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    I couldn't help but notice that there are many PDN plugins that *utilize* Perlin noise, but none so far as I could tell, that generate it. Well, that's what this does. You can specify the size, and allowed angles of the underyling gradient that determines pixel color, as well as the color of the noise (default is black and white). It's not super glamorous, but I'm hoping cooler people than I who know how to use Perlin noise to make cool stuff can have an easier time now. Additionally, feel free to strip the Perlin function from the source code to use for your own projects. The code can be viewed here. It's open source, so have at it! The plugin will show up in Noise > Perlin Noise Here's a kind of boring image of the output: And here's a more exciting picture of colored output rendered as a map: Use it for quick textures, procedural generated levels, whatever you need! Hope it's useful perlin_noise.zip
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    i converted this http://invisibleblocks.com/2013/12/17/circle-pictures/ to a paint.net effects plugin with some mods. i'll post the source on github once its more proper. like the number of circles slider needs to be scaled to the size of the image or change it to something else circle_draw.dll
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    Happy Birthday @MadJik! Thanks for all of your wonderful plugins! I hope you had a great birthday! 🎂🍷
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    Hey guys, I recently made a plugin to brush up on my linear algebra for this upcoming semester. The result takes in an image, and outputs a 3D image where the 3rd dimension is the intensity of the color. It works pretty well, I think! If someone smarter than me wants to mess with the code, and see if they can improve it more, feel free. As always, the code is open source and can be found on my GitHub page The plugin will appear under Stylize > Make 3D Let me know what you think! make-3d.zip
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    Thank you @zaya for your Plugin I had some fun with it and came up with this:
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    I second Eli on that. This plugin does have many possibilities. Good work @charliex!
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    Pretty nifty plugin @zaya. I quickly whipped this up from one of my flower shapes. Background texture is your plugin; I added additional plugin effects to some of the other layers. Came out pretty good. Thank you for the plugin!
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    That's the one. After modelling the head I sort of went my own way ... will start it again and stick to the xyz axis etc in the tutorial ------------------------------------------------------------ I think we should stop posting Blender images and take it to PM for further discussion/ images etc .... we may find it interesting but possibly PDN users don't 😉
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    Greetings, I just attempted to use your plugin on a 5000 x 5000 pixel canvas and got a 15 minute rendering time and horrible results with the extrusion. The plugin needs more development.
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    Are you doing this hammer tutorial? I just finished this ball peen hammer using a tutorial.
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    In order to do this in Paint.NET, do it this way: 1. Make your selection 2. Press Ctrl+X 3. Press Ctrl+Shift+V You may now move your selection as you expect.
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    Blender is hard for sure. To date I've only modeled 3 objects. A coffee cup, light bulb and a spark plug. I actually just started modeling for the first time last week. I still have a lot to learn, but I think I'm improving.
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    Thank you, everyone! And @lynxster4, seeing through it wasn't the goal quite as much as letting in a bit of light. Now, to building!
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    Performance Update I've improved the speed and performance, upgraded jquery and bootstrap libraries, and made some minor UI fixes again with recent changes. When loading and using the app, there should be a noticeable difference. What makes it faster? Instead of toggling the visibility of individual elements on the page, it is now building the html in a JS variable and replacing the entire list html. This way the browser does less work overall. Comparing Chrome performance results, scripting and rendering time has been halved. Comparing Firefox performance results, Layout & DOM time/cost has been halved.
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    Hope you have a wonderful Birthday @barbieq25
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    I also took the liberty to fix up your hex head a bit, if you don't mind...
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    @charliex Thanks for this effect. I tried it and got great results. Is there a possibility to add a slider to choose the minimum size of the circles? I applied Bevel object to the result.
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    @dipstick ... I'd love to have a look at the file. Your Blender work has made me want to finally get to grips with it, and have spent a lot of time today playing and getting used to the controls. One question ... have you any idea when in either edge select or face select in Edit Mode, for some reason it doesn't capture the whole edge to be able to drag it with 'G' and 'X' keys to elongate it 🤔 Back onto Paint.net. BarbieQ's Challenge ... tweaked the hex shell to not be so rounded (used this principle ) ... thanks Dipstick. Added the boxes
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    I was always a roll up man. Too many chemicals in straights that can kill you 😀 Thanks mate. Political correctness gone mad about cigarettes IMO ... the tax on them in the UK funds a lot, but it's ok to advertise gambling and alcohol Technically half Ingerlish but sssshh don't tell anyone. It's my dirty lil' secret ... @barbieq25 ... as always my friend, thank you very much. @Seerose ... thank you very much. You've always got such kind words to say @lynxster4 ... again, as always big thanks. @TrevorOutlaw ... hopefully you can understand my frustration, hours spent getting the S3D template right etc and you post that. But thank you for your subsequent comment Thanks too to @ReMake @Pixey @LionsDragon @IHaveNoName and of course you's above for the rep' points -------------------------------------------------------------------------- @RobCooke ... thank you very much for your kind words, but unfortunately due to personal reasons I'm not taking on any work for now or the near future. Apologies for not replying sooner -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bright Spark Made using shapes and @MJW's 3 Height Map plugins and a touch of Cross Processing at the end. For the Petrol Heads here who've had a kick off of a HT Lead and the subsequent swear word/s that pop out (Ignore the round bolt shape ... I haven't quite worked out yet to get that 100 % ... just the imagine the wrong size socket has rounded the edges off ...)
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    I have the same trouble here. I want to create an animation. I have original PDN file, do some changes in one layer, export to PNG (too much questions everytime), then I close PNG file and reopen the PDN file to repeat the process with new changes. I did it 9 times already and I hate that I need to do it at least 20 times.
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    Bumping this thread. I think it's very important feature. Let me give some examples from practice. I'm making animation in PaintNet, and I have about 241 layers representing individual frames + about 4-6 helper layers + background. I save frames in PNG by hiding all other layers except needed frame + helper layers. Now, you can imagine how tedious it is to save individual frame: Make needed frame visible Save As... Select .png type Press save Press "flatten layers" Wait while flattening... Press Ctrl+Z Wait while unflattering... Scroll 200+ layers up to find visible layer (after unflattering layer view is reset to bottom layers) Repeat 250 times... I guess, it's easy to see how simpler and faster it would be with "Export PNG" feature. I don't think its principal design issue. It's just minor additional feature. As a programmer, I fail to see that it is extremely hard to implement. Just leave "Save as..." as it is, it's fine. It's only a matter of adding additional File -> Export -> PNG menu and firing up same algorithm you use for flattering PDN file in background, without affecting current opened document state in any way. Anyways, I think PaintNet is best 2D graphics editor ever, its just that this small lacking features making me really sad. But I'm still using it, coz I love it! Thanks for attention. P.S. Another useful feature would be ability to save all layers as separate PNG files, but that would be a bit more complex to implement, I guess.