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    Updated G'MIC to version 2.8.2.
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    Uhhh... I joined this forum at 15th of November and kinda doing nothing on this forum Because I'm busy and I have no complaints. Hi there anyway, I'm CsyeCok The Soldier. I'm in this forum when I wave a problem with PDN. I make sprites for a game called "Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number" for my project, which will be released in the Steam Workshop. I use PDN to make sprites (since a part of the HLM2 modding community uses it) and for messing around with pictures.
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    Donations help keep developers motivated. Donate to BoltBait Donate to toe_head2001 Yes, proper spacing around commas and operators would be ideal. I've been meaning to do that, but it's tricky, with lots of corner cases.
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    Looks like I didn't fully test HiDPI when I changed the font to Segoe UI. I'll get that fixed.
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    You can do those things in a custom WinForms effect dialog, but not in a PropertyBasedEffect.
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    I know this situation very well! Lol
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    @ MJM, Pixey, Seerose, Wishing everyone and families a wonderful new year 2020, I like the year number but it makes me feel I am getting older! Thank you very much, I really missed everybody here too, Now I need to practice on the new version of PDN, looks like I am so behind 😀 But first of all, how do you guys code that blue username tag? I mean this tag: @yellowman
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    All @MadJik's effects were translated into Russian in 2017.
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    Terrible “dad joke”, I know... but, I find it funny.
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    Hi everyone, here's my 2nd attempt. 😊
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    CodeLab 5.0 Released This is only for Paint.NET 4.2+! HUGE update today... Changes: ▪ Added TXT file support (toe_head2001) ▪ Added File Type plugin development support (toe_head2001) ▪ Added Shape (xaml) editing support (toe_head2001) ▪ File New Templates completely rewritten to allow multi-effect pipeline (BoltBait) ▪ Lots of bug fixes, refactorings, and optimizations Grab the CodeLab DLL here: https://www.boltbait.com/pdn/CodeLab/ Screenshots: How to access the new features we added to CodeLab: New Effect screen: It is now possible to string together as many Effects, Pixel Ops, Blend Modes, Surface Fills, and Surface Copies as you want. CodeLab will then write the code for you to combine all this into an effect. Now, we understand that this is going to lead to an explosion of new plugins that just throw everything together into one UI. As mods, we will be reviewing plugins posted in the Plugin Forum and deleting those that just aren't up to standards. We don't want to discourage everyone from making their own plugins for their own machine. But, let's keep the quality up in our plugin forum. (Remember, noobs should be using plugins, not writing them.) New Shape screen: This is not an inclusion of the Shape Maker plugin. This is simply an editor for the actual .xaml shape files that Paint.NET uses. It includes syntax highlighting and code completion. CodeLab is now a complete replacement for the KAXAML editor in this tutorial. Editing text files (nothing special, no syntax highlighting, just a place to keep notes, etc.): Designing and Implementing File Type Plugins: And, with this release, MY wish list for CodeLab is complete. Enjoy! 😎
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it I decided to do a quick tut on how to make a glass cube. I just want to let you all know that there are many ways to create one. Like always, you have to think outside the box and use some of your own creativity. I hope you find this tut easy to follow and useful. (The texture I used here was what I used for my Crimson Orb.) Here's the original image that I made: HERE! Hidden Content: Hidden Content: Hidden Content: Hidden Content: Hidden Content: Hidden Content: You might need to make the cube a little lighter and then duplicate the layer for it to come out more.
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    100% Paint.net Planet Tutorial -- Click Here to View the Tutorial --
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    I think I should probably stick to portraits of real people instead of trying to make them from scratch...or maybe I should just stick to chariots. Horse shapes by the inimitable @lynxster4!
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    Thank you for the Add-In. New Install 4.0.13. Reminder - when everything works - do not change a thing LOL.