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    Thanks welsh. I played around with the camera settings to get a shallow DOF. I set the focal length to 50mm and the aperture to 1. I also imported an image and gave it some thickness using the "Solidify" modifier to make it look like a snapshot. I think the beer looks good enough to drink.
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    Lots of Pink Floyd lately. Dark Side of the Moon and The Division Bell, but also A Momentary Lapse of Reason (new favorite!).
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    Which is really easy with the new Microsoft keyboard:
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    Thanks. I think I've figured out how to make a head of foam for the beer mug.
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    Beautiful kaleidoscope images @Seerose! You can easily get hooked on those plugins!
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    "The room was all dim like a cave, and the red fire burning still and watchful seemed like the eye of the Lord. There was a little red eye in every bit of ware on the dresser too, where it caught the gleam." --Precious Bane chapter 2, "Telling the Bees." Can't see much of the window in this shot, buuut there's more to come.
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    At first I thought that track was meh but then I listened to the whole album with some cannabis and was blown away by how awesome it was. This is now my go-to album for "music meditation". That is, listening to music while kinda taking a nap but actually meditating (not trying to fall asleep).
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    Well, in my case the bubbles bring extra oxygen to my brain 😋.
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    A long time favorite of mine. Reminds me of this classic
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    Eli, I added bubbles to the beer and some noise to the foam. I think it looks a little better. Yes, Blender is very difficult to learn. It's easier for the young kids out there, but I have few good brain cells left anymore.
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    Agreed. The 80's - I hate to think of how many bad videos the birth of MTV spawned, just to get air time. I remember Journey having an awful one I've never been a Pink Floyd fan but would have to say The Dogs of War from said album is a very, very good track On a mission to play every Bowie album this week
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    Much thanks to Mr BoltBait stuff maker- It worked fast and did a great job and a ton of resize and into .jpeg One more happy customer. Your plugins are great too. Victor
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    Thank you! Some of the bits I have been working on for over a year. Also, there's no such thing as an uninteresting language fact (used to be a librarian, moi). This one actually had me squeeing; the book is set in Shropshire, so everyone is basically Welsh at heart. The name Sarn now makes SO much sense in context (narrator has a very ambitious brother). ❤️
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    I love this song ... strangely no-one else I know, knows it 🙄
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    You're becoming very proficient in Blender. Brilliant modelling skills on display ... as is the lighting and the way you're using textures. The lager looks like some home brew I made ... 8 pints and none of us could see anything. Next day we were wishing we couldn't feel anything. I spent the whole journey to work with my head out the window like a dog 🤢 And slept on a mattress of fir branches when I got there
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    Great amount of detail and work gone into it. Nice sense of ye olde in there. Like Lynxster' I'm looking forward to seeing how it progresses Totally uninteresting fact ... Welsh - Sarn English - Stepping stone
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    Thank you so much @zaya! ================================================================= Thank you so much @toroidal232!
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    @lynxster4, Align Object by @xod located in the menu Effects -> Object, but Align Object by @moc426 really is on the menu Effects.
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    Wallpaper time. I'm buying this round, Bon Appetit. * Edit - I didn't like the last image, so I re-did it. I think this one is more photo-realistic, what do you think? Now, I think I should probably try to make a beer mug.
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    I've still got jewels on my mind 😂 Well, it is only 118 days until Christmas 😁
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    Thanks for the complements Lynx and Welsh. Here's a glass of wine for you.
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