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    Thank you very much for the tutorial. And thanks @LionsDragon for mentioning it, too. Here is my first draft: PS. I kinda saved the example images from *hoto*ucket and sorta reuploaded them to PostImage. Maybe one of the mods or @yellowman himself would like to edit the first post & fix the broken links - you know, for inspiration EDIT: Links were added so I remove them - thank you @Pixey
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    With this tutorial you can create a 3D room "interior 3D view". Images like these: All these images created by using the same technique This tutorial is in PDF format "View the tutorial" (Note by EER: PDF also attached to the bottom of this post 19 April 2014 ) Enjoy 3droomtut.pdf
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    Underdog and Sweet Polly Purebred
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    If using LionsDragon's method, holding down shift while resizing may help to maintain aspect ratio. Or... Open the 4032*3024 image, go to Image/resize and reduce it to 512px and save with a different name. You can then select all and easily paste into another 512px image.
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    When you try to paste in the image, do you get a message saying that it's larger than your current image? If so, click on "keep image size" and then you can squeeze your texture down to fit.
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    Another option is TextOnPath plugin: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/111330-unfinished-plugins/?do=findComment&comment=565005 Use ellipse path.
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    It would help if someone who actually knows how to do this explained or at least pointed the OP at a specific tutorial that will detail the method. The Circle Text plugin which you'd think would be suitable is actually not a good choice for the type of effect the OP wants to create. However the Circular Text plugin by Xod is much more like it and fairly easy to get regular text spacing and positioning for a text arc of any size and radius. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/113205-circular-text/ But why is it still set up with a default circular text example which you have to go into the settings and null everything before you can start work on your own project?
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    So true, and the fact that it plays by the end of Mayans' Season 2 finale adds even more depth to the series' plot line
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    ooohhh....I do love that @Maximilian Has a lot of feeling to it...
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    I've split out your post into its own thread -- announcement threads aren't really for troubleshooting like that. I got your e-mail but there isn't really any information for me to go on. I do not believe this has anything to do with 4.2.8 versus 4.2.10, as no changes were made in 4 .2.10 which could affect this. Also, old versions are not provided at all -- that isn't the fix. I need your help to figure out what the problem is so we can fix things, either on your end or in my code. Can you give me more information? What error are you actually getting when you try to save? Maybe you can start by posting a screenshot.
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    Thank you so much @LionsDragon, and sorry for the late reply, I am glad you like the tutorial, but I also have to say thanks to great @Ash because he inspired me about the tute.
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    @yellowman! I can't tell you how often I use your 3D room tut. (Seriously, I lost count....) Welcome back! And agreed, @Red ochre. I can't even vote in this one because I like ALL of them!