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    Inspired by @ReMake, I have decided to take my version which contains more variety. (Two different source codes for this is provided below. C# and G'MIC-QT). All this filter does is to interpolate between rgb and grayscale value. Download - RGB to Linear Interpolation.dll It's under Effects/Colors ------ License - CeCiLLv2.0 - https://cecill.info/licences/Licence_CeCILL_V2-en.html Source code in C# Source Code in G'MIC-QT
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    Some comments and suggestions: Your code does not save transparent areas of the image by replacing them with white. To fix this, add int A = CurrentPixel.A; under int B = CurrentPixel.B; Add int A after the gray variable in Interpolation() private ColorBgra Interpolation(int rval, int gval, int bval, int rlvl, int glvl, int blvl, int gray, int A) and add A to ColorBgra Final ColorBgra Final = Interpolation(R, G, B, RedFactor, GreenFactor, BlueFactor, Gray, A); The code snippet if(rr>255){rr=255;} if(rr<0){rr=0;} if(gg>255){gg=255;} if(gg<0){gg=0;} if(bb>255){bb=255;} if(bb<0){bb=0;} return ColorBgra.FromBgr((byte)(bb),(byte)(gg),(byte)(rr)); can be deleted and replaced with line return ColorBgra.FromBgraClamped(bb, gg, rr, A); In Luma_A () and Luma_B () in the lines double bfactor=(double)(0.06060791*gval); and double bfactor=(double) (0.1140*gval); probably a typo (gval or bval)? Interesting effect in any case.
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    An all-PdN portrait of Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, from one of her appearances in the MCU:
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    I present a wonderful collab with @welshblue. I did the shade and Welsh 'finished' the image with the beautiful lamp base, table, wallpaper and reflections. Wisteria of Tiffany Please click the image for a full-size version. I hope you enjoy 'Wisteria of Tiffany'!
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    Planet Caravan (my recent cosmic sketches - big and small - no stock, 100% PDN) Space Bar Illumination Difference Hide Me Starry Night Under Influence Furry Blurry PowerShell Special thanks to @Drydareelin - I wasn't really into space art until I saw your gallery (and your tutorials, too). @Ego Eram Reputo - thank you again for Planetoid, it rocks! @ReMake - thank you for Spacescape that kind of summarizes the must-have tips & tricks. "May The Schwartz Be With You" (c).
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    Head In The Clouds playing with the built-in treasure and some other effects Sunset Tree Color Dystopian Still Got The Blues March Mouse Apple In The Dawn The first one was inspired by @Ash's classic tutorial. The last one - by @Pixey's new gift to us. Stay tuned & thanks for your visit.