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    Thanks to everyone who has commented on the final 2019 piece. New for 2020 and new challenge for me, matte painting, and I present to you Country House Matte Painting.
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    This is exactly how it's supposed to work
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    Now that's a beautiful setting. I'm guessing it's a photo manipulation? I love the look of the house/cottage Did you paint this by chance 🤗
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    @TrevorOutlaw! Really such a beautiful job. 👍 Thank you for sharing your result!
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    I can't seem to get the paint.net repair utility to run using the paint.net protocol. Search bar + "Run" > paintdotnet:/repair [enter] simply starts the Store version. This is different from running the repair utility manually, where I see the command window open and the results listed. I know my situation is a little unusual in that I have side-by-side installations of Classic and Store. Is that what's confusing the issue?
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    Also, paintdotnet:/repair doesn't work from the command-line. You have to use start paintdotnet:/repair
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    /repair is not applicable for the Store version, only the Classic version. It is ignored by the Store version. PdnRepair doesn't exist for the Store version, as its job is to do an MSI repair and Store uses APPX instead of MSI. Technically you can just run PaintDotNet.exe with the /repair switch, but that defeats the point of using /repair because you may as well have just run PdnRepair if you can find PaintDotNet.exe.
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    I thought all the cassette tapes were exceptional. Congrats to everyone! Thanks for hosting @Pixey!
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    What an idyllic setting @TrevorOutlaw! Great new piece!
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    Codelab has had an astonishing overhaul. BoltBait and toe_head2001 have made an awesome tool into something quite incredible. I still want them to write a book on it....
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    Can't help, but felt like commenting on this even though I don't use codelab. I'm actually impressed at how far codelab went.
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    Have you tried PDNRepair.exe ?
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    Not working for me either on Classic version:
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    I feel better 😉
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    @Pixey, your train is adorable. Such a pity we have to choose between Like and Upvote.