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    This update is focusing on small fixes, performance improvements, and getting some infrastructure ready for future releases. Pen/stylus support (pressure sensitivity) is finally coming back in 4.3, but the initial groundwork for that is in this release. If you're not using a pen or a stylus then you should see no difference in this release, but it's also really important to verify that that's the case! If anything has changed then it's very important to report that to me. I’ve redone a lot of the input stack to use WM_POINTER if available, but the “classic” path is still there for handling regular mouse input. To get this update, make sure you have "Also check for pre-release (beta) versions" enabled in Settings, and then click on the Check Now button. (Unfortunately alpha/beta releases are not currently available for the Microsoft Store version of the app. You can also download directly: https://github.com/paintdotnet/release/raw/master/paint.net.4.206.7250.936.install.zip Changes since 4.2.5: Improved input handling systems to use WM_POINTER, which enables glitch-free drawing when using a pen or stylus (e.g. Surface w/ Pen) (see here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/113173-the-first-5mm-of-a-freehand-line-are-straight-when-using-a-tablet/ ). This will also be the basis for adding pressure sensitivity in a future release (v4.3). Note that Windows 7 is unaffected by this. Greatly improved performance of layer thumbnails when switching between images Fixed a crash (OutOfVideoMemoryException) on systems with hybrid GPU setups that are configured wrong. This seems to be a bug in Windows and DirectX. A "hybrid GPU" setup is an Intel iGPU or AMD APU paired with a discrete GPU in a laptop. Improved handling of the dreaded "NoHardwareDeviceException" crash: The user will be notified of how to fix this. It happens only on 2nd generation Intel Core systems with NVIDIA "Optimus" GPUs (GeForce or Quadro) when the NVIDIA Control Panel is set to force apps (or just Paint.NET) to use the NVIDIA GPU. This is a bug in the NVIDIA driver and/or in DirectX. Improved performance of Move Selected Pixels, Shapes, and Gradient tools when releasing the mouse button at the end of drag-and-drop gesture. Previously, anything rendered between the last mouse "move" and "up" events was re-rendered, resulting in the appearance of a delay/lag. Fixed some clipboard image handling for plugins (regular Copy/Paste is unaffected) Improved window chrome/theming when the app is running in Remote Desktop on Windows 10 Fixed images being pasted incorrectly from Outlook 2016/365. This is actually a bug in Outlook: it puts PNGs on the clipboard that are arbitrarily cropped and scaled for some reason, and specifies they are the preferred format to use when pasting. This completely boggles my mind, it's just really weird, I can't imagine why it's done this way. Changed: The size of the default/initial image ("Untitled") is now scaled exactly by system DPI setting (previously scaled by integer/floor of DPI setting). So at 150% DPI scaling this image will now be 1200x900 instead of 800x600. Fixed some high-DPI layout bugs with the Layer Properties dialog, while also preparing this UI for future additions Updated bundled WebPFileType plugin to v1.3.1.0 (thanks @null54!) Updated bundled DDSFileTypePlus plugin to v1.9.8.0 (thanks @null54!) Changed: SSE2 is now required for 32-bit/x86 systems (prevously, only SSE was required). See blog post: https://blog.getpaint.net/2019/10/14/paint-net-v4-2-6-will-require-sse2-on-32-bit-x86/ .
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    Very talented people on here That skull is superb @Eli - I see it's one of those folding ones. I guess you printed it after making it in PDN? @Ego Eram Reputo that handle is top notch and so shiny @welshblue the wooden tray is fabulous I just know @Woodsy would have been very impressed too @Maggie that dress is so beautiful - jolly well done 😍
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    Techniques are always subject to personal preference, but in my experience Alpha Masking will always give a superior cutout than the magic wand. It retains all sharpness and curves. I've used the line tool method and magic wand/ eraser method for cutting out and will go to my grave swearing that using a mask will give the best results every time ... but just my opinion. It's what works best for the original poster ... seeing as we're all old hands and maybe stuck in our ways Made using @TrevorOutlaw's tutorial I linked to in my first post.
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    "Better late than never" - All the best for your birthday and your new year of life. Greetings from Hamburg
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    Good News from Community.Spice.com:
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    You may not like it. May love it It's like all in life, what works for one isn't necessarily for everyone ... I hope after all this deliberation the original poster tries at least one of the three ways recommended 😉
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    I have used masking often, but for adding highlights and shadows to the edges of text and shapes. I will try your recommendation.
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    Without the three people you've insulted there wouldn't be a forum. Maybe it's the chip on your shoulder, stopping you from using Ctrl and scroll ... (my left arm/ hand is pretty useless but I still get by)
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    Is it possible to add multiple kinds of layers to a single frame without using // UseBackground or // UseForeground? If not, i suggest maybe a // layer or // sameframe to make the layer act like a layer rather than a new frame in the gif. Something like this, but imagine a few more layers per frame with differing blend settings for each one.
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    A plugin that is not getting enough attention is TechnoRobb's Alpha Cutter. Even though the use of remove.bg website helps to isolate a subject from the background, sometime it doesn't work. When that happens, I will default to Alpha Cutter and work very patiently. Pro tip: if you feel the plugin lags, reduce the size of your photograph between 40 to 60%, and it will speed up the use of Alpha Cutter.
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    That looks amazing Maggie! The bead-work is really beautiful. @Welshy: Great tray. Lots of good wood in pallets. Me, I'd need more finger holes I saw a home make-over show which burned the exterior wood cladding of a two story home. I thought it looked horrible on that scale. It was not sealed so the carbon kept coming off. Made a terrible mess.
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    I love to sew by hand; I find it very relaxing. I made this bride doll for my niece. I did all of the sewing and beadwork by hand. It took many hours, but I enjoyed it.
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    @Eli ... that's really neat. The bow is a great touch Scrap wooden pallet, router and blow torch. The wood was too dry and chipped in a few places 😐
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    The video shows that the Lasso corrections can be merged into one action. https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/SelectionTools.html The link above will explain how to use the Tools with these options:
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    I did not carve a pumpkin. I made a paper skull for the Mexican celebration "Día de Muertos".
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    Fair play it does a neat job. Really nice job on the wood turning, the copper ferrule really adds to that beautiful grain. I'm really mightily impressed with the harrow, what a great use of rebar. Nice engineering feat. Did you use a jig and heat to bend it ? Must have as it's so symmetrical ? The welding isn't bad either ... I've seen so much that can only be described as looking like bird s*%t and yours doesn't. I love the smell welding gives off... not so keen on the odd time of arc eye. Wanting to scratch your eyes out moments My first ever pumpkin carving ( hand tremors and cameras just don't go) I made the table and chairs too. Will have to add them here. 2 x 2's, 2 x 1's and wood from pallets, biscuit jointed and doweled together. Power planed and a walnut wood dye
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    ...fortunately I've got a handle on it.... Rest assured the wood is sustainability harvested 😁 I cut it down last year for firewood. It's known locally as tree lucerne (Cytisus proliferus or tagasaste)