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    Thought I'd post some edibles. I got obsessed with 'icing' recently. Wanted to see if I could perfect a technique. These turned out pretty good, so I added a slice of pie underneath. Everyone is welcome to have a piece! Whether you celebrate the Holiday or not, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all! Enjoy! 😀 P.S. The pie didn't turn out half bad either...
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    Here's some commentary for the items that may not be obvious: Snippet Manager This can be accessed from the toolbar. The icon for it is on the far right. Snippets can be shared. They are Imported and Exported in the JSON format. Here's an example you can import: { "preRender": "void PreRender(Surface dst, Surface src)\r\n{\r\n $\r\n}", "dw": "Debug.WriteLine($);", "curPal": "IReadOnlyList<ColorBgra> currentPallete = Services.GetService<IPalettesService>().CurrentPalette;" } A dollar sign ($) can used to control the placement of the text caret. RadioButtonControl<TEnum> and ListBoxControlControl<TEnum> This is kind of a hidden feature, since the UI Designer doesn't generate them for you. If you want to take advantage of this feature, you just need to know it exists and how to use it. Here's an example: #region UICode RadioButtonControl<Positions> position = Positions.Center; // Image Position|On the Left|In the Center|On the Right #endregion enum Positions { Left, Center, Right } void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { switch (position) { case Positions.Left: // Code Here break; case Positions.Center: // Code Here break; case Positions.Right: // Code Here break; } dst.CopySurface(src, rect.Location, rect); } Q. Doesn't this just add more code to my plugin, since it now has to include an extra Enum and the RadioButtonControl<TEnum> generic class? A. No. 1) CodeLab would have to generated an Enum behind-the-scenes anyway. Your user-defined Enum negates the need for CodeLab to generate one. 2) A RadioButtonControl<TEnum> generic class doesn't exist. This is implemented as "syntax sugar". When the code is compiled, RadioButtonControl<> is stripped away leaving just your enum. Argument Constraints for Generics in Tooltips Not too many of the Generics you see in CodeLab have constraints, so here's a screenshot:
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    (translated with the help of the G ++ gle a web translator) Hi, As a new forum member, I would like to introduce myself. I'm from Germany and I'm a man over fifty years old. My English skills are very bad, so I need the help of G ** gle a web translator and dictionaries. So please excuse my mistakes in grammar and spelling. I have known and used Paint.net for a long time and it has become my favorite drawing and image editing program. I use it for many purposes from drawing various technical track plans for my railroad hobby, but also for photos, postcards, and so on. Unfortunately, I have no technical skills to contribute to the development of useful plugins myself. But at least I'd like to thank you for the great plugins that are provided here and make paint.net really great. I would also like to give a small financial support, but I do not have a Paypal account and I am not a Windows store user, so I see no possibility for this at the moment. Kind regards, MC Painter Edit: I have just read the basic rules of the forum and, oops ..., I have already disobeyed: "(24) ASCII-Swearing". I'll correct that now and try to stick to the rules better in the future. "I swear..."😉
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    My mouth was literally drooling from looking at these. Looks delicious.
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    It doesn't take much lately ... but I'm confused. A combination of fun and sadness ? Sadness of any form is too debilitating for me. Especially in others. Which is why I volunteer with troubled teens and teach Paint.net to try and overcome it, by getting them to express themselves on canvas. Thankfully, for most it's helping Even my 'dark' or macabre images are always based on hope
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    Ooooooooo - that cream is so inviting and the pie too 😻 Scrumptious @lynxster4 🎂
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    Look at the cream 1. Look at the cream 2. The definition of guilty pleasures.
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    Dear @lynxster4! 💮 Hmm... the cake looks really delicious. Thank you so much for thinking of us.
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    🤣 ... ahhh the old fling it and then it will work method. In my experience karma will just make it hit something immovable and break something to teach you a lesson. It may sort out an electrical loose wire tho' ... 16" ... more than enough. That's all I ever used. Could comfortably fell a 40 " tree - much bigger if you you bore into the front first, take off any spurs Start going over 18" + and it's overkill. It's just too unwieldy/ unbalanced, especially for Snedding Hard to believe I used to go that speed for 8 to10 hours a day 6 days a week 😐
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    @Maggie ... I think the edit looks much better. With the Noise effect, it's sometimes best to set the colour saturation to zero for textured effects. ( Unless you want a multi colour effect ) I use this plugin instead because I'm lazy https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/19479-grain-noise-or-film-grain/ Same effect, just one slider less to play with
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    PdnRepair and/or a reboot is what I've seen fixes this. I should be able to have this fixed up for the next update. I'm not sure if it'll be a proper fix, or a "detect this and offer a button to auto-fix it" kind of solution.
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    So impatient. Try running PdnRepair: OS (C:) –> Program Files –> Paint.net – scroll down to the PdnRepair.exe and run it.
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    In my experience Noise by itself doesn't always give the best results. Noise and one of the Stylize plugins for height (Emboss etc) or my go to to for all textures Texture Shader For stucco you can use Clouds/ Difference Blend Mode >>> Ctrl + F twice >>> Displacement >>> Texture Shader (only setting changed was to tilt the lighting ball slightly)
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    CodeLab 4.4 Released This is only for Paint.NET 4.2+! Small update today... (This was all @toe_head2001 as I've been super busy with a new job.) Changes: ▪ Added a Snippet Manager ▪ Added suggested names to autocomplete ▪ Added keyboard shortcut ( Ctrl+] ) to go to matching brace ▪ Added option to specify an Enum on RadioButtonControl and ListBoxControlControl ▪ Added argument constraints to tooltips for generic methods and classes ▪ Improved method overload detection: detection of method parameter modifiers (out, ref, params); detection of inferred generic methods ▪ Lots of bug fixes, refactorings, and optimizations Grab the CodeLab DLL here: https://www.boltbait.com/pdn/CodeLab/
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    Hey Red Ochre! I feel it is my duty to thank you for creating this Blur. I'm a beginner in graphics design and digital art and I wanted to make something for my girlfriend. Bottom line being that, it wouldn't have been possible without your help. While the picture can sure use a lot more work, I don't really know how to go about it. Hopefully Ill get better with time. However, until then, this is my art and thank you for your massive contribution to making this possible. Link to the full image
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    Hey Ash! This is from 2019, and I must say that your tutorial has certainly helped a Beginning Graphics Designer like make his art. Or at least the Grass in it. I tried the same technique for the Wolf and the Bunny, but it didn't work out as I had hoped for it to. So I simply went ahead and used Red Ochre's Fur Blue Instead. It isn't as realistic as yours but it was giving me better results with my limited knowledge of rendering realistic stuff. Link to the Image
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    Nice looking saw blade. Hopefully, the person you were trying to help was able to create one of his own after this. Speaking of chainsaw, I had to give away my trusty 18" Craftsman chainsaw after I had a temper tantrum with it and bent the guide bar. Serves me right. Now I have a 16" Stihl for whenever storms break a limb here or there to clean up.
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    @Eli, how is your museum doing? Any update any time soon? Would be cool! Nope. Cause I'm normally driven by sadness (nothing else like that fuel). But it's the combination of the two that attracts me most - in arts and in people, too.
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    "May I offer you some feedback?" (c) - Wine Country Each work is a little wonder in its own way. Icy cherries - probably this one caught me first and the process of pixeylization * started. The violin is cool - it is true that music can be seen (the glasses add a nice detail, too). Crazy Dancing - I swear I could see figures in them even before clicking on the thumbnail. Blue is a gymnast at the end of the performance. Red is a ballerina. Green is oriental and Yellow - let's leave it to imagination Those shiny glassy apples - don't know whether I want to taste them or gaze at them. This portrait is what they call artistic vision. The elephant is a cutie. These birds are touching and funny. That one = luxury. The mp3 player teases one to make a playlist. I'm not really into jewelry but I look at yours and I'm like, how many items are left? Contact me please! The perfumes - yes, add them all to the cart! We live once. The Typography - no words... The Journey - for a moment I thought it was simply a photo and you had applied some effects - and then - wait, did she make it all from scratch? And so on and so forth... Honorable mention. Your latest Graffiti entry is adorable. The others are fine, yes, but there's something about the third one that I can't explain. A form of casual magic. More than a decade of not commenting on @Pixey's art - is that a way to spend one's life? NO. Consider it a compensation. And thank you. ___ *Pixeylization (noun) - comparatively new and not-fully-researched phenomenon of turning a passerby into one of those creatures who virtually sold their souls to PDN and actually won from the deal.
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    Bookmarked your site. Gonna sit and look at them one by one when the traffic allows. And your Gallery here gets another vote, too. Some of your things are very special. Like the Autumn leaves. Or the cocktail. Or the guitar (!!!) The hummingbird. The porcelain (each of them but Parrot is simply a heartbreaker ). Three Tigers and Witchcraft Kitty (cosy gothic, mmm good). The technics you use - stained glass, embroidery - are totally new to me but I wanna try one day. Your famous Peacock could have been the decoration in some ancient palace or castle. This Cat mosaic is my favorite. I even downloaded the picture to take a look at it whenever I please (if you don't mind). And the Parrot. Go @lynxster4!
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    Oh, there's no pressure here...😂 You don't have to do anything you don't want to. I was just hoping you would. Be nice to get some new artists in on the comps, both of them! Right @Pixey? 😀
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    That is AMAZING @Pixey! You've gotten glass down to a science; a perfect one at that! Love the whole plateful! 😁
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    Love the reflection of the grapes in the apple, so well done. I can only aspire...
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    wop bop a loo bob a lop ba ba Damn you've got it in my head now. Great colours + Great textures = Great image. You're definitely getting got the glass fruit down to a tee. Bravo
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