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    Updated to G'MIC version 2.4.4, file version updated to
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    I decided to use the Axialis Flat Pro 2017 icon set ( https://www.axialis.com/icongenerator/stock-icons/flat-pro/ ) as the basis for the new icons. They match current Office styling pretty well and are already pixel snapped for 16x and 32x, which is exactly what I need right now. Icons8's icons are good but not really well aligned for 32px (for some reason they're at 16px and 30px? weird) so they require a lot of manual fixups in Inkscape. I'm sure I'll find some uses for their icons somewhere though, as Axialis doesn't cover everything. A project like this goes pretty slow at first, but then quickly gains steam. Yesterday I got as far as "crop" for the main toolbar; I was also updating all relevant code to use newer infrastructure for dealing with image resources that bring along a scaling factor. (this isn't necessarily final styling of course) What's nice is that I can just edit a script in order to automatically produce PNGs for any scaling factor needed: I'm starting with 96 and 192 DPI, aka 100% and 200% scaling, but I'll be able to add 120 DPI (125%) and 144 DPI (150%) with just a few lines of code so that they can look (almost) as sharp. Same for newer high-end scaling factors like 250% and even 300%.
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    @High Resolution! Thank you so much. I don't want to stop.
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    Hello @timmyfck and Welcome to the forum It's rather difficult to tell how you did it too 🧐 It doesn't look like any of the gradients on here, but perhaps a couple of them done together? Perhaps looking at this video may give you some more ideas:
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    My suggestion; since the graphic looks simple; is to use the scan layer as a template and recreate the dial on top of it on a new transparent layer.
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    Ctrl Key + Scroll Wheel = Zoom In/Out
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    @ScrapbookWithPDN Thank you for your words. I am really happy that thanks to Pixey's video I understood how it works. The Spanish Water Dog (Perro ) exists since around 80-90 years, and is cultured in Spain. Then the other is the Portuguese Water Dog (Obama had one of those). The dog named by you (Golden-Doodle ) is, as far as I know, bred in Europe in the east and is a quite young breed. If you place a Perro next to one ( Golden-Doodle) then you can easily see the difference between the two breeds. I chose the Perro because of his great, lovable qualities. He is not a hunter but a keeper, he is not a biter but he is self-confident enough to guard a herd. He bows a bell about barkers, they are not interesting for him. For me it was the absolute stroke of luck, because I am not very consistent in the education. This little guy has achieved everything with me through patience and charm. We are together now for 14 years and 5 months and I have not regretted one day to have decided for him. Have a nice day/evening and greetings from Hamburg
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    Love this @High Resolution there are so many possibilities. Fun, fun, fun
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    This is a good and very useful tutorial. I think I found something close to this about 2 years ago from another editing program. I kinda sorta adapted it to PDN, in numerous steps, but yours was done so precisely, in far fewer steps, and for the newer versions of PDN. This is a very useful tutorial. Thank you for making it. This is THE MOST organized I have ever been with PDN in saving tutorials, written and videos, of current stuff and, if applicable, older info. Previously, I'd have one or two file folders, maybe, with some stuff thrown in there but after ShapeMaker, lol, and the last few updates of PDN, I take this bad boy super seriously now. I've gotten fairly good with GIMP, but, with almost all things, I can do it with PDN in a far less complicated environment. PDN is a powerhouse more so now, much better with higher DPI work, too, at least for me, or maybe I'm just performing better. Also, I'm blown away with how fast PDN opens up and is ready to go, not just opens then waits to gather its thoughts and then you can use it, but it's as fast as blinking, and I have mine loaded with plugins and shapes. It's not like I'm on some kind of super expensive computer, either. Just a semi decent so so processor that was on sale.
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    Hi All, This plugin makes stripes with specified number. It begins with 1st color and after changing its shade step by step it converges to secondary color. Version 2.0 is entirely rewritten. Many thanks to @BoltBait for all of his effort making this effect a reality. New version respects the selection and doesn't gets distorted with its border. (For those who like distortion property of earlier version I have also kept previous plugin here, Both can installed together as they have different DLL version number, New plugin will has a slightly different icon.) New UI: If it is rendered on an active selection (in case of older version), the renders depends upon the shape of selection. Version 2.0 Download v1.3 Download v2.0
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    Thank you @BoltBait I discovered that if you use this plugin as a selection fill and play with the coloring a bit, it resembles snakeskin. Thank you @Pratyush
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    Better! Paint.net is the BEST free image editor. It has a nice friendly user interface. Hundreds of free plugins. Welcoming, friendly forum Extensive documentation. And you get the opportunity to directly assist in the development by donating in support of the person who is actually writing it (Rick).