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    This is why the red block bothered me, and definitely made a difference.
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    Okay @Pixey, do you think Bill Gates would let this be the new logo? His isn't shiny enough. ❤️
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    Many thanks @Woodsy and @lynxster4 for your kind words. Also, many thanks @LionsDragon for the Rep @TrevorOutlaw Thanks a lot for dropping in Your comment "something weird going on" did not help me to decide what you meant. So, I have assumed it could have been because the original Red Square was not symmetrical to the others. Sooooo - guess what? I re-did it and I hope it gets a nod from you now 🧐
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    OK, so on a newly created image, it defaults to Points, and creates tiny text. Switching to Fixed does indeed make the text larger. If I load an image, it defaults to Points, and creates larger text. Switching to Fixed has no apparent effect on text size. What is interesting, is if I create the image as "pixels/inch", it defaults to 96dpi -- and text appears as the correct size regardless of what the Metric is set to. If I create the image as "pixels/cm", it gives 37.8, which (37.8 * 2.54 = 96.012) is close to 96dpi, then the Metric does have an effect. So, I think there is a bug in there somewhere!
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    Be sure to select 32-bit when saving to PNG. This will include the alpha channel for transparency.
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    Yours shows a property named AccentColorInactive that Rick's didn't.
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    Dang, the comp is closed and I just finished my Earth render. Guess I'll have to vote.
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    Very nice job and I think @Ash would approve, however, I feel there's something weird going on with the red block.
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    Beautiful glass rendering of the Windows logo @Pixey! Nice reflections you have going on.
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    My glassy marble... So many variations, depending on texture used. Thanks to @Woodsy for the PDF!
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    You've still got it @Pixey! I never did have the eye for doing that! I guess you've really got to have the knack.