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    Custom Corner Frame plugin is located in Effects>>Render submenu Download
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    Version 1.1 (Requires Paint.NET v4.2.9+) Creative Text Pro takes the fonts on your system and uses them to create professional looking 3D text. The available controls allow you to customize your text to infinite possibilities! If you have ever wondered how to make 3D text in Paint.NET... Or, how to make gold text in Paint.NET... Or, how to make chrome text in Paint.NET... this is the plugin for you! Creative Text Pro includes 6 black-and-white algorithms that can be adjusted and/or colorized, including: Normal, Subtle, Dark, Chrome, Light, and Bright. The lighting direction for highlights/shadows on the letters is completely adjustable to any angle. Creative Text Pro also includes 45 seamless textures that can be applied to the text: Those textures can be rotated and the colors adjusted for near infinite possibilities! For example, texture Rust 2 can be color corrected to green for a nice "moss" texture. Turtle can be color corrected to orange for a nice giraffe effect. The Gold Foil texture can be color corrected to purple for a nice purple foil effect... etc. OK, but you said "infinite", where's the rest? Ha! OK, the rest are up to you! The last option in the variation/texture drop-down box is Clipboard. So, any image you have on your clipboard can be applied to the text, rotated, and color corrected. Infinite! The UI has 4 sections Objects Also, if you want to apply the 3D effect to an existing object instead of text, check the box at the top of the UI: Where did my background go? Text should always be rendered to a separate layer, that way shadows can be added behind it and you can move the text where it needs to go. In that light, text rendered by this plugin is placed on a transparent background. You're welcome. How do I add more fonts? Where is my favorite font, it's not listed? Creative Text Pro uses the fonts that are already installed on your system. However, not all of your fonts may be compatible with this plugin, so only those fonts that will work are shown in the font drop-down box. Generally, fonts need to be True Type (TTF) files that support Normal rendering. (Fonts that only support Italics are not included.) Brought to you by: and Download: Until I put this in my plugin pack, you can download it here: Download Donate Unzip the file to your desktop and run the install batch file. Once installed, you will find it in Effects > Text Formations > Creative Text Pro menu. This plugin is professional grade and a ton of time was taken to make it. Won't you consider donating? If you can't afford to donate (I totally understand), how about just a "like" on this post? Source Code: Included here is a stripped down version, just so you plugin authors can see how it works. Hopefully, this code will inspire you to do something great! Credit: I could never have written this plugin by myself. So, many thanks goes out to the development team: @BoltBait wrote the plugin @welshblue supplied the creative algorithm, the icon, and many seamless textures @toe_head2001 supplied the font filtering code @Ego Eram Reputo supplied valuable feedback, encouragement, and testing Enjoy. 😎
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    Congratulations to everyone and thanks for your votes people (you know who you are ). @lynxster4 - thank you for the hosting - and I wonder if your entry has a full size version, by any chance - I really like it.💜 @Maximilian - your owls are just fabulous & this is for you
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    This is a noise reduction filter for improving photos taken at high ISO values. It is based on a neural network which was trained on a number of high ISO images from two different Canon cameras (because that is what I had available) but it seem to generalize well on photos from other cameras. It works quite well for removing noise and recovering details in my experiments so far. Unfortunately it is really slow running on the CPU so I recommend trying it out on a smaller crop of the full image. It is possible to make it run much faster on a Cuda capable Nvidia GPU but it can be a bit tricky to set it up. I will follow up with instructions later if anyone is interested. Download version 1.0.0 (2020-02-09) https://www.fosshub.com/Image-Analyzer.html?dwl=AIDenoisingFilterPDN1.0.0.zip Unzip the file in the Paint.NET\Effects folder or Documents\paint.net App Files\Effects if PDN was installed from the Windows Store. If you like this, please consider donating to the author at http://meesoft.logicnet.dk/Analyzer/support.htm Example, ISO 1600 from Canon EOS 77D, 1:1 crop.
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    Me too . But there is something to lighten up our heads. @xod just made a CustomCorner Frame plugin.
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    Two cliparts, all the rest PDN. Marianne Faithfull quote.
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    Like in a smoky, hazy bar or even distant mountains. I tried doing a new layer of white screen> blur effect> opacity. That came close but now *quite* the right look.
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    @welshblue Have a look at these shapes and see what you think. 3 of 11 done. Load each one in shapemaker and see if a light bulb turns on inside that head of yours. If you would like I can do all 11 of them and post it in the shapes thread. These are the project files. Not the actual shapes. You can export them from shapemaker to create the usable shapes Frames.zip
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    I believe it is the Spiroshapes plugin by MadJik: Spiroshapes Use these exact settings, but you can play with the Steps and Zoom options only:
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    IndirectUI doesn't support that kind of thing.
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    Older versions will no longer check for updates because they would stop checking after awhile, assuming either 1) the app is no longer being updated, or 2) it's been so long that you don't care. These have proven to be false! The timeout used to be just 2 years, but now I've got it set to 15 years. I also did this so that if someone's using PDN in the far distant future that it won't flood the website with traffic, like if domains have changed hands, been renamed, or whatever.
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    Congratulations to the winners! 1st Place: is @Maximilian with 7 votes 2nd Place: is @welshblue, @barbieq25 and @Maximilian with 6 votes each 3rd Place: is @Vagabondi and @Seerose with 5 votes each Great entries from everyone, each one unique! Thank you so much for participating!
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    I'm working with Welshblue on a new text rendering plugin... Should be out sometime this weekend.
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    Yup. Me too. This is why we are always telling people to update to the latest version
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    I finally got them to open on 4.2.9 after forcing it to update - thank you! I still don't know why it was't opening before but I guess I shouldn't be too concerned now.
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    I've been working on 4.2.9 for the last month and a half, and really put some work into some big improvements for performance and memory usage. These improvements cut across almost everything you can do in the app, so having a lot of participation in the alpha and beta builds will be really important. Please install!!! 😁 Memory usage is way down, especially when opening many images. Undo/redo should be a lot faster. Finishing/committing actions with most tools should be a lot faster. Effect rendering, particularly when you have a complex selection, should be much more responsive. A lot of these optimizations will scale with CPU core count (more faster CPU = more faster PDN), but should also show great improvements on low-end systems (e.g. dual core CPU, low-power laptop). It's win-win! To get this update, make sure you have "Also check for pre-release (beta) versions" enabled in Settings, and then click on the Check Now button. (Unfortunately alpha/beta releases are not currently available for the Microsoft Store version of the app). Changes since 4.2.8: Reduced overall memory usage (commit size) by up to 1/3rd by eliminating the use of and need for a per-image scratch buffer Greatly improved performance when finishing actions of most tools by employing a shared cache between the render and commit code paths Reduced memory usage when working with many tools by consolidating homogenous tiles (those that are comprised of a single pixel value) Significantly improved performance of most history actions (commit, undo, redo) by switching from NTFS compression to multithreaded LZ4 compression for history files Significantly improved performance of undo/redo with very complex selections (like from the Magic Wand tool) Improved performance of Image -> Flatten (also affects flattening when saving) Improved performance of the Invert Colors and Desaturate adjustments by disabling hardware acceleration for them (too much overhead in copying tiles to the GPU for such trivial rendering kernels) Improved performance when saving by moving thumbnail rendering for the File -> Open Recent menu to a background thread Reduced memory usage when printing, and removed a rare crash that would happen if the scratch buffer couldn't be acquired Added a "busy spinner" to the canvas when using the Magic Wand and Paint Bucket tools Improved performance of effect rendering when a complex selection is active (improved caching) Fixed a layout bug with the image list button Fixed an error that prevented saving some images as JPEGs if they had EXIF Interop metadata (PropertyNotFoundException) Fixed a crash when running on a CPU that supports AVX but with an OS that is configured to not support it (via bcdedit /set xsavedisable 1) Fixed a crash when pressing the spacebar after switching to a tool but before it has received any mouse input events Fixed a rare crash when opening the Levels adjustments with certain types of selections Fixed a crash when checking for updates with an expired alpha/beta build Fixed a crash (FileLoadException) when DLLs are not updated by the updater. Updated WebPFileType plugin to version (thanks @null54) I am hoping/planning to push out the final release by the end of January. Enjoy!