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    Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! I have enough illustrations & sprite art right now. I don't have anything like ice text, chromatic metal textures, or profiled highlights because I haven't gotten on the bevel & bump/alpha mapping train yet. A good, realistic-looking knife might be my next goal. Hey @welshblue, if you could provide a list of maybe 6 or less essential plugins you use, that would help me get started. This is my current level of realism with bevels on the handle and knife edge. Obviously not a photo. Blade texture can be improved.
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    Hooray, it's gonna be like before. Here are the little pictures - nothing big, but it was fun to try out the plugins
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    The theme this week is – "Winter Scenery" Chosen by ( @welshblue SOTW #194 winner) This week you're challenged to design and create a signature to include ‘Winter Scenery’. Examples can be viewed here. The deadline for entries is 7:00 pm (UK time) 2:00 pm (EST) on Saturday, Dec 15th, 2018. To see how that equates to other countries, here is a link to the World Time Competition Rules Max dimensions are 500 x 200. Please NOTE: The forum limits signatures to 500 x 150, if it is too large do not try to use it as your regular signature. Please keep your signature family-friendly. Please keep to the theme that has been set. You may modify or replace your image until the deadline! Don’t violate copyright laws with found images; links to source images would be courteous. Your entry must be made using Paint.net; please don't use an outside image editor and try passing it off as PDN work. There are three entries per entrant allowed. Don’t add links to larger versions of your signature. Your entry should be voted on based on the size laid out in rule #1. Please keep larger versions of your work for your gallery. Signatures may be either horizontal or vertical. The winner of the current SOTW gets to choose the subject for the next competition. Good luck all and thank you in advance for entering. Thanks to - chrisco97, Sozo, TheHowler, Nitenurse79, Chimay, DrewDale & Pixey for keeping this comp going in the past. Previous comps have included the following topics as listed Here compiled by MJW. This list will perhaps assist future winners with a theme. This thread is for posting your entries only. If you want to talk about any of the entries, you can do so in the discussion thread found here.
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    Hi @mackenzieh PDB = Program debug database Helps the developer if there are any crashes. Place it in the same Effects folder. Happy Painting and Merry Christmas
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    Dear @lifeday! Great result. 👍 Thank you for sharing.
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    ReMake, these were such well made tutorials. To take the time to explain such seemingly little steps that are SO IMPORTANT and SO HELPFUL. You're a wonderful teacher. These can save someone a lot of frustration and a lot of time.
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    I love how you use vibrant, pretty colors that are blended so nicely together.
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    Thanks! I am making hd versions of random old game textures and this is what I got using this (original on left, hd on right) after adding clouds I added noise and then crystalize
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    That rose looks real. Great tutorial!
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    Such a beautiful tutorial and so many beautiful images made by others.
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    You know, you could still keep that one up and add a newest one for the latest one. Wouldn't be too hard. It's not like you have anything to do all day, lol! 😁
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    Sometimes I'll listen to this oldie but goodie, or a couple of others by Orisha.
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    Generally this is something you would see played on the piano. It looks equally complicated on the guitar:
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    @LionsDragon and @Seerose ... many thank you's ladies. And to those who rep'd it again. Those who continue to support me here are very much appreciated and help to keep the juices flowing It's going on the back burner for a while as I work on doing the whole Halo series of weaponry ... some are proving easier than others ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Something totally different now. After one of my t-shirt designs hit the 500 sale point, I thought I'd stop being so lazy and design something else. I went for an ink smudge technique that I must admit is a lot easier to achieve in PS but am more than happy with how the PDN versions turned out Not sure if they're lacking some sort of caption or not ? Or something ?
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    @ingwer! Thank you so much for your effort. The video really helpful. *Photographed in the Prague.
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Plugin Needed: Flip Other ways to distort the finished object:
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    @welshblue! Thank you so much.
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    One more example using Inset Box Shadow + Rotate and Zoom :
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    I didn't know about the selections thing, you should mention that somewhere . After testing out making shadows in selections, do you think there would be a way to where you could make shadows with non-square selections? Like what you did with your clamped plugin? Now, about adding a move or pan feature, even with learning of the selections, I still like the idea of a move/pan feature. I can understand if you don't want to add the feature, as it would cause the UI to become larger and it would be more coding for you. However, if you would be interested, here are some thoughts on why it would be nice to have: -- We could make and tweak selections as best we can before running the plugin, but, then using selections would mean more manual play, which is fine, it just depends how much manual you want to automate and not automate. Making a selection beforehand and moving/adjusting it and then running the plugin, or running the plugin to make the shadow and then afterwards manually moving the shadow, either way, there are some extra steps, instead of just running the plugin and seeing what you want exactly how you want it. -- People like me might not know if the location of a selection is going to have the shadow be where we really want it, as we may change our minds about the shadow's position once we start adjusting the settings (radius of the blur, etc). You could say, a pan feature would go along with the idea of "What You See Is what You Get", instead of selection guess-work. -- When I was setting the margin setting of this plugin, I found myself wanting to move/pan the shadow, and then I had one of those "Oh yea, doesn't have that ability" moments. -- A pan/move feature I would hope would work both with and without selections, which means we could position a shadow without having to make a selection before-hand, and we could make some off-set shadows in selections too. -- A pan/move feature would be good for abstract pictures, further versatility, and unique results. -- If you don't mind me relating this plugin to other plugins again, then a move/pan feature is a feature that I use often in other plugins, and so, I would see myself using it often for this plugin too. There are pros and cons to the idea, as I'll say it again, I can understand if you don't want to add the feature, since it would cause the UI to become larger and it would be more coding for you. It would be more of an extra feature, not a necessary one, but it might be a handy feature. --------------------------------------------- This is a fun plugin. I thank you for sharing it. Here's another picture I made.
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    I like that tunnel effect nitenurse79. I had to try it so here it is :
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    * Photo self. Toe_head2001! Thanks so much for sharing.
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    Random lines Effect Plugin What's this? This plugin is added to the menu Effects, submenu Render. You should use it to create/add lines to your images. Download the DLL Plugin Random lines.dll Here is the DLL The MadJik's All plugins package is available ! http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=7186 How to install Close Paint.net Classic version of Paint.net Unzip and (re)place the DLL in your Effect folder usually: C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects Microsoft Store version of Paint.net Unzip and (re)place the DLL in your Effect folder usually: /My Documents/paint.net App Files/Effects/ You have to adapt for your language My Documents The User interface Quantity of lines: set the needed quantity from 1 to 1000. The number of lines could be different as sometimes the lines are overwritting themselves... Thickness of the lines (max.): set the brushwidth to use to draw the lines. In Aliased mode, if the size is 1, the line could be disrupted (Not a bug , but Microsoft line tool issue...). Thickness of the lines (min.; 0 for fixed): set this value greater than zero to have a variable thickness (between min and max slider). Zero is used for fix thickness. Color mode: choose a drawing mode between: ...Primary color: use only primary color. ...Secondary color: use only Secondary color. ...Random Primary/Secondary colors: use randomly primary or secondary color. ...Random colors: take a random value for each red/green/blue chanel. ...Random Primary color Gradient: take a random value from the Primary color family. ...Random Secondary color Gradient: take a random value from the Secondary color family. ...Random Primary/Secondary color Gradient: take a random value from the Primary or Secondary color family. Options: check the option(s) you need: ...Random Alpha chanel: checked: each line is drawn with a randow transparency (Alpha chanel). unchecked: Transparency is taken from Primary/Secondary color. ...Clamp lines to the borders: checked: each line is drawn across the image from a size to another size. unchecked: start/end points of the lines could be any pixel of the image. ...Continuous lines: checked: each new line starts where the previous ends. unchecked: each line starts/ends regardless the others. ...Anti-Aliasing: You should check this with Thickness amount of 1... Reseed: press this button to run the effect with another random reference... Some examples: Default values: Clamp:Off Clamp:Off, Continuous:On Random thickness, random colors with alpha -Curves