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    RGB Compositor Effects -> Color -> RGB Compositor Description This will use a single channel from each photo to compose a full RGB value for the final image. The 8-Bit Guy on YouTube explains it well. NOTE: All three photos need to be the same size as your canvas. NOTE: No, this will not magically turn a Black and White photo to a color photo. Before (An image for each color channel) Red Green Blue After (Composed) Changelog v1.0 (Jan 6, 2019) Initial release Download RGBCompositor.zip Source Code https://github.com/toehead2001/pdn-rgb-compositor
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    This has been reported to me a few times, and I've been meaning to improve this. Hopefully I can get to this within the next few months. This year is going to be busy for Paint.NET https://blog.getpaint.net/2018/12/26/whats-next-for-paint-net-in-2019/
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    "The Call" on 1st page and 1st PM of 2019.
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    @ScrapbookWithPDN, many thanks for the kind words. We have good news to share, as we have been able to fix the various performance issues we got for years on Windows. I'll release a new stable version 2.4.4 of G'MIC tomorrow. Hope you'll notice the improvements with the "Stylize filter" !
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    This is a plugin which helps you to create symmetric mandalas and mirrored pictures. It takes the upper right triangle(as shown in the first picture) as an input and mirrors it to the other ones. It only works for square images (image width = image height) currently! Download newest version here: Mandala Creator.zip To install just extract the zip and run the installer. It will be installed under effects in the subfolder Artistic. Example for 4 Mirror Option Results If you enjoyed this plugin and would like to support me, click this button:´╗┐ Thank you! Older Versions: Mandala Creator.zip (Version 1.0)
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    Interlocking Tiles Fill the transparent area of the canvas with your interlocking tile. NOTE: This is designed only for objects that naturally interlock when tiled. Effects -> Fill -> Interlocking Tiles Before (image surrounded by transparency): After: Before: After: Changelog v1.0 (Jan 4, 2019) Initial release Download InterlockingTiles.zip Source Code https://github.com/toehead2001/pdn-interlocking-tiles
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    @High Resolution! ­čĹŹ Welcome to the forum. I really appreciate this and all your hard work. Thank you for sharing this with us!
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    Hi, I am using paint.net in two settings mode; one with default settings for general editing and one for pixelart, with any AA related setting is off etc. Since I switch between them a lot, it would be useful if the settings/tools window had a preset saving and loading instead of just resetting to default. NOTE: A quick search turns out that this was last mentioned in 2011 and Rick said he would think about it in 4.0. I was wondering if there are any plans about it.
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    Hi @ArgusMagnus, can you please move this plugin to the Color menu? No other plugins (as far as I can tell) are using the Colors menu.
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    Cool outcomes from this filter...
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    WOW!! HOLY COW!! @High Resolution!! This is a very useful and INCREDIBLE plugin you created!! I LOVE IT!!! It's also addicting, too!! I work a lot in 300 dpii and you're plugin is absolutely incredible in low or high resolution.Thank you so much for doing this.
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    Love this @High Resolution there are so many possibilities. Fun, fun, fun
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    You know I'm a big fan of Babymetal... I was wondering what would you have once the girls grew up... well, I think you'd get Band-Maid:
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    Freddie Mercury and Joan Jett had a baby: I know I've linked to The Struts before, but they keep knocking it out of the park! See if you can spot the Alice Cooper cameo...
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    Fixed a crash when the saved settings are corrupt, reported by @MizVeve in this thread. File version updated to
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    This is my best friend I've ever had - Nico, a Perro de Aqua Espaniol :-))))
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    @Pixey It works, I can do it, I have tried several different motifs and it really works - very easily and very quickly. You just have to know the way. Many thanks to you dear Pixey.
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    Hello there, I'm David Tschumperl├ę, the main developer of G'MIC. First, I'd like to thanks @null54 for taking the time to port our G'MIC-Qt plug-in for Paint.Net. Second, I've read all your messages and indeed noticed that the 'Stylize' filter was painfully slow on Windows. We have investigated this issue these last days with people at pixls.us, and hopefully we should have found what was going on. We were using too much mutex locks/unlocks in the multi-threaded algorithm, which was slowing down everything. I'm working hard right now to fix this issue. I hope I will be able to post a pre-release tomorrow (Friday) with the fixes included. If you have any questions related to G'MIC, I'd be happy to answer (depending on the amount of free time I have ). Cheers. EDIT: The G'MIC-Qt plug-in is a product of the GREYC Laboratory, mainly done by S├ębastien Fourey and myself, with the help of many contributors.
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    Eli, lynxster4, barbieq25, Seerose, and Pixey! Thanks for your kind words and your works. Yes, it is wonderful!
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    This is a very interesting technique, ReMake! The first one is a windows wallpaper. The second is one of my own photos of Frank Lloyd Wright's house 'Fallingwater' here in Pennsylvania. Frank's house may be a bit 'too busy' though. I used 'Conditional Hue/Saturation' effect for my coloring. The Radial Prism wasn't working for me. Thank you!
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    Thanks Remake, instead of Radial Prism I used the colors from the original picture which I modified with median noise effect and increasing the saturation.
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    That's not a bug but is the intended behaviour. However, I can see where the behaviour you are describing would be useful especially if the animation frames are in columns instead of rows. Give me a couple of days and I'll add a checkbox to apply xoffset to all rows. Thanks for the feedback.