sad you're going through this. Hoping it stops
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    As long as the fonts have worked in Paint.NET in the past, this shouldn't be happening. This seems to get reported every so once in awhile ... have you tried rebooting recently? Especially if you're using the version from the Microsoft Store. It seems to be a bug in the sandboxing/virtualization that Store apps are contained within.
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    I won't be able to dedicate any time for this. However, if someone is willing to make a plugin and release it as open source (not GPL), then I'm open to bundling it. I added an AppSetting that permits disabling the built-in AV1 (*.avif) plugin in order to facilitate the future development of said plugin. Otherwise, the built-in handler would always take precedence. So if anyone's interested, let me know and I'll get you the details.
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    You hit the nail on the head. Support for AVIF in Paint.NET is dependent on the image codec from Microsoft. The codec doesn't support encoding, therefore Paint.NET doesn't either. Feel free to send your request to Microsoft. There are a few encoders in existence, so maybe a plugin developer will leverage one of them to implement Paint.NET support.
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    I really don't understand the toilet roll fetish (but I have been to India!)😁 Stay safe all and don't murder each other when cabin fever sets in!
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    I've had two people at my day job go into self-isolation already, and another who is considering it...we're starting buy online/get curbside pickup for orders, just like the restaurants nearby. I work at a freaking JoAnn Fabrics. It's gonna be all I can do not to ask what dressing the customers want on their salad. (I just might with some of my regulars; they know how warped my sense of humor is already.) Todd's new job is building satellite components and computer mainframe hardware. I don't think the US government will *let* them shut down. *sigh* No visiting Todd's parents, our elderly aunts and uncles, or our immunocompromised niece for a while. Annnd that niece in a major hotspot and works with kids, no less. Everybody stay safe out there! Or indoors, preferably...ngl, everyone here has been on my "worry list." @Pixey has the right idea. Let's all stay in and PDN!
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    Love 'Tearing the Sky'. Reminds me of magic! Great photo manip, @TrevorOutlaw!
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    ... but I chickened out, underlying health problems - it just wasn't worth the risk of mingling
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    Oh...oh...oh... Fantastic! The option to use on an object makes everything available to use! Everyone's shapes, any png on the internet, etc... The zoom is great, too....I was going to ask for that option. Some of my textures are large and I'd have to resize them (smaller). Thank you @BoltBait and @welshblue ! Happy Belated Valentine's??