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    This picture I did after video tutorial. Thanks again @ReMake, @Woodsy, and @yellowman! Font: Chapaza https://www.dafont.com/steve-gardner.d5188
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    Ok, this is now fixed for the next version. Well, that embarrassing. Like, did I even do basic testing?! For testing of Format Document, I have a special file filled with weird syntax. I've added a single-line if statement to that test file. I'm pretty sure this was a regression that happened within the last 6 months, because I did test the default script in the past. Anyways, it's in the test file now, so no more regressions in the future.
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    Very nice, thanks @Seerose
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    That issue was fixed a few weeks ago. This time I'm sure.
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    Planetoid to the rescue! Render your lat & long lines to the canvas, then run planetoid with all the layers turned off. Before: After:
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    It is great to hear that our information was useful! I appears that in the original design there are 3 transparent layers of translucent halftone dots that have a sequential range of sizes. There is a Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow halftone layer. They overlap and angle ever so slightly to produce blue, green, and black dots and dot fragments.
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    Sometime before I was created, but a fantastic tune (and video) all the same.
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    Great image and I agree with the comments above. Haven't really heard of this group, but excellent job with putting the focus on him.
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    It's a sad moment when you realise you've raised philistines, when neither of your kids want your music collection/ memorabilia when you've gone. Unless they can sell it
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    It's kind of hot, so an Iced Apple came to mind
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    @LionsDragon! He really is a gifted musician. And you have a great job. Thank you for sharing this with us!
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    RIP, Dr. John... The muppet, Dr. Teeth, was patterned after Dr. John (and Elton John).
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    And you did it perfectly.
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    @welshblue, your outcomes always surprise with the feeling of volume and space! A nice addition to the tutorial. Thank you.
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    @Pixey and @JulioCoolio ... much thanks for the kind words. Seems months ago Only about 30 % of PDN in Stem Cell I'm afraid ... the majority of it is Incendia and my head (Incendia is good - my head isn't when I start thinking too much) ------------------------------------------------------------ Devil's Pulpit This is a project that's been on the go since January. Slightly overworked (a lot)and if I don't post it now, I'll totally ruin it. Named after a local landmark and my wife reckons I'm more likely to see the pulpit rather than the pearly gates ...