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    This is definitely possible using pyrochild's Trail plugin and a little bit of work. 1. Make sure your text is on a second layer (Layer 3 in photo) surrounded by transparency. 2. Duplicate that layer of text (Layer 2 in photo). 3. Use the Trail plugin with fade-out disabled, max distance (500 unfortunately but should be enough), and spacing of 1. 4. Use magic wand to select your trailed text and fill using the color of choice... done! Result:
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    Many thanks @Drydareelin As this came together when I was playing with Plugins - Oma came to my mind
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    Yeah, I like planes too. Here is one of my favorite shots...
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    It seems the path for those files is just that little bit too long, you can try this maybe. And please, update to paint.net 4.1.5.
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    I didn't even remember the tools I had that can do this and more. This thread has bought it to my attention so now I might remember to use them. Thanks for that. Most of the time I've drawn composition allignment aids manually in a separate top layer and or using one of the other grid plugins often in different layers, adjusting the vertical/horizontal spacing as required. But the plugin I already actually have, actually designed for the purpose, and will try to remember to use from now on for such basic allignement tasks is the one mentioned by welshblue: CompoGrids.dll which came as part of Red Ochre's plugin in pack. It also helps in remembering where it is by being installed in the Effects > Composition sub-menu, arguably the most obvious place for such tools. That it is installed in Effects > Render is the only criticism I'd aim at the xod's Guidelines.dll, mentioned by others here too. It is an even more sophisticated alignment tool, particularly as it allows you to move X and Y positioning separately off centre if required. But there are good reasons for having both those mentioned or just Remake's centerlines.dll if all that is wanted is the simplest solution.
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    From CodeLab UI Elements (Double Vector) by @BoltBait: Center Lines in Effects > Tools > Center Lines
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    The wife and I once camped at Rocky Knob, and we woke up the next morning and went to an overlook. WOW! To see the fog completely blanket the valley below the mountain was surreal and no matter how I tried, I couldn't adequately capture it with my camera. You just had to be there to see it.
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    @dipstick 😁🤣 ... nice to see you keeping abreast of things in this thread (Although my better half is wondering which of us is the most weird 😜) @Pixey ... really nice job. I saw something similar as I was researching make a zip and your rendition looks just as good. Better zip IMO @butterfly8000 ... never has to be fancy, just what takes your fancy. In my example up the top in the tutorial part I used a brush in Brush Factory for the stitching, but in my example 7 posts up it's PDN and I've worked out how to get realistic stitching on lettering. in the next few days I'll be adding seams, stitching, button holes and zips Rep points when I've more Guy and Gals I found an old cord carpet tut' which with a bit of work will turn (hopefully) into corduroy fabric, also a crushed velvet one which I was working on last year and never posted
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