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    Et voila! An embroidered star applique on @welshblue's denim:
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    @welshblue, I became interested in this technique when I read your comment and then read @n d's answer to your question
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    ... I hunted everywhere for those jeans 😋 Great result. You've captured a lovely satin effect i think all the thanks goes to you for resurrecting an old technique that was never used here, and opening up peoples' minds as to all the possibilities of a really nice 3D effect Any of my efforts only stem from there
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    Took my wife to the Doctor yesterday to see about her Tourettes. She doesn't have it. Apparently I am an D***head and she does want me to F off.
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    Thank you @ReMake for supplying rehosted pictures for this tut! And a PDF has been added.
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    Great idea. I've filed this issue in the private repository.
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    And very effective it is too ... will have to try that
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    woah. 10 years ... where has the time gone. I was young and pretty then 😂 I'd forgotten all about this until you posted the tut. So glad you did. I and it seems a lot of others have had lots of fun
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    This is my new variation of the process using the Shaped Gradient Plugin. The original canvas was 5000 x 5000 pixels and it took about 2 hours to render the two layers required to make this image. It was resized to 1920 x 1920 pixels and linked to this thread.
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    In regards to the "Plugin Errors" always being displayed in the Settings window now even when there are no errors, possibly you could give visual cues when there is something to look at and when there isn't? When I see a warning triangle there I instinctively want to check it out every time I open Settings even when there is nothing wrong. Potentially you could show the plugin icon without the warning triangle when things are fine or with a green check mark, display the warning triangle when there is interesting output to look at?
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    What did Michael Jackson and a grocery bag have in common ? They're both made of plastic and dangerous for kids to play with Say what you want about paedophiles but fair play, at least they drive slowly through school zones
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    +1 for a great answer HyReZ TIP: Use the plugin with the latest release date
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    There are various ways that RAW data is stored dependant upon camera manufacturer My Olympus uses the ORF data storage system to create RAW files and when I installed the Olympus RAW codec I was able to open my files in Paint.NET These are links from the Paint.NET Plugin Index on RAW files: RAW File 12 Sep 2014cefoot paint.net 4.x version of RAW File. Note: this is a file reader, so there is no option to save in the RAW format.See also: #15611 FiletypeActive4.0+N/ARAWFile.dll RAW File 01 Aug 2009Pebal Dcraw based raw file reader. A paint.net 4.x version has been released: see Raw FileSee also: #30007 FiletypeDepreciated3.5.11 not 4.0N/ARAWFile.dll RAW FileType 09 Jul 2015null54 This is a DCRaw-based raw filetype. Uses the latest incarnation of DCRaw. FiletypeActive3.5.x, 4.0xN/ARawFileType.dll & dcraw.exe (paint.net/FileTypes/) RawReader 04 Feb 2008Ivn Dcraw based RAW file reader. DCRaw has been recompiled as a *.dll (32 and 64 bit). FiletypeActiveUntestedN/ARawReader.dll and one of dcraw.dll or dcraw64.dll Rawload v1.0 24 Dec 2009avatare Load *.raw files with metadata using the Windows Imaging Component and preserving the image metadata. FiletypeActiveUntestedN/AARWLOAD.dll
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    Wow! That metal is mightily impressive @welshblue Did you use some Trail ? And, or, perhaps some @MJW plugins too. Excellent piece
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    @Seerose Wow. You made yours funky!
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    Totally agree^^^. What a gorgeous piece! The metal work is fabulous! Excellent! You are 'The Master'...
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