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    Hot on the heels of the recent alpha release, now there's a beta to replace it At this point, 4.1.6 is now "complete" -- nothing new is going to be added to it, all translations are text complete (but may still be updated), and I'm just making sure this thing is stable before pushing it out the door and moving on toward 4.1.7. I'm planning for that within the next week. This beta is available for the “Classic” (non-Store) installation. You can use the built-in updater by going to ⚙ Settings → Updates → Check Now within the app (make sure “Also check for pre-release (beta) versions of paint.net” is checked!), or you can download it directly with this link: https://www.getpaint.net/files/zip/test/paint.net.4.106.7010.497.install.zip And here are the changes since the aforementioned alpha build: Improved: The newly updated app icons should now look a lot better at 120 DPI (125% scaling) and 144 DPI (150% scaling) New: Layers -> Rotate 180 (thanks @null54!) New: Move Layer commands are now present in the Layers menu, not just on the Layers window New: Plugins can now use the UIScaleFactor class, which makes it easy to make decisions about DPI and scaling Changed: Settings -> Plugin Errors now shows up even if there are no plugin errors. This ensures consistency, especially with the newly asynchronous nature of plugin loading (otherwise there's no way to distinguish "no errors" from "not done loading plugins"). Changed: File -> Open Recent now has up to 10 images (up from 8 ) Fixed: Items in the File -> Open Recent menu will no longer get bigger or smaller when moving between monitors with different DPIs Fixed: "Bad" plugins can no longer ruin the undo system by rendering outside of the selection (thanks @BoltBait for helping out with this!) Improved: When many images are open, Paint.NET now closes significantly faster (thanks @Bruce Bowyer-Smyth for the fix!) Improved: Image thumbnail list at the top of the main window now reacts to horizontal mouse wheel or trackpad swiping Improved: The Text Tool's "Font Size Metric" button now has a tooltip explaining it Fixed a crash when running GPU effects (e.g. Black & White) on very large, very tall images (this was actually fixed in the alpha build 7000) Enjoy!
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    @lynxster4 ... thanks ... I should have said the headphones aren't mine ... on the to do list, but I can't take credit for those. I thought I'd do a 'dark' image. Just for a change. @Seerose ... many thanks ... years of practice and a sad life in front of a pc screen, means I make images with lots of bits in @Pixey ... thanks ... I'm not going to get started on the state of Britain, we're a joke. I think we can look at our own work too long and either love it or hate it. Depending on moods. Contemplate ... it's always nice to do a bright image. i don't know why I don't do more. ( I know the wife would say, it's because I'm a miserable so and so) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow on image from the lamp tutorial. Heavily plugin'ed ... without them I couldn't have done it @MJW's Height Map plugins and Trail Blur @Ego Eram Reputo's Planetoid for 3 different textures @BoltBait's Feather, Black & White +, Bevel Selection, Remove Dust and Checkerboard @Red ochre's Fur Blur for the background ... also Seismograph, Tile Image and Dents Classic on the background Missing Piece
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    Pansies are so striking! Very nicely done!!
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    Sounds like the imported image is larger than the original canvas which is being resized to accommodate the import. Open both then copy & paste the import image into a new layer on the original image. You'll be able to resize the pasted image without changing the canvas dimensions.
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    @welshblue! That's amazing and well-positioned. I love it. You have so much talent! Thank you for sharing this with us!
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    Ooooooo - that's so shiny It's amazing what can be done - in the right hands (yours) to make such an image with PDN. Jolly well done
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    Thank you @welshblue, @Seerose, @Pixey and @Maximilian for the lovely comments! I'm going to continue experimenting with this as I'm still on my 'sewing' kick.
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    I've been playing with MadJik's Distorting Mirror plugin, and I made these abstract art images.
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    What a glorious chess set @welshblue! So shiny and reflective. Also, love the draperies. A beautiful contrast of textures you have going on. Wonderful work!
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    Very, very pretty and neat. Five hours 😱 that's a lot of dedication - but well worth the result
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    Dear @lynxster4! First-class work. Right down to the smallest details. Thank you for sharing this with us! Also a big thank you for @welshblue.
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    Here's a recent play with the modified Cell-CS Maker plugin I posted in @welshblue's Cross Stitch Text and Canvas thread. This took about 5 hours. It's a pansy flower.
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    One of those files you get fed up of. Print Screen was not a good idea. Just makes it look blurry and the keyboard distorted horribly Broken Britain
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    Your 'Big Bang' looks great.
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    Thank you @ReMake for reviving this tutorial. You are the 'graveyard' master! Here's my 'Big Bang'.