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    Minor changes: both interfaces (English and Russian) in one file, added help.
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    Personally, I wouldn't believe anything I say! 😁
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    Some of you might not be a fan of Gregorian, but this is a soulful music for me What with the jpeg-like preview?
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    Hope you're having a very nice day, dear friend @Seerose!
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    @Maximilian! @BoltBait! @null54! @ReMake! @barbieq25! 💐 @lynxster4! 💐 @xod! @Pixey! 💐 @DrewDale! @HyReZ! @Woodsy! @AndrewDavid! Thank you very much, dear ones. It had been a wonderful day with the family. I'll be back tomorrow for remaining points to distribute.
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    Looks like you're out of memory, just like the error says. You'll need more!
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    Ignorance and arrogance go hand-in-hand. Sorry, there is not.
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    Now, I have successfully fixed all issues with my Grouped Pixel Axis-Based Shift which is extended version of @MadJik Gravity filter. Should here shortly. By the time you read this post, it's probably here. If it say 2019/5/14 , then it means it arrived. For proof! Original No change to above image. Axis=Horizontal, Influence is between 0-1, position is between 0-1 With the new changes I commited to g'mic-community, lines don't break anymore. ------- Filter update has arrived. Also, I made scintilate as well. This one works on YUV color space. iw={w} ih={h} is={s} mini_square=20 large_square={ceil((sqrt(w^2+h^2))/$mini_square)*$mini_square} 2,2,1,1,(x+y)%2 r. {$mini_square*100}%,{$mini_square*100}%,100%,100%,1 r. $large_square,$large_square,100%,100%,0,3 rotate. 62.5,1 r. $iw,$ih,100%,100%,0,0,.5,.5 r. 100%,100%,1,$is,0 *. 255 split_opacity.. rgb2yuv8... f... "abs(i#0-i#2)" yuv82rgb... a[^-1] c k.. Paste that into code[global] or code[local] and see what you get. You can also change color space, but use 8-bit color space. See G'MIC reference. You can edit mini_square and numbers next to rotate. On second part of rotate, 0 = nearest, 1 = linear, 2 = bicubic
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    Happy birthday Seerose!
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    Happy Birthday my dear friend, @Seerose! May you have the best day. 🎂 💐 🥂
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    Happy birthday Seerose!
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