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    Oh - Thank You so much @Woodsy @JulioCoolio and @Seerose for your very kind words I got a feeling for making some 'funny' images and here is my first one:
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it In perusing the text effects I realized we didn't have any plastic-looking text, so I made one. We will be making this: Plugins required: Align Object Inner Shadow Selection Edge Expander AA's Assistant EdgeShaderMJW Contour BlurBlend Here's another example: This is Alba 288 Bold. I had to adjust the settings, but it's perfectly doable. I duplicated the text layer again and ran Pyro's Trail on the bottom layer, set the top layer to Multiply 130 and ran BoltBait's Feather on each layer. Here are some additional steps to achieve what I call 'The Fluffy Sticker' effect. Use this on text where you have applied Pyro's Trail plugin on the bottom layer. Start with your layered PDN file or do the tutorial from the beginning. Here are some examples: There are probably lots of ways to apply a colored plastic coating to the letters. This one turns out the best, I think. Experiment! Added note: On the above screenshots showing Gradient Galore plugin I made a notation in red. The reason is I was avoiding the dark green and black color you get if your size is set at default or higher. Just didn't look right. I hope you enjoy this tutorial! 😃
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    Droste This is a update of @PJayTycy's original Droste distortion plugin that was left abandoned in the plugin development section of the forum. See changelog below. Effects -> Distort -> Droste Before After Changelog v1.1 (May 8, 2019) Changed: Removed dependency on external library v1.0 by toe_head2001 (Aug 31, 2015) New: Added a control to adjust the angle of the effect. Changed: Reorganized the code to a CodeLab-like structure/style Changed: Changed plugin icon and shorted title to 'Droste' New: Added metadata for the Plugin Browser pre-v1.0 by @PJayTycy (Dec 5, 2007 - Jan 26, 2008) See thread Download Droste.zip Source Code Source files and Git history
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    I just complete this graphic where I applied a few of the Genesis Plugin effects:
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    Download from this link https://paint-net.ru/forum/download/file.php?id=2476
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    Very similar to the technique I used on one of my photomanipulation, The Call. https://postimg.cc/rzGx5N2G To keep the outline of the person, you have to create a mask and play with blending mode. I also used the eraser tool, set the softness to 0% so it can "blend" with the model. There were some trial and error, but those are the best learning experience.
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    Great images, both of them @lynxster4! I love the texture of the second one!
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    Dear @Pixey! New work looks very good. Thank you for sharing your result!
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    I love the watch! Shiny, realistic, and looks like something I would wear. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with us.
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    That's a great looking watch @Pixey! You got the shadowing just right on the ribs. I agree, the jewels on the face add so much to it!
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    Reminds me of a kaleidoscope, or when you stand up too fast and you start seeing colours 😁 Very pretty, good job!
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    Very nicely done. Those colours are just awesome!
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    Gorgeous results and the colors are fabulous
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    There's a workaround, there's always a workaround... Resize the output png image to the size of your original, then put it on new layer. Select the transparency of the png layer, then switch to the image layer and delete. You are effectively using the output image as a template to delete the unwanted background.