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    I managed to get G'MIC-Qt version 2.4.3 compiling with Visual Studio, and the Stylize filter rendering time dropped from 32 seconds to 2 seconds for the same image. ­čś▓
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    I have edited the tutorial and a PDF will follow shortly Done!
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    Interlocking Tiles Fill the transparent area of the canvas with your interlocking tile. NOTE: This is designed only for objects that naturally interlock when tiled. Effects -> Fill -> Interlocking Tiles Before (image surrounded by transparency): After: Before: After: Changelog v1.0 (Jan 4, 2019) Initial release Download InterlockingTiles.zip Source Code https://github.com/toehead2001/pdn-interlocking-tiles
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    This is a plugin which helps you to create symmetric mandalas and mirrored pictures. It takes the upper right triangle(as shown in the first picture) as an input and mirrors it to the other ones. It only works for square images (image width = image height) currently! Download newest version here: Mandala Creator.zip To install just extract the zip and run the installer. It will be installed under effects in the subfolder Artistic. Example for 4 Mirror Option Results If you enjoyed this plugin and would like to support me, click this button:´╗┐ Thank you! Older Versions: Mandala Creator.zip (Version 1.0)
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    Ctrl + Shift + S does the trick.
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    This is my best friend I've ever had - Nico, a Perro de Aqua Espaniol :-))))
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    Dear @ Pixey! ­čĹŹ Thank you very much for your video. That helped me a lot. With these two pictures the result came out.
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to open or download the PDF Make chrome effect chain links. More proficient users may want to use their own starting textures but for the interest of this tutorial we'll use an example from Sculptris. Remember to have transparent backgrounds for your starting object ... other shapes do work, but not as well as a sphere. Although different shapes do give interesting results. A late edit. I'm a firm believer that no-one knows everything and I'm always happy to stand corrected, I thought the starting texture would have to be glossy/shiney ... I was wrong as Minners71 shows in his post HERE Thanks mate, definitely the dog's doohdahs ... I guess experimentation is key Plugins needed: Object Align from Kris VDM's pack Place the image on a New Layer on a 800 x 600 canvas On a New Layer draw a vertical line. Use Centre Both from Object Align menu On the vertical line layer use the magic wand to select the left hand side of the line Keeping the selection active click on the torus layer and Cut Paste in New Layer Use the Object Align menu on the 2 halves Repeat on the bottom ... Adjustments >>> Black and white ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How to 'link' a chain: Re-written with my implementation and @MJW's brains
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    I know. The Osmonds ... BUT this really is a classic ?
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    "bow wow wow yippi yo yippi yay"
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    You could also try this plugin: EdgeShaderMJW (when installed, it appears under Effects-->Advanced) Make sure your lines are thick enough, at least 10px, in white. Set your primary color to a color of your choosing, then play with the sliders. Finish it off with AA's Assistant.
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    It was a ZIP file with an improper filename. In any case, you can download it here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/9625-invert-alpha/
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    Thanks to you both. Both worked great. My attempt is below. I was able to get all of the plugins, except the invert alpha plugin. It was just a mishmash of letters and not a dll file. I searched around and found that I could use curves+ to invert the alpha, and did that, but my mask did not cover the entire image, as shown below. Should it cover the entire image or is that the way it is supposed to look? Also, is there somewhere else I can get the invert alpha plugin, or is the way I did it suitable? Thanks for your help and your time.
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    I departed from this sketch of mine, with chains produced with the help of welshblue's Chrome Effect Chain Links tutorial
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    Hi @docnich Welcome to the forum. Draw your lines with color of choice on a blank layer. In this case they would be white. Try @BoltBait's Bevel Object and select desired shadow colors in this case blue. You may have to do 2 layers to get the shading on both sides of the lines. Cut in half and merge the 2 layers. You may get other suggestions. Let us know if this works for you.
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    Thanks @toe_head2001. Very nice tiling tool.
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    Hello there, I'm David Tschumperl├ę, the main developer of G'MIC. First, I'd like to thanks @null54 for taking the time to port our G'MIC-Qt plug-in for Paint.Net. Second, I've read all your messages and indeed noticed that the 'Stylize' filter was painfully slow on Windows. We have investigated this issue these last days with people at pixls.us, and hopefully we should have found what was going on. We were using too much mutex locks/unlocks in the multi-threaded algorithm, which was slowing down everything. I'm working hard right now to fix this issue. I hope I will be able to post a pre-release tomorrow (Friday) with the fixes included. If you have any questions related to G'MIC, I'd be happy to answer (depending on the amount of free time I have ). Cheers. EDIT: The G'MIC-Qt plug-in is a product of the GREYC Laboratory, mainly done by S├ębastien Fourey and myself, with the help of many contributors.
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    Not sure this is the right place to post this, or if it may be of any use to anyone, but I think one-page calendars are quite a think-outside-the box curiosity for someone mostly accustomed to traditional calendars. So here it is:
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    I have made a little video for you which I hope will be helpful. It does get a bit confusing when talking about layers, because of using two pieces of software at the same time.
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    Here's my other gingerbread cookie. It's covered in frosting. I was going to use one of Lynxter's gingerbread men but I didn't want to download all the packs, just that one pack. I wasn't sure if I could so I took the easy way and just made this little snuggly snow bear. It's a gingerbread polar bear. I used the fill tool in effects on this one, too, among other effects and adjustments, but if that breaks the rules, I understand. On another note, that's one reason why I love using the ShapeMaker plugin for making (and having on hand) custom shapes. Plus, using it relaxes me. My Newer 3 submissions were not using any image as a fill. All 100% PDN. No "Fill" image used in any of mine. My entries are now pure organic Paint.Net.
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