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    Hi Folks I am new here, just wanted to say what beauty images. Kindest regards Roger the Dodger
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it @LionsDragon requested a tutorial on this after I posted an image in my gallery. @TrevorOutlaw made a comment that it needed more scattered 'air bubbles' and I agreed. So went my pursuit to see if I could accomplish it and make it better. We will be making this: Plugins needed: Dpy's AA's Assistant Built-in Noise Josh's Fuzzy Edge Detector Red's Tone Angle Gradient Pyrochild's Curves+ KrisVDM's Drop Shadow BoltBait's Inner Shadow Selection I'm using a shape that you can find in my shapepack, though any shape should work. I've tested it on a few. The shape is 'StainedGlass-Flower2'. Here is the zip file. Shape-Curves.zip Shape file (.xaml) goes into your shapes folder (ProgramFiles--->paint.net--->shapes). The (.xml) goes into your Curves+ folder (Documents--->paint.net user files--->Effect Presets--->Curves+) I'm using a canvas of 600 x 800. Draw your shape, outline only, in black at 4px. Add a new layer and color your shape pieces. Use magic wand at about 60% to select the pieces, go to new layer and fill with paint bucket any color of your choosing. Continue until all pieces are colored. ***USE SOLID COLORS ONLY! GRADIENTS WILL NOT WORK!*** Do (2) AA's Assistant (Effects--->Object). Untick outline layer. Duplicate your 'color pieces' layer. On the top layer Add Noise (Effects--->Noise--->Add Noise) It may look like you haven't done anything to the image, but you have. This is the basis for the 'air bubbles'. Still on the top layer, use Fuzzy Edge Detect at the settings below. (Effects--->Stylize) Still on the top layer, use Tone Gradient Angle at these settings. (Effects--->Stylize) Set top layer to multiply, opacity about 160. Then use Curves+ at these settings. (Adjustments--->Curves+) Merge top layer down onto layer 2, leaving outline layer untouched. On 'color piece' layer do Drop Shadow at these settings. (Effects--->Object) Duplicate the layer, set top layer to color burn, opacity about 75. Create a new layer on top. On outline layer, select with magic wand all your 'pieces' (magic wand-shift), then select your new layer and use Inner Shadow Selection at these settings. (Effects--->Selection) Deselect. At this point you may want to add layers for highlights and shading. Set the (2) layers between 'inner shadow selection' layer and your colored image. Add highlights and shading as desired. After applying, clean up the layers using the outline layer and magic wand. This great tip comes from @hippiechos and her great tutorial found here. If you want to add a little extra 'ompf' to your 'lead', move the outline to the top and make visible (check it). Use BoltBait's Bevel Object at approx. these settings. (Effects--->Object) Most of these plugin settings are very flexible. The only one that isn't is the Noise. If you add too much, you will just have a mess! Here are (2) quick examples of mandalas I made in an on-line generator. I colored them myself and applied most of the above steps, except the drop shadow for the 'lead', as they didn't have spaces between the pieces. It was thin black lines. Not bad, I think! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I'd love to see what interesting 'stained glass' you can make! EDIT: Enlarged last two images
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    @Vichu2005g, you are one more idiotic post away from being banned.
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    Red patch denoting drought area ? Nah maybe too vast A programme I enjoy watching is Outback Truckers - makes you realise how brutal parts of Australia are and the character needed by the drivers to navigate it. Corrugation enough to shake yer fillings out Interesting piece that one ... the artex planet 😀
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    Added support for loading and saving cube maps. Reduced memory usage when loading. File version updated to
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    @LionsDragon! My deepest condolences.
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    Congratulations to @welshblue for two very fine entries (even though he beat me to the idea of doing an antique padlock)! The extreme view angle of welshblue's second entry was most impressive. That's so challenging to do. @Pixey's entry was also exceptionally well done. I particularly liked the key and key ring. (Description of method moved to OOTF discussion comment.)
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    Thank you so much Lynxster, Seerose,Pixey, Welshblue, Maximilian and Lionsdragon. Your comments are greatly appreciated. I'm mostly offline atm so excuse my brief lurking 🙂 This is a picture I did recently of Australia.
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    Whoa, this is crazy. Paint.NET used to take a few minutes to open, now it's instant! That's awesome, thanks for the update!
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    G'day all. Here is a gif I knocked up from one of my current animation projects. It's 62 frames of about 10 layers, the foam and the brain are rips but all the rest is me & Pdn. I used Photoscape to compile the gif. I can tell you it's a Stirling Industrial Brain Conditioning Unit or I can tell you the truth; which is that I would not have a kerlew and your guess is as good as mine. But.....it was a good deal of fun ? Love you big time all things Pdn. & tuvm.
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    I think it should be better to make a smaller original image. Like you say, a huge image can result in disappointment after downscaling. Thanks, Pixey! Makes sense. Looks like people have been experimenting due to the simplicity of the current contest's requirements
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    One question concerning the current contest. Does the signature have to be a 100% TGMagnitude thing, or could it be part TGMagnitude alongside other techniques?
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    Postimage upload is busy, I put my entry on DeviantArt I used a photo from last holidays. https://madjikf59.deviantart.com/art/Dsc-3000-800-706137474
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    @Pixey We do hope that everyone will stay safe. It is a terrifying storm headed your way. Our thoughts are with you.
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    A few: Also, Install this :http://thepeers.com/Files/Screensavers/Matrix/-C=S&O=A.htm (the one scrnphas.zip) (turn off voice que rightaway!) Its a screensaver, from a college class use #pad numbers, , , , you'll see. (edit need to expand it) Try screenphaser with these (or any images)!
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    As you look at these dice, try to determine if they are standing up, or laying flat. It seems as if they are doing both.
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    Some of the above were created by Akiyoshi KITAOKA -- I thought he ought to get credit for his work Here are just a couple more of his brilliant illusions; there's many, many more at his site And the utterly amazing... any moment you see is strictly in your mind
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