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    Hope you're having a very nice day, dear friend @Seerose!
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    Dear @lynxster4! Thank you so much for the tutorial.
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it In perusing the text effects I realized we didn't have any plastic-looking text, so I made one. We will be making this: Plugins required: Align Object Inner Shadow Selection Edge Expander AA's Assistant EdgeShaderMJW Contour BlurBlend Here's another example: This is Alba 288 Bold. I had to adjust the settings, but it's perfectly doable. I duplicated the text layer again and ran Pyro's Trail on the bottom layer, set the top layer to Multiply 130 and ran BoltBait's Feather on each layer. Here are some additional steps to achieve what I call 'The Fluffy Sticker' effect. Use this on text where you have applied Pyro's Trail plugin on the bottom layer. Start with your layered PDN file or do the tutorial from the beginning. Here are some examples: There are probably lots of ways to apply a colored plastic coating to the letters. This one turns out the best, I think. Experiment! Added note: On the above screenshots showing Gradient Galore plugin I made a notation in red. The reason is I was avoiding the dark green and black color you get if your size is set at default or higher. Just didn't look right. I hope you enjoy this tutorial! 😃
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    Aw, man, that really sux. It is hard everywhere. The rich keep getting richer. I hope you find something much better, both of you.
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    I made that one in Gimp using an old script written by Graechan to convert an object into plastic effect. I also used a 3-D extrude on it, which is basically the same thing as Trails in PDN. The effect takes only a couple seconds to make using the script. Your method yields just as good results. Maybe someone could write a plugin to automate the steps need.
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    Oh my gosh that's awful, I'm so sorry 😥! This stuff never works out well for the company doing the outsourcing, either. It just pulls them further in the direction of trying to penny pinch on everything. Employees are assets to be invested in, not cost centers to be optimized 😠
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    Brava @lynxster4 What a fabulous tutorial and a very impressive use of many of the developers' Plugins
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    *Reverse Chair? It all makes sense when he sits down.
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    Following on from @lynxster4 I executed the same technique to create this result. Top plugin @ReMake