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    The Rotate/Zoom slider controls are a bit confusing. They aren't X, Y, and Z; they're something like pitch, yaw, and roll. To rotate along the Y axis counterclockwise, move the bottom slider rightward. To rotate along the Y axis clockwise, move the middle control all the way right to 180, then move the bottom control rightward. Another way is to first move in the general direction by moving the graphic roll-control while holding down the Shift key to constrain the rotation, then use the bottom control to adjust the amount of rotation.
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    I installed the Insider's 1903 Windows 10 update and it looks great with the current update to Paint.NET. They fit like a hand in glove! I installed it onto a cloned 240 GB SSD drive. So far, all is well with the install!
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    Oh no! that really sux. Just what you need - NOT!
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    I love the attention to detail here, especially with the reflection and the effect the curve of the jewel would affect it. Exquisite work!
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    Very nice work with the jewel, Pixey
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    Updated the WebP filetype to the latest version.
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    Dear @Pixey! I think the picture is very harmonic. Thank you for sharing this with us!
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    I love the use of the Julia Fractal here Definitely makes the jewel look other-worldly!
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    Did this one awhile back, but it fits more or less...
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    😂 I was sat in a hospital ward this morning looking around at all the machinery/equipment/ plugs and it dawned on me ... my entry has got a plug and flex - great -but it's 'bubbling' despite not being connected to the mains 😂 The way PDN can get into the blood as well as 'good' toxins is incredible
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    How one person can affect the lives of many - at a great expense! We live in a 15 floor condo block: On Thursday some bright spark, on the 11th floor (we are on the 8th) was rinsing out their swimming apparel, in a wash basin, and left the tap running for hours! Result? They flooded 5 floors, including ours. More damage was done than Hurricane Irma, which hit us in 2017 😨 they are still totting up what the cost of the clean up will be 😱
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    Updated the Photoshop Pattern FileType and PSFilterPdn to the latest version.
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    Update the Radical Image Optimization Tool to the latest version.
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    Updated the WebP filetype to the latest version.
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    Updated the JPEG 2000 FileType to the latest version. Updated to @BoltBait's latest installer.
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    Updated PSFilterPdn to the latest version.