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    ... I think it's because you've got to think a bit more ? Thanks a lot mate - they were a bit of trial and tribulation @Rickhum ... thanks a lot blue ... particularly happy with the 2nd one. Hopefully you'll find the tuts easy ... @ScrapbookWithPDN ... 25% a graphic artist ... or at least 25% of my annual income is made up of works I sell ... Thanks. glad you enjoyed my works @Seerose @Pixey @lynxster4... many thanks ladies. For the comments and your unwavering supports for my work over all this time @Maximilian ... many thanks mate. They were enjoyable to make and a test because beauty is always in the eye of the beholder also thanks to @MJW for the rep point I was asked to make a tut' but honestly it would be far too long winded, and it's best to follow the original and just play with blend modes and alpha masking ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's been nearly 3 months since creating anything meaningful ... Now the body isn't behaving as it should and not being as mobile/dexterous as I was; the thought of being able to fuse with computers is becoming more appealing ... Transhumanism
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    80% space, 20% whatever, 100% what goes on inside my head. Most recent images: Ultima Thule 18/01/2019 This is based on the visit from New Horizons on 1st Jan 2019. My envisioning. Reference image https://www.deviantart.com/drydareelin/art/Ultima-Thule-781577668 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Voyage 24/04/2018 Based on the idea of a wormhole. First piece after a few month hiatus. I started this one back in January but never got the motivation to finish it. https://drydareelin.deviantart.com/art/Voyage-741908021 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016 - 2017 2015: 2014: 2013: 2012: Pre-December 2011:
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    I think some ones wants to rant rather follow the links provided. If the Advanced User is aware of all of the nfo provide in the links, why are we here trying to help? Maybe water isn't the only thing that is all wet! Right click on *.jpg , 'Open with' whatever. Done! Now you can edit images. (No one has time to tweak the registry, but there are a few tutorials out there to help you do it.) Done here! Back to graphics.
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    It's...been a while. My excuse is that I've been very busy with a new job. Anyway, got around to doing this quick one Ultima made in Paint 3D. Let me know what you think! Definitely a bit rusty here.
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    @ReMake! 👍 Again, again, and again, thank you. Thank you for sharing this with us!
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    @Seerose About my animated version: Everything was done in Paint.NET on yesterday except for my logo which was done several years ago (in Xara 3D Maker v7). Here are the basics from midoras: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/31665-make-an-animated-gif-with-midoras-plugin/
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    Open this full screen on your monitor. now, step back 15 feet and look again. Who do you see now?
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    Thanks @Roger the Dodger ... but I don't think that one will cut it ... I meant in the tutorial 😁 Tax Return or Vortex tutorial again ? With creativity I guess they're both the same ... White Dahlia
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    *The pictures are photographed by myself. *100% Pdn
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    The Eruption of Olympus Mons ( the volcano, on Mars, 25 km high, the biggest in the solar system) in 5.273645 BC; taken by Ned Kelly when he strayed into a rift in the space time continuum on his now legendary return journey from Merica in 1878 when he received the Recycled Technology award for his Personal Protective Equipment.
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    I can see a couple mistakes in Earthhelium but I posted it anyway.