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    Just a bunch of periods and different fonts.
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    PicPick can do it, Just press PrtScn and boom, desktop opens in paint.net.
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    @Pixey I've been lurking the conversation and noticed your problem. I did the same as @welshblue and was successful in getting the new version. The screenshot you provided of your menu shows the correct version installed. You should be seeing the second graphic you posted with the two tabs Standard and Options. As @lynxster4 mentioned - this update was posted unannounced. The Video @xod posted was for version 1.3 where she took out the color wheel. She then put it back in Ver 2.0 - much to everyone's happiness. If your menu tooltip shows 2.0.0 - It would be interesting to see what you get when you select it.
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    Yes, I'll do that in the next few days. But there is a problem with the distance of the circles to the text that depends on the font characteristics. The circles were originally designed for guidance only. I think creating these circles (if necessary) in their own layers is more useful.
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    @xod Just love this new version! You should announce this...version 2.0 is spectacular! Reply to this so I can give you a rep!
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    Happy Halloween to Everyone! Gotcha! didn't I?
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    Posted the new version At Welshblue's request, now there are two sliders in the Options tab to control the thickness of the circles.
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    Thanks for the error message @Marilynx which I've now fixed
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    I'm confused. The YT video shows no color wheel, as also stated was the case in the earlier post about the update. But like Pixey this is is what I'm getting too:- All plugins were fresh downloads from the supplied links ie. Circular Text update and OptionsBasedLibrary. I did not have any old .dll in either case to remove. The CircularText.dll details likewise are exactly as for Pixey's screenshot too ie. showing v2.0.0.0. welshblue's post references "your screenshot" and its not clear whether it meant Pixey's YT screen grab of the updated UI or her second post's screenshot showing the PDN menu CircularText.dll plugin version details. The plugin still works of course but there must be some sort of problem with the update if on some systems it is still displaying with the old UI.
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    Just glad there's no sound ... my speakers are cranked right up ? Cool creepy background. Great colours Reminds me of those old things that were on the 'net - when you stare at the screen and a scary face pops up and screams. We did that to a cousin who was nursing some fractured ribs ... he fell off the chair and caught his ribs on the desk on the way down ... it was an ooops moment ?
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    Sounded cool ... then realised it's for a fee ... when loads of people have given their time for free to write tutorials to post here ...
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    Thank you all for your appreciation. It's not really my code. I'm not so skilled. It is mostly taken from here: http://csharphelper.com/blog/2018/02/draw-text-on-a-circle-in-c/ I have only adapted it for pdn in CodeLab. Note: The plugin has a small bug that I just fixed it on. It does not run properly on large canvas (e.g. 7000 x 7000px). Please download the new version 1.2. The font size was increased to 800.