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    @drakaan Pexels.com is an excellent site for free source image. Another one is unsplash.com. I use both sites heavily for my photomanipulations. Another site I have found but had limited success with is stockvault.net.
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    The Smithsonian just released 2.8 *million* images into the public domain. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/smithsonian-releases-28-million-images-public-domain-180974263/ Here's a direct link to the image repository, but I think it's currently slashdoted, dugg, reddited, gizmodo'ed, etc. https://www.si.edu/openaccess
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    I think @Rykujin the answer is No .... it's impossible to read. I hope this is not SPAM
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    Pexels is a good source. I always attribute images if used regardless of not requiring attribution.
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    Paint.NET cannot be compiled for ARM64 right now because Microsoft's Visual C++ compiler does not support compiling C++/CLI for it. Hopefully someday but I wouldn't get your hopes up. It's out of my control. Until then you have to use the 32-bit x86 version, which will run emulated (and yes you can get it from the Store!). I'm told it runs well.
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    This plugin requires Paint.NET v4.2.9 (or beyond) so you'll need to upgrade to the latest version before you can enjoy it.
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    It's in the title bar at the top left