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    Thank you to everyone! @ReMake, @BoltBait, @xod, @Eli, @null54, @Seerose, @Pixey, @Woodsy, @sashwilko, and @dipstick! Having a great day; couldn't ask for better weather...mostly sunny, 72 degrees with a light wind. And most important of all...no humidity! Heading out to eat now...you guys and gals are the best! (return tomorrow for rest of rep points)
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    Try 'Distort This' plugin.
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    Thanks and nice work @ReMake for reviving these tutorials from the Graveyard.
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    Hope you are having a Wonderful Birthday @lynxster4
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    Wish you a happy birthday!
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    Damn. If I didn't have somewhere to be on the 25th (in Northern California), I'd drive out for that! I want to see film of this. I've often wondered how CodeLab works...
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    CodeLab provides the best scripting environment of any image editor. But have you ever wondered how CodeLab does what it does? On June 26th, I will be giving a technical presentation on the inner workings of CodeLab. The presentation will be in Provo, UT at a meeting of the Utah County .NET User Group. In the off chance that someone here is within driving distance of Provo, you should come check it out. Here's your chance to heckle and insult me in person! https://www.meetup.com/Utah-County-NET-User-Group/events/thbqmqyzjbjc/
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    This picture I did after video tutorial. Thanks again @ReMake, @Woodsy, and @yellowman! Font: Chapaza https://www.dafont.com/steve-gardner.d5188
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    Hey guys! I've got a question, hope you guys can help. I'm trying to do a 2d globe with the curved latitude and longitude lines, and want to see if there's perhaps a plugin or tutorial I can follow to make it look right. Knowing me, I'll end up with lines curving differently, or misspaced, or who knows what else... (If you don't know what I mean, I'm basically doing a flat 'world' image silhouette that has the lines/curves of latitude and longitude). Hope I explained what I'm trying to do clearly enough, and thanks for any help!
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    Ok, this is now fixed for the next version. Well, that embarrassing. Like, did I even do basic testing?! For testing of Format Document, I have a special file filled with weird syntax. I've added a single-line if statement to that test file. I'm pretty sure this was a regression that happened within the last 6 months, because I did test the default script in the past. Anyways, it's in the test file now, so no more regressions in the future.
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    Heyo! I'd say I'm still beginning-ish/intermediate level in terms of paint.net, but I love it! I'm not a new user (I joined the forums almost a year ago as I'm posting this), but starting to look at this more, so I may as well start sharing some of my art <in the appropriate place ofc :)>
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    BTW: When using Ed Harvey's Effects Halftone plugin, the users is not limited to using dots as a halftone screen!
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    Well nertz. Those apples look so good, I legit started salivating! 🤤
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    @Maximilian! @ReMake! and Dear @lynxster4! Thank you for your reps.
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    @ReMake! @Maximilian! and Dear @lynxster4! Thanks so much for your reps.
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    @Maximilian! Long time no see. Nice to see you again.
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    Admission time: @BoltBait, myself and @welshblue are triplets. Separated at birth and reunited by the healing power of Paint.NET!
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    Use MadJik's Oblique plugin. evanolds's Quadrilateral Reshape plugin. and/or Layers > Rotate Zoom. .