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    This small update fixes a few important bugs, most notably with installations that directly use the MSI file for deployment (e.g. AD/GPO). If you’re using the Windows Store release, you should get the update automatically within the next 24 hours. You can also force an update check by following these instructions. For the Classic release, you should be offered the update automatically within the next week or so. You can get the update sooner by going to βš™ Settings β†’ Updates β†’ Check Now. You can also download and install it directly from the website. Changes since 4.2.9: Fixed: Installations that directly use the MSI (e.g. AD/GPO deployments) no longer need to run the repair process immediately after installation. Some important DLLs were not being updated because while their assembly version was different, their file version was unchanged, so Windows Installer incorrectly skipped over them. Click here for more information. Fixed: Loading an image with an enormous photoshop:DocumentAncestors node in the XMP metadata will no longer hang the app Fixed a rare crash in the auto-updater UI related to font initialization Improved performance when clicking OK on an effect or adjustment dialog that has already completed part of its rendering Enjoy!
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    Happy Valentine's Day to All! And for those of you who are 'ho-hum' about it, I give you a timely quote from my 'De-Motivational' calendar: True Love is when two people lower their standards just the right amount. πŸ˜†
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it This tutorial will show how to make this: *** This tutorial owes a lot to the tutorials of other people, and I'll post credit on the relevant steps *** The first step is to make a wood texture. I've done it a bit differently, but all credit goes to Drakaan for planting the seed in my head ... Plug-Ins Needed: Polar Transformation Jitter Flip Horizontal Merge both layers together The next step is to get the crumpled look. All credit for this goes to SargonIII aka yellowman Plug-Ins Needed: Tile Image Dents Classic Hidden Content: On a new layer above your finished wood texture This next part owes huge credit to theonlychad who's concrete tutorial is ever present one way or another in most of my work In the interests of keeping the tut here relatively short ... follow the steps as laid out by Chad in the above link Then follow the steps below: Hidden Content: And You're Finished And you're done. A huge thanks to the tut writers I've named. Plus all the Plug-In writers and Developers who make it all possible. Play around adding textures, playing with blend Modes.
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    If you are seeing your PDF files in 4.2.10 then there is no problem. If not, a re-install is required which resolved the issue. I just loaded a 43 page PDF and it opened perfectly.
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    Thanks for remaking this! I may have an updated version soon, thanks to some nifty new plugins
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    Wow! What an impressive array of stories ' Something went wrong' tickled my fancy especially, but they are all wonderful expressions of love 😍
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    Just sayin'... in joy & sorrow πŸ’œ
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    My Funny Valentines 1, 3, 5, 7 from scratch. 2, 4, 6, 8 manipulation. Dark Side Oceans of Time Moon People Something Went Wrong Vis-A-Vis Beastie Love Quote 1 Quote 2 PS. I wish you πŸ’œ
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    I'm going to take guess here, and say you have file extensions hidden in Windows Explorer. So, your image file is probably named something like MyImage.PNG.WEBP, but the .WEBP part in hidden.
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    Make sure the KaiTi font is not set to Hidden in the Control Panel.
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    Thank you very much @ReMake for all the work you do I know that you and @Woodsy do many helpful things for the forum 😍