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    @ReMake, @lynxster4, @null54, @LionsDragon, @Pixey Thanks guys I've had a quiet day with the family, back to work tomorrow though
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    I knew there was something I meant to do yesterday ... is why the wife is in charge of Birthday cards Another year older ... don't believe the rubbish about getting wiser ? Belated best wishes @Drydareelin mate ?
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    Hello @Pixey, while trying to login with a different browser I realized I could either enter the display name or the email address. Since my browser chose to save the latter, I tried it with my display name... and it worked! I'm happy now ? and thank you for the warm welcome! cheers, chi
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    Happy Birthday @Drydareelin!
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    @Drydareelin! Belated happy birthday to you!
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    Pixey, it is a very pretty piece of jewelry. Great lustre on the pearls with the glittery, shiny metal. I wish it were real. I'd love to wear it. Well done!
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    Added to the version in my first post. @Joshua Lamusga A pull request for the brush size shortcuts: https://github.com/JoshuaLamusga/Brush-Factory/pull/2 I also noticed that the file extension and custom search path comparisons are case-sensitive. This causes the plugin to not detect files with upper-case extensions and have duplicate custom search paths. I will be submitting pull requests to fix that and change the folder searching to use Directory.EnumerateFiles soon.
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    Well just look at you, you Artist from out of the north woods (euphemistically speaking). You get a major [Note - no I didn't make it- I don't know how....yet]
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    @LionsDragon and @Seerose ... many thank you's ladies. And to those who rep'd it again. Those who continue to support me here are very much appreciated and help to keep the juices flowing It's going on the back burner for a while as I work on doing the whole Halo series of weaponry ... some are proving easier than others ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Something totally different now. After one of my t-shirt designs hit the 500 sale point, I thought I'd stop being so lazy and design something else. I went for an ink smudge technique that I must admit is a lot easier to achieve in PS but am more than happy with how the PDN versions turned out Not sure if they're lacking some sort of caption or not ? Or something ?
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    Thank you, all! --- It's been a bit of awhile, but I'm back on another Saturday with a brand new for you all! Here's "Airships Over Horoa". https://www.deviantart.com/blastwaves/art/Airships-Over-Horoa-769084646
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    The Letter A up on front page. Girl stock.
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    You do have a truly distinctive style. Very well done!