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    I'm new here, and right now, I'm going to share a palette I made for my project. This is based on the web palette and since it can only fit 96 colors, I had to make a simple palette complete with simple skin tones for pixel arts.
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    This effect is based on the PS Emboss effect by @Cookies and is an improved version of it. You can find it in Effects -> Stylize -> Emboss+ Emboss+.zip For comparison, I used a smaller copy of the image from the original post by @Cookies: PS Emboss result with default settings: Photoshop's Emboss result with the same settings as the PS Emboss: Emboss+ result with the same settings as the PS Emboss: A few more images to compare with the following settings: Angle - 135, Height - 10, Amount - 110. Original image: PS Emboss: Photoshop's Emboss: Emboss+: In my opinion, the result of Emboss+ is closer to the Photoshop Emboss result.
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    RIP Chewbacca... https://comicbook.com/starwars/2019/05/02/peter-mayhew-chewbacca-star-wars-death-2019-april-30th/ 😢
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    I definitely agree @ReMake! I would love to see you release this officially after the testing period and any needed tweaks. 😀 Just a quick go at it. The colors 'pop' wonderfully when I put a black layer underneath and set the blending mode on the zebras to 'Glow'.
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    "bow wow wow yippi yo yippi yay"
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    @BoltBait ... epitomises Soft Rock. 1984 - haven't heard that in ... I hate to think how many years
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