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    I simply told the plugin to skip over invisible Layers. if (layers[i] is Layer layer && !layer.Visible) { continue; } Seems to work around the issue that I don't completely understand. Or is this plugin supposed to do something special with invisible layers? (I haven't used this plugin enough to know its "ins and outs") @Pixey , @Ego Eram Reputo, et al? EDIT: this doesn't fully solve the issue.
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it This tutorial show you a technique I used to create a fretwork in my latest Orb design. A fretwork, according to Internet search, is a pattern that is created by utilizing tools such as fretsaw, jigsaw, and if you have the money, laser cutter. It is used to create patterns in wood or metal, and in this case, it is part of the orb design. Plug-in required: @dpy Circle Text and Metallize, part of his plugin pack. @evanolds Mirror Over Line @BoltBait Bevel, part of his plugin pack. Note: If the font I am using isn't found on your system, try something else. The main thing is to find a font that will give you a metal feel. Without further ado... Step 1) Set background to black (or another color of your choice). Step 2) Set primary color to yellow-gold (Hex #7F6A00). Step 3) Go to Effects > Text Formations > Circle Text. Step 4) I am going to break down what you can do with this plugin. In the Text box, this is where you enter the letter(s) of your choice. Here, I will enter lower case 't' repeatedly. However, depending on the Font Size I choose, I may have to delete extra 't' to create a perfect circle of the text. The Font drop down list display all the fonts installed on your machine. Go through each one and pick the one you like most. Here, I picked a font called Century and set the Font Size to 88. My goal, so far within this plug-in, is to create a fretwork where this is no noticeable gap between the letters, so I repeated the 't' until it was almost overlapping with each other. You can take a step further. The finer adjustment creates an interesting shape. Play with it and see how it influence the shape. You can increase the radius, but if you do, add more letter until there are no gap in between. You can play with the angle of arc and angle of start. Your choice. I will go ahead and render the base of the fretwork. Step 5) Duplicate the base of the fretwork to a new layer. I will hide the first base layer and rename the duplicated layer as Bevel. Step 6) On the Bevel Layer, run Bevel (Effects > Objects > Bevel Object). The only change was I decreased Depth to 3, and left everything to its default value. Step 7) Here, we will turn this into an actual fretwork. First, use Mirror right half over left half (Effects > Mirror > Mirror right half over left half). Then, Mirror top half over bottom half (Effects > Mirror > Mirror top half over bottom half). Step 8 ) Run Metallize (Effects > Color > Metallize). I set Type to 1 and unticked Gray Scale. At this point, you are pretty much done. A possibility with this approach... In the example below, I used this letter pattern, vW, repeatedly, increased the radius. Then used the same steps as outlined above.
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    It's not random. It's fitting it to the window. Press Ctrl+0 to zoom to 100%. You can also use Ctrl+B to toggle Fit to Window.
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    @LionsDragon ... thank you. Shucks - no maestro - just lucky to have worked with metal a lot and understand how to do it in PDN. Zoomed in you can see 2 errant pieces I didn't erase on the outer rim πŸ˜‰ @lynxster4 ... thank you. @MJW is the Master - I'm only a disciple using his hard work. Edge Shader and Texture Shader work so well together. @Seerose ... thank you. You ladies are embarrassing me with the Maestro tag ... but I'm honoured you like my work enough to keep on commenting with such kind words @Pixey ... thank you. Nope no trail. The bottom bit was a lot thinner so I duplicated it a few times and moved each layer up to make it 'fatter' Worked better than Trail. No vertical lines. I used your rope tutorial but again duplicated the layers rather than using Trail, it gave more control over lighting etc Thanks too to @ReMake and @Eli or the rep points -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Revive 24 Hours and hours and hours - 100's of layers over multiple files and lots of moaning about me wasting my time "when you could be doing something useful when you're home." I'm particularly proud of this piece. Shape3D is the only external plug- in used. Everything else is Gaussian Blur, Motion Blur and Radial Blur My best piece in 9 years IMO. Enjoy ...
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    Alright...back to ShapeMaker and Disney. Been wanting to do some more Disney characters. Flower! Hope you enjoy it!
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    This is a big update that focus on adding HEIC file format support, fixing performance with very large images, and upgrading and modernizing the functionality of many existing file types (JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF). Many other quality of life issues have also been addressed or fixed. If you’re using the Windows Store release, you should get the update automatically within the next 24 hours. You can also force an update check by following these instructions. For the Classic release, you should be offered the update automatically within the next week or so. You can get the updater soon by going to βš™ Settings β†’ Updates β†’ Check Now. You can also download and install it directly from the website. It's important to note that HEIC file format support requires two things: 1) you must be using Windows 10 v1809 or newer, and 2) you must install Microsoft's HEVC Video Extensions from the Microsoft Store which costs $1. This is necessary due to HEVC being mired in licensing and patent royalty costs. If you want to find some HEIC images, look no further than your recent iPhone (7 or newer). Many newer Android devices also support it. Most of the other built-in file types -- BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG, and TIFF -- have been internally upgraded from using GDI+ to being built on top of WIC (Windows Imaging Component). BMP can now save 32-bit images with alpha transparency, while JPEG and PNG can now load and save much larger images, and TIFF now supports saving at 24-bit and 8-bit color depths ("Auto" is also now included). On the performance side, I've rebuilt the data structures inside of the rendering engine that are used for keeping track of invalidation regions. These hold information about what parts of the image need to be rendered and then redrawn on the screen, either because the image has been changed (like with drawings or effects) or because of scrolling and zooming. In previous versions you couldn't really work with very large images, starting around 32,000 x 32,000 pixels. Zooming in and out would result in a lot of slow performance, lag, and even complete hangs of the app for seconds -- or more (at 60,000 pixels it could hang for 30-60 seconds or more!). Now this should all be completely fluid 😁 Please note that a previous beta, 4.2 build 7121, included functionality that would automatically apply an image's embedded color profile, thus converting the image to the sRGB color space and "fixing" its colors. The complexity of color management was much higher than expected, and thus it has been removed for now. It may come back in a future update but in a more substantial form. Check out Jeffrey Friedl's excellent Digital-Image Color Spaces article for a good read on this subject. Here is the complete list of changes since the 4.1.6 release: New: Support for loading and saving HEIC images (Windows 10 v1809+ and codec installation is required). Please note that the "Quality" slider when saving is limited to a value of 90 (out of 100) while Microsoft investigates and fixes a crash in their codec. New: Keyboard shortcuts for changing the current layer. You can see these in the Layers menu with the "Go to ..." commands. Alt+PgUp/PgDown will go to the layer above/below, and Ctrl+Alt+PgUp/PgDown will go to the top/bottom layer. Fixed: Optimized rendering engine to remove huge lag spikes (30+ seconds) when zooming or panning very large images (e.g. 32K x 32K pixels). Improved: BMP now supports saving in 32-bit (with alpha!) and 8-bit indexed. Improved: Added DIB and RLE file extensions to the BMP file type. Improved: PNG, JPEG, and TIFF now support loading and saving of much larger images. New: PNGs can now be saved as "interlaced". Improved: JPEG now has configuration for the chroma subsampling mode (4:4:4, 4:2:2, and 4:2:0). The default is now 4:2:2 instead of the unconfigurable 4:2:0 of older versions. This may result in larger file sizes, but higher quality, as compared to previous versions. Improved: TIFF now supports saving at 24-bit and 8-bit color depths. Improved performance of saving for file types where "Auto" bit-depth is supported but is not the current choice. Improved temporary memory usage when saving images at 8-bit color depth. Improved: TGA images now load about 4x faster (thanks @null54!) Fixed: 8-bit TGA images should now load correctly (thanks @null54 for the fix!) Fixed: Some 32-bit TGA images were showing up as completely transparent due to their use of an obscure alpha channel type (thanks @null54 for the fix!) Improved: Added error reporting to the Save Configuration dialog. Instead of just saying "Preview: (error)", you'll also get the standard error dialog that includes the exception which can used for troubleshooting. Fixed a number of performance issues in the Save Configuration dialog. Especially with large images, it should now be much faster to change options and to click OK/Cancel. Fixed flickering in the Save Configuration dialog when changing options. Fixed: Windows Explorer thumbnails for some image types (PDN, DDS, TGA) were not rendering their alpha (transparency) correctly, resulting in color skew. You may not see the effect of this fix for a particular image until that image is resaved or you clear Explorer's thumbnail cache. Fixed: Mouse cursors now scale appropriately for non-integer UI scales (e.g. 125% or 175%) Fixed: AltGr should now work correctly with the Text tool. It will not trigger shortcuts like File -> Save All, or Edit -> Paste into New Image. (thanks @Bruce Bowyer-Smyth for the fix!) Changed: Image->Resize supports Super Sampling again, and favors this over Fant when using Best Quality. Fant is still available, but is no longer chosen automatically. Changed: Holding Ctrl when starting to move a selection with the Move Selected Pixels tool will no longer leave behind a copy of the selected area Fixed: Bicubic resampling in the Move Selected Pixels tool was not correctly handling the alpha channel in some cases. This fix has required a reduction in performance. Improved: When using Edit->Copy, a 32-bit BGRA bitmap in the DIBV5 format is now placed onto the clipboard so that other apps can read the alpha channel. Improved: When using Edit->Paste, DIBV5's are now supported if they have an alpha channel. If they don't, then the regular DIB loader is used which has some heuristics for detecting an incorrectly defined alpha channel and correcting for it. Improved: When using Edit->Paste, PNG is now the highest priority format. This maximizes the ability to maintain alpha/transparency, but it does mean that images coming from Microsoft Office apps will appear larger than they used to. This is either a bug or a feature of Microsoft Office. For some reason it places PNGs on the clipboard that are 25%+ larger than the DIB/DIBV5 bitmap that it also places on the clipboard (but which don't have alpha/transparency). Fixed: DIBV5 bitmaps should now work with Edit->Paste, which improves alpha channel handling. (thanks @null54 for the fix!) Fixed: Top-down DIBs should now work correctly with Edit->Paste. (thanks @null54 for the fix!) Improved CPU usage for thumbnail updates (layers and image tabs) in many cases. Improved: Slightly increased the size of the Settings dialog to reduce the need for scrolling in a few important situations Fixed: Simple message boxes can now be closed with the ESC key Fixed: Magic Wand now works on very large images (e.g. 65535 x 65535 pixels) without an error. New: Plugins that use IndirectUI can now use a UriProperty with a LinkLabel control (thanks @null54!) New: Effect plugins can now more easily make use of the clipboard via the IClipboardService. It will handle all of the tricky clipboard issues such as threading, native data marshaling, and avoiding security vulnerabilities that exist in the standard WinForms and WPF clipboard APIs. New: FileType plugins can now specify separate lists of extensions for loading and saving. Blocked the WebP FileType v1.1.0.0 plugin due to instability. An update is already available. Blocked the ImAgif FileType v0.12.0.1084 plugin due to incompatibility. An update will hopefully soon be available.
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    @TrevorOutlaw I was checking out your orb yesterday and wondering how you made it. Well, ask and you shall receive. Well done! And a PDF has been added!
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    @TrevorOutlaw! Thank you so much for your effort.
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    BlendModes Plus This is a update of @APShredder's original 'BlendModes Plus' plugin. See changelog below. Effects -> Tools -> BlendModes Plus Image Position Blend Mode Changelog v3.1 (July 14, 2019) Changed: The handling of the Clipboard is now done by a Paint.NET helper function. Fixed: In some situations the 'Fit' Image Position would not work correctly. v3.0 (Sept 8, 2018) Changed: Now uses IndirectUI Added: Image Position (Fill, Fit, Stretch, Center). Defaults to Stretch to match the behavior of the original BlendMode Plus. Fixed: Now properly handles Transparency. Pre-v3.0 See Original topic Download BlendModesPlus.zip Source Code https://github.com/toehead2001/pdn-blendmodes-plus
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    Sounds like you have an existing paint.net installation that has become broken. You can use this utility to remove the broken installation: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17588/fix-problems-that-block-programs-from-being-installed-or-removed Afterwards, you can install paint.net anew.
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    Version 3.1 posted. Requires Paint.NET 4.2 or newer. This fixes an issue that would sometimes occur when the 'Fit' Image Position was selected. (the image wouldn't actual be fitted ) The custom code for retrieving an image from the clipboard was replaced with a Clipboard helper function that is provided by Paint.NET.
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    Very clever @TrevorOutlaw! Nice alternate way to make metalwork. I used @xod's Circular Text plugin, though. It's easier to use.
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    You jest. Many of your pieces are outstanding, and this is just another feather in your cap. It has a professional feel to it and when I saw it, I immediately thought of Old Spice line due to the similarity in color scheme. Well done.
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    Great piece @welshblue! They do look so realistic! I can't believe Shape 3D is the only plugin you used.
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    I made a screencast tutorial on making a chrome chain in blender. Mostly so I don't forget how I did it, but anyone can try it out if they are adventurous. It's relatively simple as blender animations goes. I'm also attaching the chain path svg and the E-map I used to make the chrome reflection. Good luck trying to figure out my thick Boston accent. Chrome Chain Blender Tut Chain_files.zip
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    Updated to G'MIC version 2.6.7. Changed the clipboard reading code to use the Paint.NET 4.2 clipboard service.
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    More kaleidoscopic delights:
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    CodeLab 4.3 Released This is only for Paint.NET 4.2+! Big update today... Changes: β–ͺ Redesign File > New screen (BoltBait) β–ͺ HighDPI icons (toe_head2001) β–ͺ Add Format, Find, and Replace toolbar buttons (toe_head2001) β–ͺ Add snippet for Try/Catch (toe_head2001) β–ͺ Bug fixes to Quick Format (toe_head2001) β–ͺ Added flexible, themeable, customizable message boxes (BoltBait) β–ͺ Allow arbitrary names for UI fields, also removed UI Elements Renumber command (toe_head2001) β–ͺ Added light bulb renaming of fields defined in user's script (toe_head2001) β–ͺ Redesigned UI Builder screen (BoltBait) β–ͺ Added support for the new Uri Control (BoltBait) β–ͺ Update clipboard template code (null54) β–ͺ Improvements to code completion (toe_head2001) β–ͺ Intelligent Assistance improvements for Extension Methods, Generic Methods, and Generic Types (toe_head2001) β–ͺ Fixed build screen to not hold the icon file open (BoltBait) β–ͺ Various code cleanups and improvements (toe_head2001 and BoltBait) Grab the CodeLab DLL here: http://www.boltbait.com/pdn/CodeLab/ Screenshots: File > New screen redesign: New high resolution icons: Themeable message boxes that can have custom buttons: I was tired of MessageBox being displayed with white backgrounds when running the dark theme. So, I found FlexibleMessageBox source code and fixed it up for use in Paint.NET... added a few features, like customizable buttons and themes... fixed a few bugs. I think they look awesome. UI Designer redesign and new Web Link control: Notice that the Variables can be specified--you no longer need to use Amount1, Amount2, ... You can, if you want, but it is not necessary as the defaults are the same as before. We also have the new Web Link control type. This gives IndirectUI the ability to have a clickable link that opens a browser to a specified URL. If a Display Name is specified it is linked. If no Display Name is specified, the URL is displayed and linked. Rename Variables: Select the variable you wish to rename and start typing... a light bulb will appear. Click on that and you can rename your variable everywhere in the script where it appears. New Clipboard Code: Paint.NET v4.2 has a new helper class for accessing the clipboard. CodeLab has been updated to take advantage of this new service. On the File > New screen, when selecting "Clipboard" in the sample code drop-down box, the following code is now generated: // Name: // Submenu: // Author: // Title: // Version: // Desc: // Keywords: // URL: // Help: #region UICode #endregion private Surface clipboardSurface = null; private bool readClipboard = false; protected override void OnDispose(bool disposing) { if (disposing) { // Release any surfaces or effects you've created. if (clipboardSurface != null) clipboardSurface.Dispose(); clipboardSurface = null; } base.OnDispose(disposing); } void PreRender(Surface dst, Surface src) { if (!readClipboard) { readClipboard = true; clipboardSurface = Services.GetService<IClipboardService>().TryGetSurface(); } } // Here is the main render loop function void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { for (int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y++) { if (IsCancelRequested) return; for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; x++) { ColorBgra CurrentPixel = src[x,y]; if (IsCancelRequested) return; // If clipboard has an image, get it if (clipboardSurface != null) { CurrentPixel = clipboardSurface.GetBilinearSampleWrapped(x, y); } // TODO: Add additional pixel processing code here dst[x,y] = CurrentPixel; } } } This clipboard code is way faster than the older code CodeLab used to generate. Notice that the try/catch blocks are gone. That speeds up our code a lot.
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    In other news, Willie still has not found his bike. However, it's easy to find his tour bus: just look for the one with smoke pouring out the windows.