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    Version 1.1 posted. This plugin had been using the MathNet.Iridium library for the Complex struct. However, the Complex struct was added to the .NET Framework some time after @PJayTycy initially created this plugin. I have therefore removed the dependency of the MathNet.Iridium.dll file. After you've updated the plugin, you can delete that file from your Effect folder.
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    @Seerose Thank you @barbieq25 I was trying to get the feeling of being on that planet..without actually being on the planet. Thank you @JulioCoolio Exactly the feeling I was going for! Thank you! ------------------------ So everyone can see why I made the wallpaper the way it is, here it is overlayed on my phone's model. The dark corner hides the camera cutout.
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    Hello all, [UPDATE 2019.05.18] Alpha 3 version of GenesisVFX PDN is ready to play with. You can download the package here : GenesisVFX.PDN.alpha3.7z (24,321,853 bytes, CRC64 F380A0C948806F39) IMPORTANT Currently Genesis is a 64-bit only effect and has only been tested against Paint.NET 4.1.6. There are two different rendering back-ends to choose from, depending on how recent a CPU you have in your PC. The "AVX" option is for more modern CPUs (probably anything post-2012 is safe) and provides considerable performance improvements. The "Generic" option should run on anything. ALPHA INSTALLATION Unpack the 7z somewhere See above about which engine to use, AVX or Generic Copy the contents of \Install-<engine>\Effects into your PDN install Effects directory, eg. C:\Program Files\paint.net\Effects\ If this is the first time you've installed Genesis, please run the redistributable installer in \Install-<engine>\Redistributable\ Run Paint.NET, load an image and navigate to Effects -> Render -> GenesisVFX On the first run, you won't have any effect packs loaded. Click on the folder icon top-left to browse - go pick the \EffectLibrary directory in the place you unpacked the 7z. You can then click on thumbnails to load effects. Click on the preview windows to set effect centres. Try loading some masks (\Examples\Masks). Try hitting Randomize up top right. Good luck! NOTES I've been testing it a bunch but obviously it's got quite a few moving parts, so your mileage may vary! I am really keen to hear all constructive feedback. I need to write or video a few tutorials to get people up to speed...
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    Woah, that's really cool. Looks like it's warping towards me, telling me I'm late again... I really like the little diamonds between each numeral, really brings it all together!
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    I love the easter bunny looks like something you could stick on a jumper!
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    Okay, updated the OP, alpha 1 is ready to play with...
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    What a fabulous watch! So shiny. Well done Pixey!
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    What a lovely watch @Pixey! So shiny and reflective! Great job. The wonders of Texture Object Rounder...
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    I began making this after making some shapes and then using @MJW's Texture Rounder - then some PI and voila ............... it ended up as a watch
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    Thank you so much @MadJik! Size first 4000x3000 then, 800x600. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/21469-a-way-to-create-more-abstract/
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    @lynxster4 I'm glad you thought so as well. Took a while to get it right. @Pixey Thank you, definitely an interesting process to get to where it is now. @Seerose My style has been changing a lot with the different updates to Paint.NET. Some of the effects I used years ago don't work anymore, but I've adapted. @barbieq25 Thank you for your praise and for stopping by again. Thank you all for your comments, they really are appreciated! New image on page 1: Murky Swamps
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    Happy Easter to Everyone! Playing with GMIC: A little @ReMake's new PS Emboss+ and TGA: