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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it This tutorial will show the benefits of using Texture Object Rounder and Texture Shader together. They're really not as scary as they seem Individually they're great plugins with pleasing results as stand alones... in conjunction with one another they take it to a whole new level Credit has to go to @MJW for the work and thought that must have gone into these plugins. I just played. PlugIns Needed: Texture Object Rounder Texture Shader Panelling The Tutorial Examples Bulbs made the same way Something totally different Shape 3D .xmls
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Plugins Required: Shape3D Drop Shadow For this we’ll be using these two images: Start with a blank canvas 1200x1200 px. With the Wood image right in the center. Use Shape 3D on it with these settings to get the basic wooden shape. Next import the Metal Rings and put them in the center also. Duplicate the Metal Rings layer and put one layer on top of the Wood for the front side and one layer below the Wood for the back side. Next use Shape 3D on the top layer of Metal Rings to get the front side. TIP! The settings are the same as previously used except for the Horizontal Radius. After that use Shape 3D on the bottom layer of Metal Rings to get the back side. It’s not much but it looks odd without the back side. TIP! The settings are the same as previously used except for the Object Rotation on Axis 1 & 2. After that take the Rectangle Select tool and select the bottom half of the top layer Metal Rings. Use Drop Shadow on it with these settings. Next put the Rectangle Select tool around the top half of the same layer. Now use Drop Shadow again at these settings. Now deselect the image and flatten and you’re finished! Not many people will use this tut and there’s not much you can use it for but I thought it was kind of interesting. I discovered it by accident. Thanks to EER for some much needed advice! Wooden Barrel Shape3D settings.zip
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    'Text Distortion' plugin can be found in Effects > Text Formations. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ve421lfuaqol1mx/TextDistortion.zip/file
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it PlugIns Needed: Halftone G'MIc Optional: GridWarp Font Used HERE Other Other 1 Stitch Pattern Brushes The Tutorial: Optional with GridWarp ... I kept all layers separate and ran it on each layer
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    Some screenshots if you'd like a preview. Although if you want to see them all you'll have to install (click for full-resolution version if it looks blurry on your screen)
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    Nice to see faces to posters on here, most not what I would imagine. Not the happiest of bunnies these days, but here is an updated (candid) taken by my eldest girl Svea.
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it In perusing the text effects I realized we didn't have any plastic-looking text, so I made one. We will be making this: Plugins required: Align Object Inner Shadow Selection Edge Expander AA's Assistant EdgeShaderMJW Contour BlurBlend Here's another example: This is Alba 288 Bold. I had to adjust the settings, but it's perfectly doable. I duplicated the text layer again and ran Pyro's Trail on the bottom layer, set the top layer to Multiply 130 and ran BoltBait's Feather on each layer. Here are some additional steps to achieve what I call 'The Fluffy Sticker' effect. Use this on text where you have applied Pyro's Trail plugin on the bottom layer. Start with your layered PDN file or do the tutorial from the beginning. Here are some examples: There are probably lots of ways to apply a colored plastic coating to the letters. This one turns out the best, I think. Experiment! Added note: On the above screenshots showing Gradient Galore plugin I made a notation in red. The reason is I was avoiding the dark green and black color you get if your size is set at default or higher. Just didn't look right. I hope you enjoy this tutorial! 😃
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    This effect is based on the PS Emboss effect by @Cookies and is an improved version of it. You can find it in Effects -> Stylize -> Emboss+ Emboss+.zip For comparison, I used a smaller copy of the image from the original post by @Cookies: PS Emboss result with default settings: Photoshop's Emboss result with the same settings as the PS Emboss: Emboss+ result with the same settings as the PS Emboss: A few more images to compare with the following settings: Angle - 135, Height - 10, Amount - 110. Original image: PS Emboss: Photoshop's Emboss: Emboss+: In my opinion, the result of Emboss+ is closer to the Photoshop Emboss result.
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    How wonderful to get home after 5 days in hospital and see this thread with all of your kind messages - thank you all so much. You really warmed up my heart - my lovely PDN friends I have been having treatments to boost the immune system of my bladder, post cancer removal, called BCG and the last 2 just went straight into my blood stream and I got Sepsis 🤢 This 2nd one was a real doozie, with 3 days and nights of rigors, vomiting, temperature spikes and killer headaches. I also got fluid on the lung, which fortunately didn't end up in pneumonia and luckily none of my organs stopped working, which is a risk with Sepsis. Now to recoup and get stronger. I am still a bit brain dead, but think I can manage the task of doing the Lava Lamp Poll on Saturday I know who to call if I need help 😉 Again, thank you everyone for your thoughts and thank you to @Woodsy for posing this.
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    This plugin is the result of discussion. You can find it: Effects -> Tools -> Center Lines CenterLines.zip This plugin allows you to draw centerlines on the added layer in the center of the canvas or in the center of the selected area. You can also change the center of centerlines relative to the canvas or relative to the selected area. The Color's drop-down list allows you to select a line color: Primary, or Secondary, or Custom.
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    @null54! Thank you so much. I have changed the settings for all images. I hope you like it too. *Testing>Artistic>Samj Impressions>Rice *Testing>Photo Comix>Graphic Novel>Old *Testing>Corvo>Corvo's Painting 5 *Testing>Artistic>Dreamy Watercolour
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Plugins Needed: Diagonal Lines The Tutorial Tutorial to put a seam in denim Opacity settings can be played with for lighter/ darker textures PlugIns Needed: AA's Assistant Wobble
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    @Pixey ... many thanks ... nope not me. As you've seen I'm not that blessed 😉 The only part that's me is the backgounds, the faces are an amalgamation of 2 faces I found on the 'net. I view life as a journey now, twists and turns, ups and downs, but what matters is enjoying it @lynxster4 ... many thanks. I'll have to give Black Mirror a watch, might not be one for my wife ... she doesn't like creepy (dunno what she's doing with me 🤣) My consultants had a discussion about my long term care plan. Give up alcohol ✔️ Give up smoking ✔️Give up red meat ✔️ ... now it's caffeine, cheese and butter on the veto list. Live longer and be bored as hell 😀 @Seerose ... @Drydareelin ... @Maximilian ... @Rickhum ... many thanks guys. I'm happy the sense/ feeling I was trying to convey came across. Always appreciated. (rep points when I've more) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Princess is my attempt at This Tutorial ... it was actually harder than I thought it would be. Not happy with the mouth or eyes ... but by messing i was making it worse not better. It's an image of My daughter super imposed. Sort of worked . I'm going to try another attempt with my son
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it This is an adaptation of the PS tutorial Create a Plasticine Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop. The result of this tutorial is shown below. Plugins required: TG Angle Align Object by @moc426 or Align Object by @xod AA's Asistant Cell Texture Emboss+ Neon Edges Bevel Object Font required: Insaniburger Create a New Image () 600x450 px. Set the Primary Color to 333F44 and fill () the image. Add a New layer () and run the Clouds () effect (Effects -> Render -> Clouds) with Scale 40 and Roughness 0,25: Apply the TG Angle effect (Effects -> Stylize -> TGAngle) with the settings as shown below: Set () the Layer Blending Mode to Overlay and set the Opacity to 15. Merge () both layers. We got a Board for modeling clay plasticine. Turn off the visibility of the layer. Add a New Layer (). Set Primary color to 65A033 and type () your text in Insaniburger font with size 108 and Bold () style. Place the text in the center using the Align Object effect (Effects -> Align Object or Effects -> Object -> Align Object). Run the Ripple effect (Effects -> Distort -> Ripple) with the settings as shown below: and we get this image: Duplicate () Layer 2 and select the text with the Magic Wand () tool and Global () Flood Mode. Apply the Cell Texture effect (Effects -> Render -> Cell Texture) to the top layer with the settings below: then apply the Emboss+ effect (Effects -> Stylize -> Emboss+) with Angle 0 and Height 2: and use Auto-Level () adjustment (Adjustments -> Auto-Level). Set () the Layer Blending Mode to Glow and set the Opacity to 128. Deselect () and apply AA's Assistant effect (Effects -> Object -> AA's Assistant) with default settings, repeat if necessary (Ctrl+F). Merge () both Layer 2. Duplicate () Layer 2 and make it Black and White (Ctrl+Shift+G). Apply AA's Assistant effect with default settings, repeat if necessary (Ctrl+F). Select the text with the Magic Wand () tool and run Neon Edges effect (Effects -> Ctylize -> Neon Edges) with Thickness 14 and Glow Intencity 50: Select the dark text with a Magic Wand () tool (Tolerance: 25-35%). Edit the selection if the contours of the letters are touching. Set the Primary color to A54F38 and fill () the text in the top Layer 2. Invert selection (Ctrl+I) and cut (Ctrl+X) the selected part of the image. Duplicate () top Layer 2 and select the text with the Magic Wand (). Apply the Cell Texture effect with Sell size 30 and Foreground color R=105, G=40, B= 25. Apply the Emboss+ effect with Angle 0 and Height 1. Set () the Layer Blend mode to Glow. Merge () the top two Layers 2. Apply the Bevel Object effect (Effects -> Object -> Bevel Object) with Depth 2: Deselect () and apply AA's Assistant effect. Repeat (Ctrl+F) AA's Assistant effect if necessary. Go to the bottom Layer 2 and apply the Bevel Object effect with Depth 3. (Apply AA's Assistant effect if necessary.) Turn on the Background layer and merge () all layers. And we are done. Of course our result is different from the result of PS tutorial, but I did not set myself the task to achieve full compliance. In my opinion, the last image looks more realistic.
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    Happy Easter to Everyone! Playing with GMIC: A little @ReMake's new PS Emboss+ and TGA:
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download the PDF Here is an alternate way to create a realistic leather texture. Adapted from one of the many PS tutorials out there. We will be making the 'base' texture and adding color to it. Plugins needed: NomBot's Tesserae Built-in Clouds plugin Red's Gradients Galore Null54's G'mic-Qt An example I quickly made to demonstrate the texture: Enjoy this alternate way of making leather textures!
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    @JulioCoolio ... many thanks. I'm glad you enjoy a look at my work ... it's not to everyone's taste so I'm happy to please 😁 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Something a bit different. PDN meets Incendia in more bouts of 'thinking and living'. Stem Cell
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    @Maximilian ... yep. Too silvery maybe. I should have stuck with the more tarnished look I had going on. Oh well @Woodsy ... there's a pawn missing. Thanks. All the knight is pretty 'naff. I can play play, that's about it. @Ego Eram Reputo is the grand master of the forum ... @lynxster4 ... I'll knock something up. You've gotten me into sewing 😉 I thought that was over after mailbags and 8 stitches to an inch ... I'm currently working on a Shape3D tut to show the basics to get all kinds of objects then I'll post all my fabric textures ----------------------------------------------- Trying out the website @dipstick linked to https://www.remove.bg/ A bit of a double whammy health wise this week and Evil Amongst Us was born. No great artistic shakes but sometimes it's good to do something mindless. That said a bit of a paradox, as I also think too much ...
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Wood 101 - A thread to showcase textures and items associated with wood If I've missed a tutorial or something made of wood please let me know and I'll add it. (I used an image size of 200x150px as a sample for the tutorial) (click the sample to go directly to the tutorial) Wood Texture with Realistic Grain - Amendment 1 by Welshblue Creating Wood by deedeec102 Hardwood Flooring [Rewritten] by jerkfight Quick Step Wood by Welshblue Quick Chiselled Wooden Text by Welshblue S3D#3:Use Cylinder to do Tree/Wood/Stems by Ash Textured Wood by Welshblue How to make semi-realistic pixel art style trees! by BlastWave Wooden Barrel by Woodsy New and improved wooden crate basics by Welshblue Water (and Wood/Timber and Hair) tutorial by bEPIK Make a Cue Stick by tourist Picture frame by xod Palm Leaf -- Basic Beginners by Oma How to draw top-down swamp tree by Sunmaggot Distant Tree Line by W@@dy
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    Posting the bigger version here. When I resized it for the comp entry, it lost a lot of clarity and detail. I tried a new technique on the 'outline' lines. Many thanks to @TrevorOutlaw for his Blur Blend plugin. I thought it came out nice. Please enjoy!
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    Many thanks @Drydareelin As this came together when I was playing with Plugins - Oma came to my mind
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    Nice result @Seerose 😀 Thanks @lynxster4 ... thanks. I needed a denim texture for a text tut' I'm working on ... I've never missed a stroke path in PDN until I started stitching lettering. Soul destroying Will have to have a think before posting it Thanks to those using a rep' point on it
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    This update focuses on refreshing the app's theming with new high-res icons and improved support for high-DPI configurations. Some new menu commands have been added, such as File -> Save All, and a Turkish translation has been added. If you’re using the Windows Store release, you should get the update automatically within the next 24 hours. You can also force an update check by following these instructions. For the Classic release, you should be offered the update automatically within the next week or so. You can get the updater soon by going to ⚙ Settings → Updates → Check Now. You can also download and install it directly from the website. New: Completely redone high-res icons throughout the app which match the Microsoft Office style guidelines, with native support for up to 400% scaling (384 DPI) New: File -> Save All (thanks @Bruce Bowyer-Smyth!) New: Turkish language New: Move Layer commands are now present in the Layers menu, not just on the Layers window New: Layers -> Rotate 180 (thanks @null54!) New: Plugins can now use the UIScaleFactor class, which simplifies making decisions about DPI and scaling Improved: Image thumbnail list at the top of the main window now reacts to horizontal mouse wheel or trackpad swiping Improved: The Text Tool's "Font Size Metric" button now has a tooltip explaining it Improved: When many images are open, Paint.NET now closes significantly faster (thanks @Bruce Bowyer-Smyth for the fix!) Improved: File -> Open Recent now has up to 10 images (up from 8 ) Changed: Ctrl+Shift+F6 and +F7 will now also reset the floating window sizes for History and Layers, respectively (same if you Ctrl+Shift+Click on the button at the top-right of the main window) Changed: (for plugins) EffectFlags.SingleRenderCall is deprecated. Plugins should use the new EffectRenderingSchedule.None option instead. Changed: Settings -> Plugin Errors now shows up even if there are no plugin errors. This ensures consistency, especially with the newly asynchronous nature of plugin loading (otherwise there's no way to distinguish "no errors" from "not done loading plugins"). Fixed: Items in the File -> Open Recent menu will no longer get bigger or smaller when moving between monitors with different DPIs Fixed: An icon handle was being leaked every time a dialog was opened (thanks @null54 for the fix!) Fixed a crash when running GPU effects (e.g. Black & White) on very large, very tall images Fixed: "Bad" plugins can no longer ruin the undo system by rendering outside of the selection (thanks @BoltBait for helping out with this!) Enjoy! 😁😁😁
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    Version 1.1 posted. This plugin had been using the MathNet.Iridium library for the Complex struct. However, the Complex struct was added to the .NET Framework some time after @PJayTycy initially created this plugin. I have therefore removed the dependency of the MathNet.Iridium.dll file. After you've updated the plugin, you can delete that file from your Effect folder.
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    Thank you so much @MadJik! Size first 4000x3000 then, 800x600. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/21469-a-way-to-create-more-abstract/
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    Thank you so much @Woodsy for re-doing the Galleria! There were a couple of pages that I could never view. Looks fantastic! Thanks for all your hard work!
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    Thank you very much @JulioCoolio Something a bit different for a change;
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    Here is my variation on a theme:
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    Look how crisp and sharp the new icons look compared to the old ones. (at 200% DPI)
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    @Reptillian! and @null54 Thank you so much! Everything created with the G'MIC-Artistic-Rodilius! (different settings)
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    CodeLab 4.2 Released This is only for Paint.NET 4.1.6+! Big update today... Changes: ▪ New Icons! (toe_head2001) ▪ Improved the 'unsaved changes' dialog for when there's only one tab open, and also changed the wording in the dialog when there's multiple tabs open, to be less confusing (toe_head2001) ▪ The search box (in Find & Replace) now turns red when there are no matches (toe_head2001) ▪ When using Save As, the "//Name: " comment is now parsed to try to create a default filename. If it's unsuccessful, it will fall back to "MyScript.cs" (toe_head2001) ▪ Minor fixes to Format Document (toe_head2001) ▪ Files (with .cs extension) can now be dropped (drag and drop) into CodeLab to open them. (toe_head2001) ▪ Options to use force SingleRenderCall and Legacy ROI when Building DLL (toe_head2001 and BoltBait) ▪ Added three additional menu items to the Effects menu to start CodeLab with specific parameters (EffectsFlags, EffectRendingSchedule). (toe_head2001) ▪ Scripts with "//Submenu: Adjustments" will be put in the Adjustments menu instead of the Effects menu (BoltBait) ▪ If your effect has a sample image for The Plugin Browser, it will be shown on the Build to DLL form (BoltBait) ▪ Added a new high res icon for when CodeLab is running higher than 96dpi (BoltBait) ▪ Added new build options (Legacy ROI, Single Render Call) to File New template screen (BoltBait) ▪ Added the following script comments to control build options: (BoltBait) // Force Legacy ROI // Force Single Render Call ▪ CodeLab can now be installed to the Store version of Paint.NET. However, when running the Store version you can not create a Visual Studio project from your CodeLab script. Building a DLL still works fine. (toe_head2001 and BoltBait) ▪ Assortment of bugfixes, cleanups, refactorings (toe_head2001 and BoltBait) Grab the CodeLab DLL here: http://www.boltbait.com/pdn/CodeLab/ Screenshots: New icons: When developing a CodeLab script that utilizes special rendering commands, CodeLab now has the ability to run under those conditions while you are developing your script: There are some new options on the File New screen: Here are the new features of the Save as DLL screen: You can now install CodeLab when using the Microsoft Store version of Paint.NET. The only limitation is that you can't generate a Visual Studio solution of your CodeLab script. If you click the button, nothing bad happens, it just tells you of the limitation. New Options: Legacy ROI... Here is a good description of how the ROI's work: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/113917-effectoptions/?do=findComment&comment=555790 Single Threaded vs. Single Render Call... SingleThreaded only uses 1 thread to make calls into Render. It'll still be called many, many times, just like if you didn't use the flag, but without any multithreading. Progress bar still works here. SingleRenderCall only calls Render once, and it's done with 1 array with all of the roi's. That this is effectively SingleThreaded is just a corollary. You won't see any progress bar updating here because the progress bar is updated as each Render call finishes, and there's no side-channel for reporting progress.
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    Added the steps to do this: ... buttons and button holes to come Also changed messed up Diagonal lines link. Thanks @Pixey
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    You know, I just realized I haven't posted anything here in a while. So, here's something with the new Mandala Creator plugin. This actually started as a photograph of the street in front of my house; it's so foggy, you can't even tell there's a restaurant across the way! And no, we haven't moved to London....
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    I definitely agree @ReMake! I would love to see you release this officially after the testing period and any needed tweaks. 😀 Just a quick go at it. The colors 'pop' wonderfully when I put a black layer underneath and set the blending mode on the zebras to 'Glow'.
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    @lynxster4 ... thanks ... I should have said the headphones aren't mine ... on the to do list, but I can't take credit for those. I thought I'd do a 'dark' image. Just for a change. @Seerose ... many thanks ... years of practice and a sad life in front of a pc screen, means I make images with lots of bits in @Pixey ... thanks ... I'm not going to get started on the state of Britain, we're a joke. I think we can look at our own work too long and either love it or hate it. Depending on moods. Contemplate ... it's always nice to do a bright image. i don't know why I don't do more. ( I know the wife would say, it's because I'm a miserable so and so) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow on image from the lamp tutorial. Heavily plugin'ed ... without them I couldn't have done it @MJW's Height Map plugins and Trail Blur @Ego Eram Reputo's Planetoid for 3 different textures @BoltBait's Feather, Black & White +, Bevel Selection, Remove Dust and Checkerboard @Red ochre's Fur Blur for the background ... also Seismograph, Tile Image and Dents Classic on the background Missing Piece
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    Here's a recent play with the modified Cell-CS Maker plugin I posted in @welshblue's Cross Stitch Text and Canvas thread. This took about 5 hours. It's a pansy flower.
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    It may look different in the cold night of day but it seemed like a good idea to play with lights 'n' shadows @ 4 am Edit. I meant to say it's a great choice of starting texture mate. I've tried a few homemade, downloaded and none of them distort as well as that one
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    Here's my attempt at it @welshblue The lettering is fine, nice piece of work! I see shapes are going to be problematic. I tried two different techniques; you be the judge. The cross-stitch around my picture is one from my 'Knitting Texture' tutorial. applied with TR's Paste Frame.
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    I've posted another bugfix release to address the crashes identified by @xod and @welshblue.
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