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    Many thanks for the encouragement and taking the time Lynxster. People are so nice to me here. I'd visit more often were my internet connection more this century. Mind you I'm not complaining. It's something else to be able to sit in the scrub with a computer. What a time to be alive. Here is a picture of a flying duck because I wanted an excuse to make twisted waves. As can be seen I've made extensive use of Twist plugin and the on board oil painting plugin.
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    Here's a short video of creating a kaleidoscope from scratch. The output is quite unexpected! Peace 232
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    Two dingoes and a wallaby deciding what to have for dinner. I've already butchered the wallaby so I imagine he'll get ett. Fur blur is all the go up my neck of the woods. I'm still working out how to drive it but its a way handy plugin.
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    Good onya Welshblue, just the kinda feedback I need. I'll have a look at that. I'm all over the shop mate and I'm grateful for pointers from a decent draughtsman. Thanks for giving em a look over. Thank you Seerose you are a lovely human being person and your feedback is gold. I'm looking forward to visiting your gallery soon. Thank you barbieque, you're too blanky good and much too kind :-) Thank you Lynxster, I was after a painting feel and Japanese style waves. I'm not sure you should encourage this madness my friend but you may like the following :-) The last Gastric brooding frog. Yes it was a real thing but a pelican got the last one in or around 1980. It was a very aptly named frog. :-) Fractalry. Every plugin known to man.
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    Another orb on page 1 - only two stock photos were used in this one - fractal and landscape. The rest, however, all Paint.NET.
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    @Rickhum What lovely images you've just posted. I'm in love with the Fractlary - WoW But ............ please stop eating the Wallabies 😱 🙀
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    Wow @Rickhum! I guess I've missed some of your work. They're incredible! They really have the Rickhum style.
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    Another beauty! Reminds me a bit of The Starry Night by Van Gogh. Nicely done! Too bad about your internet connection. Your works are very pleasing to the eye. (meaning more, more!)
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    Looks like the dingoes might be thinking of wallaby stew? Yes, it has such a sense of surreal & foreboding. The Impressionist style as WB mentioned is very pleasing to the eye. Both images are great & have a lot to look at. Well done!
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    Why are your Galleria entries disappearing? Aw, that is so sweet - sending the the Dragon's Eye if it were real. If you're Mental Mister then I'm not far behind Looking forward to seeing what you come up with & hope to get some PDN time in soon to try out the glass tute.
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    @Rickhum! I love how you put it all together. Fabulous works all round. Thank you for sharing this with us!
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    2 great yet different images in style. Both very pleasing on the eyes. Love the impressionist vibe of The Sea of Japan ... and the moon adds a nice surreal look. (Fusion) Democracy' ... you've captured a great sense of foreboding. The animals look great. Maybe dial down the brightness of the stars ? For me they clash with the eye glints ... but doesn't detract from a well made image
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    Why not use Object2Colour? The easiest solution?
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    @lynxster4 and @Seerose - thanks for helping me make my mind up. @barbieq25 ... thank you so much for those humbling words "one of the best images ever created" it's a huge compliment with the talent here. But funny enough my Galleria entries are disappearing not growing 🤣 If Dragon's Eye was real - you wouldn't need to steal it - I'd send it to you Nice idea about metal standoffs, I'll have to do that ... not sure about Metal Master ... more like Mental Mister 😋
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    That's so beautiful @Rickhum! Love the coloring. It's so rich and saturated. Fur Blur is nicely done. Love the look on the foreground dingo's face! Great work!
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    No sorry needed. A tut is to point the way ... alternative directions are good for us all to see ... and broaden our own horizons 😉 I like it. It's very surreal and very effective. Great colour combo' Thanks for the PDF @Woodsy
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    Very nice glass images @welshblue. Yes. @Ash was amazing - not only did he know his glass, but he was also great at Shape 3D. This piece was, and is, still one of my favourites Yes please to a tutorial
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    @welshblue yet again you have, as we say here in the States, knocked it out of the ballpark!
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    @lynxster4 ... thank you so very much. It was stressful. But in a good way. Trying to get the brain to think laterally instead of clicking a plugin ... especially when you're 'HeadShot' anyways 😁🙄 @Pixey ... thanks so much. Professional ? Humbled to read that - maybe one day ... I wish the people who want things done design wise would think that though and not quibble and barter. There comes a time when time is more precious than it used to be but they don't want to pay accordingly. Hope the family time is going well and not going too quick @Seerose ... Thank you. It's practice practice practice. I'm always happy to give a helping hand to explain things. It's building up layer upon layer @TrevorOutlaw ... nope. No jesting. I'm more proud of this piece than any other. Mainly for the reasons you said. Thanks for the ringing endorsement of my work @Woodsy ... thanks so much mate. I approached it like spraying a car ... building up lots of thin layers. In this case lots of blurring and Blend Modes to get the shine. It takes time and lots of undo but you get there. It helps having an object in front of you - although anyone coming through the backdoor seeing me staring at a shampoo and conditioner bottle would have thought I'd finally lost it 😯 The power of Blur Painting is great, but you've got to put the time in and not want a quick fix. An example below. It took 60 minutes. S3D for the shape and then about 50 layers of blurring colours. Not happy with the back, base shadow or the darkness of the whole thing but too late ... it's flattened @Apollo702 and you guys above - thanks for the Rep' points
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    This is an old one that I don't think posted cause I didn't like it but something happened and I like it now. Its called 'The Hedge A children's guide to capitalism'