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    Thanks everyone for your votes! 😘 I love minimalism... it demonstrates that there is beauty in the simplest of things.
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    @butterfly8000 Also check to see if the default printer setting has not been accidentally set to print to an 'Adobe PDF'
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    @Brayden Nohai please watch your language. If you click on the temporary link in @flaner's post above your post, that link is downloading just fine. P.S. I just checked the download in @xod's first post and it's working also.
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    Wait... when you click on an image file it opens both programs? Can you check the File Associations in the Windows Control Panel? Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> Default Programs -> Set Associations
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    Hello promanga. Welcome to the forum 😊 Ctrl + Shift + C (copy merged - copies all visible layers in one go) Ctrl + Alt + V (paste into a new layer) Ctrl + Shift + S (save as)
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    The maximum amount is the maximum your computer can handle theoretically, so you could put 100+ image if you'd like. It use the image based on the average colors per tiles of the target picture. It indexed the backend image, and that's where dithering comes from. So, if it doesn't come close to the average colors, then the image isn't going to be used i.e discarded. Order is not relevant.
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    @Reptillian Hi. I'd like to know more about how this plugin works. The plugin states that you need at least 2 images in the folder to work. Is there a maximum amount? I had a red balloon in my images folder and it didn't use it at all. How does it use the images and know how many of each image to use? Why does it not use an image? Is it the order of images in your file? If you could explain this to me, I'd appreciate it. In layman's terms, please. Don't get too 'mathy' on me.
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    Thanks for looking into it all the same
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    This one is an ode to my brother and I and our favorite television show COMBAT with the late Vic Morrow. I took a lot of the tutorials for fabrics and fur and played around with other tools like the smudge tool and rotating textures to come up with this one. I can't believe it's taken me so long to find out how much I could do with paint.net like the button mode...not the Button on the fox with the "RED A" of General George Patton's 3rd Army.
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    Another of Astro Boy done to an ad picture for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics for next years 2020 return of the games.
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    I made an account to say this plugin is exactly what I've needed for a very, very long time. No more fiddling with perspective distort for hours and getting an unsatisfying result. Thank you so much!