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    If anybody can find the music of the spheres, it's this guy. Dr. Brian May, astrophysicist and rock god.
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    What We Need...What The World Needs This came about when I was trying to apply my 'Plasticized Text' technique to a shape. I used one of my generic flower shapes and after much 'tweaking' it kind of morphed into this: The background is my own creation through many PDN plugins. I hope you enjoy 'what we need...'
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    Again thanks go to @ReMake for providing new pictures in this tutorial moving it from the Graveyard and eliminating the Photobucket logo. It worked for me!
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    Ahhh - it is so peaceful to look at. LOVE the colors so much
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    A lot of Paint.net and a bit of G'Mic Fractal Heaven
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    You got that right! Things, overall, are pretty good. I can't complain. 😸
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    Hello @CherylMcG and Welcome You may find this website interesting, as this lady @ScrapbookWithPDN - a member of this forum made her scrap-booking images with Paint.net: https://pdnscrapbooking.wixsite.com/scrapbooking
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    A 7 day belated wedding anniversary thought, as we couldn't celebrate last week. 26 years together ... 13 married ... so many people wrote us off, saying it wouldn't last. Bad boy meets good girl. I owe her so much - she's essentially saved me from myself and a life destined for not good things ... stood by me through thick and thin. And one argument in 26 years. And that was my fault ...
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    Um... If I want to listen to "Gregorian" music, I listen to Enigma: This is one of the albums that just doesn't sound good unless it's coming straight off the CD.
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    Some of you might not be a fan of Gregorian, but this is a soulful music for me What with the jpeg-like preview?