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    Updated to G'MIC version 2.4.5, file version updated to
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    @Rick Brewster I think @Roger the Dodger may be referring to PS's Magnetic Lasso Tool when it snaps to the nearest border with the ability to put anchor points 52 (soon) and unbelievably excited about the options that brushes/ change to eraser will bring. Game changer
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    Hi Guys, I think I have it, it's not perfect, but I like it, just picking up PS and it's a bit hard ... many thanx for your help. Regards Gary
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    @lynxster4, @Pixey, @Roger the Dodger, @Seerose, @Woodsy thanks for the reply and sharing your works. @Ego Eram Reputo, @toe_head2001, @Eli, @Maximilian thanks for the rep points. I am happy that we managed to get another tutorial out of the Graveyard. Looking at the Seerose's images, I intend to extend this tutorial with some techniques and little 'tricks'. To do this, I need some time to experiment with images. As soon as I'm ready, I'll publish the second part of this tutorial.
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    OK, fine. I'll tally up what I have today and post the results.
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    Hi TrevorOutlaw Thank you, I shall be installing this. Kindest regards Roger the Dodger : )
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    That was fun!!!! Clearly, @MJWyours was, hands down, the best design and nicest one. That's why you won. 🏆You've got a gift and talent for design. 🎨 @PixeyYou did such a great job hosting this. You really did. I hope you continue to host many more to come. Everyone did such a great job!! So much talent around here.
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    I thought so. This is also one of the techniques. Thanks.
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    @ReMake! Very simple, I worked background with rainbow colors.
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    @Seerose, your images got 4 rep, of course they are good. When I talked about your images, I meant a multi-color image. Share the secret of creating a multi-color?
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    Yes, you have to set the "Mirrors" to 1 👍
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    Congratulations to @Pixey and @lynxster4 for their excellent work! Thanks to Pixey for hosting! I also want to welcome @ScrapbookWithPDN, whose entries were most impressive, both in conception and execution. I particularly liked the flamingo. I should also thank my sister-in-law, who gave me the bath rug from which I shamelessly appropriated the design; along with, of course, the unknown artist responsible for the original image. (Just to be clear, I didn't use the image from the rug. I drew the outline with the Line/Curves tool, based on the rug.)
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    Vibrant and great captures. Really nice work. The favourite would be the Lily one ... I just want to reach in and unfold them (that's not the dreaded lily beetle on them is it ?)
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    Here is my animated project using the DotMatrix plugin to make the light array box:
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    Ugh, the flu... a most horrible thing 😞 Hope you get better real soon!
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    Hello there, I'm David Tschumperlé, the main developer of G'MIC. First, I'd like to thanks @null54 for taking the time to port our G'MIC-Qt plug-in for Paint.Net. Second, I've read all your messages and indeed noticed that the 'Stylize' filter was painfully slow on Windows. We have investigated this issue these last days with people at pixls.us, and hopefully we should have found what was going on. We were using too much mutex locks/unlocks in the multi-threaded algorithm, which was slowing down everything. I'm working hard right now to fix this issue. I hope I will be able to post a pre-release tomorrow (Friday) with the fixes included. If you have any questions related to G'MIC, I'd be happy to answer (depending on the amount of free time I have ). Cheers. EDIT: The G'MIC-Qt plug-in is a product of the GREYC Laboratory, mainly done by Sébastien Fourey and myself, with the help of many contributors.
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    i know lasso selection is a so called free form selection but it annoys me! theres a extremely good free form selection on ms paint better then lasso select can you have a free form select that acts the same?