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    Hey everyone. I've never really posted on here, but just wanted to send a quick word as to how grateful I am for paint.net as a whole. I have been using paint.net as my only day-to-day program for all of my creations with my design company - Flesh and Bone Design. The only time I am working outside of paint.net is when I am using inkscape for vector renders. Without paint.net, I would not have the successful freelance career that I have, 8 years in and still going strong. I mostly work in the music business, doing merch spreads, album layouts, and branding/identity work. If you want to check out my creations, everything you see over at www.fleshandbonedesign.com has been brought to life via paint.net. I always look forward to trying new plug-ins, and I'm always excited for what this powerful little program continues to grow into. Thank you.
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Disco Ball Tutorial: Built Ins: Gradient Tool Adjustments> Brightness / Contrast Plugins: Jumble Seamless Texture Maker Grid Maker v3.0 Shape3D Tutorial Thumbnail:
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    I went with Half Sphere Map ...
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    April Update Four new plugin this month. Enjoy BlurBlend TrevorOutlaw Run Gaussian blur on a source image with additional of blending options (many are new to paint.net) Center Lines ReMake Draw centerlines on the active layer either in the center of the canvas or in the center of a selection. Object Pruner MJW Conditionally erases 'objects' based on their size (the number of pixels making up the object). 'Objects' are connected regions of non-transparent pixels. Text Distortion xod Create text and simultaneously apply a preset distortion to warp the result.
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    @HyReZ! Thank you for that great tutorial. It’s a very cool effect, for my eyes right size. That’s my result. (Art Seerose )
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    I have edited your tutorial to reflect that one needs to click three times on the Graphic
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    Hello @HoLeePhuc and Welcome to the Forum You have to crop your layer to the correct size as your background is bigger than the finished gif. ~ Clickable ~ If you want to make your own gifs, here is a tutorial on the subject:
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    Wow! All the abstracts are very well-designed. Excellent work @fleshandbonedesign!
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    @lynxster4 Mosaic filter has arrived. Update via latest gmic to test it. You have to use autocrop on to make it work though. Next filter is PNG glitching.
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    It will with this plugin Animation Viewer Effect plugin: 17.8.2015: LookAtIt.Effect v0.6.zip
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    I recently completed a 100 piece abstract series using only three colors and paint.net for everything within the series. You can view all 100 pieces over at https://www.fleshandbonedesign.com/abstract
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    Great Testimony and plug for your business! Best Wishes from a fan of Paint.NET!
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    This one is an ode to my brother and I and our favorite television show COMBAT with the late Vic Morrow. I took a lot of the tutorials for fabrics and fur and played around with other tools like the smudge tool and rotating textures to come up with this one. I can't believe it's taken me so long to find out how much I could do with paint.net like the button mode...not the Button on the fox with the "RED A" of General George Patton's 3rd Army.
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    @welshblue Thanks! @ISFS13 Here is a tutorial on constructing the perspective grid using BoltBait's Grid Maker v4.5 and Rotate / Zoom: