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    @Xhin! Thank you so much for the plugin.
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    @Xhin Thank You! Nice plugin!
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    This is an experimental plugin. You need the two OptionBasedLibrary v0.7.9 files. You can place it where you want by editing the .dlc file. In order to do that you need to change the extension to .txt Open with Notepad and edit the line: AlignEffectPlugin.SubmenuName=your choise Save and change the extension to .dlc Align+.zip
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    @ReMake! Thank you so much for variant 7. @Woodsy! Thank you for the pdf.
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    I simplified the tutorial a bit for variants 1, 2, and 3 by changing the Emboss+ effect settings to eliminate inverting colors.
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    Nice plugin @Xhin! Your to-do list would be great. Right now, it seems the Quality slider just blurs the image a bit. Thank you for the plugin! Sand-Art anyone?
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    Added Variant 7. I was sure I had finished this tutorial, but today I found the effect that interested me - MultiSpline by @Red ochre. Using this effect can give you a great choice for creating embossed textures. Thank you @Red ochre for this good effect. Perhaps this tutorial is getting cumbersome, but I'm not sure that this was the last variant.
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    Hi there @Xhin and Welcome back Nice work on the Plugin/s So many variations too.
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    Oh my! The just keep exploding! The creamy ones look like lizards eggs. That is so trippy. Way to go!
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    This is really neat. Polar Inversion fans are going to love it I started off with different centred orbs, on their own layers
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    @Rick Brewster! Thank you so much for your effort. Thank you for sharing this with us!
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    You've still got it @Pixey! I never did have the eye for doing that! I guess you've really got to have the knack.