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    'Text Distortion' plugin can be found in Effects > Text Formations. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ve421lfuaqol1mx/TextDistortion.zip/file
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    @welshblue! This is my last lamp. (I don't want to promise.)
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    No specific timeline, there hasn't been progress on this. The WIC wrapper I mentioned is incomplete, and it'll be a bunch of work to finish it, but I've been accumulating various things that will benefit from or depend on it. Maybe this year? It's in the "4.1.x" bucket right now (that is, probably before v4.2 whenever that is).
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    @welshblue LOVE this and many thanks for the tutorial. It's obvious that the initial 'shape' is so important and your rendition of the lamp is perfect. Silly question, but are the different colors paramount to the end result? Oh - I fixed the Texture Shader link for you, which was not working. Here's my attempt:
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    @Woodsy! Again and again thank you very much for your effort and time. That's (Seerose-Water lily) type. 🍰 ☕
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    Those ways may work better but if it had been me and not being aware of those methods I would have gone back to an old school photographic technique: a high contrast mask. You simply copy the picture into another layer then convert that copy into b/w then up the contrast/alter the brightness until you get a good clean outline. The bear in the picture has a very distinctive darker line around its border and that should mean a pretty clean outline of that would be created by such as mask. You'd probably need to flood the rest of the bear with black to create a full silhouette. Now use the Magic Wand Tool to define the silhouette's outline, swap to the original picture layer and use that to remove the background. Below is is a very crude 5 minute attempt. The transparent background will display as white posted here. The problem is that it is a very low contrast image and the difference in tone, even with the darker outline, is not clear enough to create a clean mask. That was always the trouble you had when this was done photographically, retouching the lith (high contrast b/w) mask was always necessary. If I was doing this I'd take a lot more time cleaning up the edge of the mask and the picture with background removed. I'd probably feather the edge of the picture so any replacement background blended better. But it is proof of concept if those other techniques do not satisfy.
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    tuvm @Rickhum And now ....................... Golly - another Perfume Bottle
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