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    Hello. I'm very happy to share in this forum my images exclusively created by Paint.Net
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    Yep thanks again guys. With the advent of new plugins there's a way of doing this in 3 steps
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    Thank you @ReMake for rehosting the pictures for this tut also! A PDF has been added!
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    Thanks @Woodsy and @ReMake ... I've been looking for ways to get decent irregular patterns. Good timing chaps
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    A companion piece to 'Flower". And I was laughing because I had already started 'Thumper'. Here's a companion piece to 'Flower'. I thought I'd try some different techniques here, so this piece has a bit of a different look and feel. Here's.....Thumper! I hope you enjoy him!
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    Thank you again @ReMake for rehosting the images for this tutorial and moving it from the Graveyard. A PDF has been added.
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    @Woodsy You are a very, very busy man. Thanks @ReMake for the re-hosting of the images and @Woodsy for the pdf!
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    @ReMake and @Woodsy! Thank you for your cooperation.
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    You all need a rap education... and putting on the clinic is: Class continues with NWA - F** Da Police. For homework, listen to Dr. Dre - The Chronic.
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    Okay then I will leave with this. I see it as slippery slope or Pandora's Box. I have left my editorial graphics off of this forum while I have freely expressed them elsewhere in cyberspace.
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    Here's another option @SZDXN. This plugin is no longer supported by the author, but it works just fine on larger squares, rectangles. On smaller ones, the 'jaggies' are pretty noticeable between the light and dark colors. Maybe this will also work for you.
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    It's so well done @lynxster4! I like your new technique! So when do you start on all the Disney princesses? 😄
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    It did indeed change recently. More info here: https://blog.getpaint.net/2019/07/13/paint-net-4-2-is-now-available/
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    Sounds like you have an existing paint.net installation that has become broken. You can use this utility to remove the broken installation: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17588/fix-problems-that-block-programs-from-being-installed-or-removed Afterwards, you can install paint.net anew.
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    Dearst @lynxster4! You're like a miracle bag. Full of surprises. The colors really compliment each other. Thank you for sharing your result!
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    Are we really taking this thread seriously? IMHO it stinks (word chosen specifically) of a rather unpleasantly racist joke. Reading about who AOC actually is makes me even more suspicious about that and action should be considerd to remove this thread and OP from this forum ASAP. That is unless, of course, he can provide a bloody good reason as to why he wants to combine a picture of a cartoon turd with that of a mixed race, controversial US politician.
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    Greetings, 'Retouching' is done thru the skillful application of Paint.Net's various tools and plugins. I find that the Smudge plugin by pyrochild is the must useful tool for me when I do photo retouching: Smudge v2.2 04 Jul 2008 pyrochild Use custom brushes (*.png format) to smudge along the mouse path. Found in Pyrochild's Plugins see also: #7291 The built-in 'Clone Stamp' is good for copying and applying textures from an image into adjacent areas.
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    You could use Red Ochre's "Object Bevel" to achieve this.
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    Not sure this is the right place to post this, or if it may be of any use to anyone, but I think one-page calendars are quite a think-outside-the box curiosity for someone mostly accustomed to traditional calendars. So here it is: