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    This plugin allows G'MIC-Qt to be used as a Paint.NET Effect. Compatibility: 4.1.6+ Menu location: Effects > Advanced > G'MIC-Qt Note that some filters may not render correctly in Paint.NET. For example, if the filter produces an image larger than the current canvas size the image will be cropped when it is displayed by Paint.NET. Filters that require top and bottom layers can be used by placing the bottom layer on the clipboard, the currently selected layer will be used as the top layer. Some icons are from or based on those in the Fugue icon set by Yusuke Kamiyamane. To install place Gmic.dll and the gmic folder in the Paint.NET Effects folder. G'MIC-Qt should automatically download the filters when the plugin is first launched. Download: If you have a 64-bit OS the win64 download will provide better performance, if you are unsure of your OS type use the win32 download it will work on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. The gmic_paintdotnet_qt executable will only work with this Paint.NET plugin, it does not support other applications. Gmic_win32.zip Gmic_win64.zip Source Code: https://github.com/0xC0000054/pdn-gmic https://github.com/0xC0000054/gmic-qt/tree/pdn-v2
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it This tutorial will show the benefits of using Texture Object Rounder and Texture Shader together. They're really not as scary as they seem Individually they're great plugins with pleasing results as stand alones... in conjunction with one another they take it to a whole new level Credit has to go to @MJW for the work and thought that must have gone into these plugins. I just played. PlugIns Needed: Texture Object Rounder Texture Shader Panelling The Tutorial Examples Bulbs made the same way Something totally different Shape 3D .xmls
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Plugins Required: Shape3D Drop Shadow For this we’ll be using these two images: Start with a blank canvas 1200x1200 px. With the Wood image right in the center. Use Shape 3D on it with these settings to get the basic wooden shape. Next import the Metal Rings and put them in the center also. Duplicate the Metal Rings layer and put one layer on top of the Wood for the front side and one layer below the Wood for the back side. Next use Shape 3D on the top layer of Metal Rings to get the front side. TIP! The settings are the same as previously used except for the Horizontal Radius. After that use Shape 3D on the bottom layer of Metal Rings to get the back side. It’s not much but it looks odd without the back side. TIP! The settings are the same as previously used except for the Object Rotation on Axis 1 & 2. After that take the Rectangle Select tool and select the bottom half of the top layer Metal Rings. Use Drop Shadow on it with these settings. Next put the Rectangle Select tool around the top half of the same layer. Now use Drop Shadow again at these settings. Now deselect the image and flatten and you’re finished! Not many people will use this tut and there’s not much you can use it for but I thought it was kind of interesting. I discovered it by accident. Thanks to EER for some much needed advice! Wooden Barrel Shape3D settings.zip
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it This tutorial has been recreated on the basis of a Storm / Vortex Tutorial by @Mayor_McSteeze. Part 1 Let's create an image similar to the one shown below: Step 1. Create a New () canvas with the dimensions you need (I chose 600x600). Set Primary Сolor to White and Secondary to Black. Step 2. Draw a radial gradient ( & ) as shown below (the size can be larger or smaller): Step 3. Apply Curves () adjustment with Luminosity like show below: Step 4. Apply the Sharpen () effect (Effects -> Photo -> Sharpen) with the maximum Amount. Step 5. Run Clouds () effect (Effects -> Render -> Clouds) with a small scale and roughness about 0.55 - 0.7. Set the Blend Mode to Color Burn. We'll get an image like this: Step 6. Duplicate () the current layer. Apply a Zoom Blur () effect (Effects -> Blurs -> Zoom Blur) to the top layer in the center of the vortex with a Zoom Amount of about 80-100. Set the Blend Mode () to Negation for the top layer and merge () down this layer. Step 7. Duplicate () the current layer. On the top layer run Twist () effect (Effects -> Distort -> Twist) with the settings seen below: Set the Blend Mode () to Lighten for the top layer. Step 8. Apply the Twist () effect to the bottom layer by changing the Direction and, if necessary, the Amount. Merge () both layers. Now let's add colors to the image. Step 9. Apply Curves () with the settings as shown below: And we got what we wanted! Play around with the R,G, and B curves to get the color you like. Note: all settings given in this tutorial are very approximate and depend on your preferences. Part 2 Other ways to color the image. Besides using Curves () you can apply other ways of coloring, for example: Color Balance by @BoltBait, or Color Tint by @Ed Harvey, or Gradient Mapping by @pyrochild with, for example, MiguelPereira's Rainbow preset (see Presets for Gradient Mapping), or with your own settings. Similar coloring can be obtained by applying Trippy rainbow effect by @pavlik1307. Another way to color the image is applying Color Dimmer effect by @Xhin. You may be interested in applying another effect by @Xhin - Radial Prism effect. Note: this effect is additional for the already colored image. Once more example of applying gradients is using Multi Color Gradient by @romein. Add a New Layer () to the Black&White image and apply Multi Color Gradient to the top layer. Set the Blend Mode () to Color Burn for the top layer. A similar result can be made with the Gradient Mapping. Add a New Layer () to the Black&White image. Draw a Black&White Linear () Gradient () from the lower left to the upper right. Apply Gradient Mapping with the settings as shown below: You can download this settings from the zip file Gradient for Vortex tut.zip Set the Blend Mode () to Overlay for the top layer. Of course this is not all ways of coloring. Perhaps you will find your original way of coloring and share it with us. Part 3 Applying effects. Now that we've created the image and colored it, let's try to make it more diverse. For example, apply to an image built-in Posterize () effect (Adjustments -> Posterize), or Ink Sketch () effect (Effects -> Artistic -> Ink Sketch), or Bulge () effect (Effects -> Distort -> Bulge). You can also use other paint.net effects like my Reticulation effect (Effects -> Artistic -> Reticulation), or Droste effect by @toe_head2001 (Effects -> Distort -> Droste), and many other effects. Huge opportunities you can get from G'MIC effect by @null54 - it all depends on your world perception and your fantasy. Smudge by @pyrochild is another effect that will add a nice touch to your image. Apply it to the top layer in step 7 (see Part 1) before applying the first Twist effect inside the area shown in red. You will get this result: Try this effect with different brushes and settings. And finally, a little trick. You might want to change the size of the dark spot in the center of the image or the size of the bright white ring around that spot. In Step 3 of Part 1, apply the Curves () adjustment as shown below. Point 1 allows you to change the size of the dark spot (left - increase, right - decrease). Point 2 allows you to change the size of the bright ring around the dark spot. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
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    I guess I've been hiding long enough ... realised earlier I haven't had a photo taken since before my illness, so this one isn't recent ... just add a few wrinkles ...
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it PlugIns Needed: Halftone G'MIc Optional: GridWarp Font Used HERE Other Other 1 Stitch Pattern Brushes The Tutorial: Optional with GridWarp ... I kept all layers separate and ran it on each layer
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    Some screenshots if you'd like a preview. Although if you want to see them all you'll have to install (click for full-resolution version if it looks blurry on your screen)
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    Nice to see faces to posters on here, most not what I would imagine. Not the happiest of bunnies these days, but here is an updated (candid) taken by my eldest girl Svea.
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    Hello there, I'm David Tschumperlé, the main developer of G'MIC. First, I'd like to thanks @null54 for taking the time to port our G'MIC-Qt plug-in for Paint.Net. Second, I've read all your messages and indeed noticed that the 'Stylize' filter was painfully slow on Windows. We have investigated this issue these last days with people at pixls.us, and hopefully we should have found what was going on. We were using too much mutex locks/unlocks in the multi-threaded algorithm, which was slowing down everything. I'm working hard right now to fix this issue. I hope I will be able to post a pre-release tomorrow (Friday) with the fixes included. If you have any questions related to G'MIC, I'd be happy to answer (depending on the amount of free time I have ). Cheers. EDIT: The G'MIC-Qt plug-in is a product of the GREYC Laboratory, mainly done by Sébastien Fourey and myself, with the help of many contributors.
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    'Text Distortion' plugin can be found in Effects > Text Formations. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ve421lfuaqol1mx/TextDistortion.zip/file
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    This plugin is the result of discussion. You can find it: Effects -> Tools -> Center Lines CenterLines.zip This plugin allows you to draw centerlines on the added layer in the center of the canvas or in the center of the selected area. You can also change the center of centerlines relative to the canvas or relative to the selected area. The Color's drop-down list allows you to select a line color: Primary, or Secondary, or Custom.
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    @null54! Thank you so much. I have changed the settings for all images. I hope you like it too. *Testing>Artistic>Samj Impressions>Rice *Testing>Photo Comix>Graphic Novel>Old *Testing>Corvo>Corvo's Painting 5 *Testing>Artistic>Dreamy Watercolour
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Plugins Needed: Diagonal Lines The Tutorial Tutorial to put a seam in denim Opacity settings can be played with for lighter/ darker textures PlugIns Needed: AA's Assistant Wobble
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    @Pixey ... many thanks ... nope not me. As you've seen I'm not that blessed 😉 The only part that's me is the backgounds, the faces are an amalgamation of 2 faces I found on the 'net. I view life as a journey now, twists and turns, ups and downs, but what matters is enjoying it @lynxster4 ... many thanks. I'll have to give Black Mirror a watch, might not be one for my wife ... she doesn't like creepy (dunno what she's doing with me 🤣) My consultants had a discussion about my long term care plan. Give up alcohol ✔️ Give up smoking ✔️Give up red meat ✔️ ... now it's caffeine, cheese and butter on the veto list. Live longer and be bored as hell 😀 @Seerose ... @Drydareelin ... @Maximilian ... @Rickhum ... many thanks guys. I'm happy the sense/ feeling I was trying to convey came across. Always appreciated. (rep points when I've more) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Princess is my attempt at This Tutorial ... it was actually harder than I thought it would be. Not happy with the mouth or eyes ... but by messing i was making it worse not better. It's an image of My daughter super imposed. Sort of worked . I'm going to try another attempt with my son
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    ... I think it's because you've got to think a bit more ? Thanks a lot mate - they were a bit of trial and tribulation @Rickhum ... thanks a lot blue ... particularly happy with the 2nd one. Hopefully you'll find the tuts easy ... @ScrapbookWithPDN ... 25% a graphic artist ... or at least 25% of my annual income is made up of works I sell ... Thanks. glad you enjoyed my works @Seerose @Pixey @lynxster4... many thanks ladies. For the comments and your unwavering supports for my work over all this time @Maximilian ... many thanks mate. They were enjoyable to make and a test because beauty is always in the eye of the beholder also thanks to @MJW for the rep point I was asked to make a tut' but honestly it would be far too long winded, and it's best to follow the original and just play with blend modes and alpha masking ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's been nearly 3 months since creating anything meaningful ... Now the body isn't behaving as it should and not being as mobile/dexterous as I was; the thought of being able to fuse with computers is becoming more appealing ... Transhumanism
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    *The pictures are photographed by myself. *100% Pdn
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    Thank you very much @ScrapbookWithPDN 🎅 I was in the mood for jewelry, as it's that time of the year for presents
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    If you have lots of plugins, this is your update Startup performance will be significantly better -- you may not even notice that plugins are loading anymore.
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download the PDF Here is an alternate way to create a realistic leather texture. Adapted from one of the many PS tutorials out there. We will be making the 'base' texture and adding color to it. Plugins needed: NomBot's Tesserae Built-in Clouds plugin Red's Gradients Galore Null54's G'mic-Qt An example I quickly made to demonstrate the texture: Enjoy this alternate way of making leather textures!
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    @JulioCoolio ... many thanks. I'm glad you enjoy a look at my work ... it's not to everyone's taste so I'm happy to please 😁 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Something a bit different. PDN meets Incendia in more bouts of 'thinking and living'. Stem Cell
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    @Maximilian ... yep. Too silvery maybe. I should have stuck with the more tarnished look I had going on. Oh well @Woodsy ... there's a pawn missing. Thanks. All the knight is pretty 'naff. I can play play, that's about it. @Ego Eram Reputo is the grand master of the forum ... @lynxster4 ... I'll knock something up. You've gotten me into sewing 😉 I thought that was over after mailbags and 8 stitches to an inch ... I'm currently working on a Shape3D tut to show the basics to get all kinds of objects then I'll post all my fabric textures ----------------------------------------------- Trying out the website @dipstick linked to https://www.remove.bg/ A bit of a double whammy health wise this week and Evil Amongst Us was born. No great artistic shakes but sometimes it's good to do something mindless. That said a bit of a paradox, as I also think too much ...
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Wood 101 - A thread to showcase textures and items associated with wood If I've missed a tutorial or something made of wood please let me know and I'll add it. (I used an image size of 200x150px as a sample for the tutorial) (click the sample to go directly to the tutorial) Wood Texture with Realistic Grain - Amendment 1 by Welshblue Creating Wood by deedeec102 Hardwood Flooring [Rewritten] by jerkfight Quick Step Wood by Welshblue Quick Chiselled Wooden Text by Welshblue S3D#3:Use Cylinder to do Tree/Wood/Stems by Ash Textured Wood by Welshblue How to make semi-realistic pixel art style trees! by BlastWave Wooden Barrel by Woodsy New and improved wooden crate basics by Welshblue Water (and Wood/Timber and Hair) tutorial by bEPIK Make a Cue Stick by tourist Picture frame by xod Palm Leaf -- Basic Beginners by Oma How to draw top-down swamp tree by Sunmaggot Distant Tree Line by W@@dy
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    Posting the bigger version here. When I resized it for the comp entry, it lost a lot of clarity and detail. I tried a new technique on the 'outline' lines. Many thanks to @TrevorOutlaw for his Blur Blend plugin. I thought it came out nice. Please enjoy!
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    Many thanks @Drydareelin As this came together when I was playing with Plugins - Oma came to my mind
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    Nice result @Seerose 😀 Thanks @lynxster4 ... thanks. I needed a denim texture for a text tut' I'm working on ... I've never missed a stroke path in PDN until I started stitching lettering. Soul destroying Will have to have a think before posting it Thanks to those using a rep' point on it
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    Wow, updating the icons takes a lot of time! Even with the Axialis icons to work with, there's a lot of pixel nudging and squinting to make sure things look just right, especially at 96 DPI. The good thing is I can easily change my scripts to render the SVGs at whatever DPI is needed to ensure most people get a crisp UI. Right now I'm only generating the PNGs for 96 and 192 DPI, but I'll probably add 144 DPI as well, and even 288 (which is 300% scaling). The big areas to finish up are the status bar, all tools, and all effects/adjustments. Whew! (Also, these aren't necessarily final -- all sorts of things could be changed before I ship this.)
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    (This is cross-posted from the Paint.NET blog ... I may get more discussion out of this over here on the forum though ) It's been a little over 9 months since I left Facebook, and since then I've been hard at work on Paint.NET. (There were two primary reasons for me leaving Facebook: 1) it was way too exhausting, which is also part of the reason I haven't been blogging much for several years, and 2) I really just wanted to focus on Paint.NET for awhile.) 2018 Looking back on 2018, a lot was accomplished! In the 4.0.20 update back in January I shipped a dark theme, which I originally didn't see the point of but now I can't imagine the app without it. After that there was mostly radio silence until I released 4.1 in September. That update had quite a lot of infrastructure changes in it, both in the low-level bowels of my COM interop system (long story…), and in the addition of GPU-powered effects (which was powered using Direct2D, which was dependent on the aforementioned COM stuff). Since then, the 4.1.1 through 4.1.5 updates have focused on fixing a bunch of bugs that have popped up (which has been frustrating), and improving performance (notably for effect loading at startup, and canvas rendering when zoomed out). 2019 What's next though? Well, I'll start by quoting a recent article over at HostingAdvice that I did a small interview for: After 10 years of working at Microsoft and several years at Facebook, Rick decided to focus exclusively on Paint.NET this year. “That means I’ve gone from having 20% of my time available to about 80%,” he said. “I’m going to be spending a lot of time preparing infrastructure for the next big wave of features going into Paint.NET.” To that end, Rick hopes to enhance the user interface with more attractive icons, allow users to install custom brushes, and introduce pen and pressure sensitivity for tablets. With that, let's start talking directly about what I'm planning and hoping to release in 2019: App Icons and High-DPI Paint.NET's UI is quite functional for high DPI systems without any of the layout problems or truncated text elements that have plagued Windows apps since, well, forever. However, that's no longer good enough in 2019. For starters, the app icons are all authored for 96 DPI (aka "100% scaling"), and look blurry at higher DPI settings. Upgrading all of that is a project I've just started working on, and is what the aforementioned article refers to as "more attractive icons." Beyond that, newer versions of Windows support dynamic scaling (changing the scaling without logging out and then in again), and per-monitor DPI. Right now if you change the system DPI while Paint.NET is open, it won't look very good. Similarly if you move the app over to a monitor with a different DPI setting. This also affects use of Remote Desktop where the remote system's DPI is different, and use of laptop docking stations when the external monitor's DPI is different. These all make using Paint.NET in modern scenarios rather clumsy and frustrating. For instance: when I use my laptop with a 4K screen to remote into my desktop with a 2K screen, it sucks that I have to restart Paint.NET so it doesn't look blurry. Windows gets a bad rep for having bad high-DPI scaling, and part of the responsibility for fixing that reputation lies with application developers like me. Refreshing the app icons is the next thing I'll be working on, and then I'll upgrade the infrastructure for dynamic DPI (probably over the course of several updates). Thankfully these projects seem to be the “final frontier” for High DPI: once they’re done we can finally bury the hatchet on High DPI bugs. .NET Core 3.0 Richard Lander's post earlier in the year about .NET Core 3.0 shipping with WinForms and WPF really made my day. The more recent announcement that both WinForms and WPF would be open sourced has fulfilled a long-time dream of mine. I can't wait to fork the ToolStrip classes and migrate them off of GDI+ (this should be a good performance win) It's clear that, in the long-term, Paint.NET needs to migrate over to .NET Core. That's where all of the improvements and bug fixes are being made, and it's obvious that the .NET Framework is now in maintenance mode. On the engineering side this is mostly a packaging and deployment puzzle of balancing download size amongst several other variables. My initial estimations shows that the download size for Paint.NET could balloon from ~7.5MB (today) to north of 40MB if .NET Core is packaged "locally". That's a big sticker shock … but it may just be necessary. And, for those who're interested: the move to .NET Core will finally enable a truly portable version of Paint.NET since .NET Core can just be bundled into the local app directory. I've been slowly moving towards "app local deployment" of dependencies anyway; e.g. for the v4.1 release I got fed up with the Visual C++ runtime's installation issues and moved them to be "app local". The security arguments no longer convince me that it's worth the massive hassles for both myself and end-users. The straw that broke the camel's back (so to speak) on this was when the Surface Go shipped with an incorrectly signed version of the Visual C++ runtimes which then prevented Paint.NET from loading at all (remember: the Surface Go runs Windows 10 "S" by default and can only run Store apps). Improved DDS support The DDS support in Paint.NET works well, but hasn't been updated to the newer DDS formats that have become more popular. Nicholas Hayes, aka "null54" on the forum, has written a plugin that provides better DDS support (forum link, and github link). This is a no-brainer for integration into Paint.NET so that everyone can benefit from these improvements (and without having to rename files to have a .dds2 extension, yuck!). Paint.NET is used a lot in the gaming biz, so this should help out a large audience of developers in this arena. Brushes and Pressure Sensitivity This is the big one. I've been wanting to get to this for years, and it's finally time to get it done. The first thing to happen is that Paint.NET needs an improved selection of built-in brush stamps (currently only "circle" is implemented). Second, custom brushes need to be supported without the use of a plugin. This will bring brushes up to the same level that Shapes is now at. Third, pen and pressure sensitivity is desperately needed and long overdue. I'll be posting more details when this project starts taking shape, and I'm hoping to start on it this summer. (Keep in mind, however, that pressure sensitivity will require at least Windows 8 or maybe 10: the APIs for this do not exist on Windows 7.) Expanded Plugin System(s) I really wanted to ship 4.1.2 with GPU support for effect plugins. However, a high-priority security vulnerability forced me to shelve that at the last minute. Now that I've had more time to think about this, I'd like to revamp the effect plugin system further -- it hasn't seen much love in the last decade. Providing access to GPU acceleration and Direct2D is an obvious next step, but I also have an opportunity to clean things up in this area. Effects can't easily combine (or compose) with other effects, and this makes it really hard to do arbitrarily complex things with them. It's also difficult to add new functionality to the effect system without accidentally breaking other parts of it. In addition, it's been way overdue for Paint.NET to support more plugin types beyond effects and file types. Plugins should be able to access more than the current layer, and even be able to implement whole-image transforms, or to create a new image (whether from scratch or based on another image that's already open). You can't even write a rescaling plugin for Paint.NET right now! I don't have concrete plans for specifically what I'll be adding here, or when, but it's high up on the priority list. And in the long term, I would still like to add support for tool plugins (something of a holy grail). Until next time … This roadmap for 2019 is ambitious, but I think I should finally have enough time to actually realize most of it. Hopefully I’ll be able to blog more in the coming year now that I’ve got more time and energy for it. Paint.NET is only going to get better as time goes on, and I'd really like to thank everyone for all of their support in making this transition to full-time self-employment possible for me. Thanks for the donations, thanks for buying the Windows Store app, thanks for the crash reports, thanks for the feature requests, and thanks for all of the fish!
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    @High Resolution! Thank you so much. I don't want to stop.
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    Updated to G'MIC version 2.4.4, file version updated to
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    'Text Distortion' plugin can be found in Effects -> Text Formations submenu. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ve421lfuaqol1mx/TextDistortion.zip/file
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    I made a leather dice bag to hold all my die. It has this neat leather thong which secures the opening flap and also creates the teardrop shape when closed. Holds dozens of die. I found the coffee colored d6 cheap on Aliexpress - they are my current favorite.
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    The Eruption of Olympus Mons ( the volcano, on Mars, 25 km high, the biggest in the solar system) in 5.273645 BC; taken by Ned Kelly when he strayed into a rift in the space time continuum on his now legendary return journey from Merica in 1878 when he received the Recycled Technology award for his Personal Protective Equipment.
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    I propose to consider and test an enhanced version of PS Emboss effect by @Cookies. Currently you can find it in Effects -> Test -> Emboss+ Emboss+.zip For comparison, I used a smaller copy of the image from the original post by @Cookies: PS Emboss result with default settings: Photoshop's Emboss result with the same settings as the PS Emboss: Emboss+ result with the same settings as the PS Emboss: A few more images to compare with the following settings: Angle - 135, Height - 10, Amount - 110. Original image: PS Emboss: Photoshop's Emboss: Emboss+: In my opinion, the result of Emboss+ is closer to the Photoshop Emboss result.
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    Here is my variation on a theme:
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    @Reptillian! and @null54 Thank you so much! Everything created with the G'MIC-Artistic-Rodilius! (different settings)
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    Added the steps to do this: ... buttons and button holes to come Also changed messed up Diagonal lines link. Thanks @Pixey
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Here's the next installment in my 'Sewing' series. Adapted from the PS tutorial found here. The PS tutorial had a pre-made, pre-colored texture supplied. I will show you how to make your own. I simplified this as much as possible. This took me over 2 months to figure everything out. You will need these plugins: Clouds (built-in) Motion Blur (built-in) Sharpen+ Dragan Effect The Texture ----------------- we will be making this: Now, on to the application. I am using the PS tutorial example, which is text. This can be used on any shape as well. Download this font: AR Julian. We will be making this: A couple more examples of what you can do with this technique: I hoped you enjoyed this tutorial!
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    Welcome to the 2018 Paint.NET Forum Awards Show! Where you decided the best of 2018, the worst of 2018, and everything in between! Hi, I'm your host, BoltBait. OK, let's dive right in to the first award for the evening... The Mimi Bobeck Award: This one's for the biggest forum troll of 2018 on the Paint.NET forum. As I'm sure you're aware, a forum troll is someone who posts a lot, whose posts don't always have an overflow of useful content, and who's posts are typically contrarian in nature. Not to say that they never have relevant posts, but -- ah hell, it's 2018, you guys know what a forum troll on the Internet is by now. The nominees for this award include: ugh, too many to list And, the big winner with 31% of the vote is... ScrapbookwithPDN Congratulations (I think?) Now, one for the mods of this wonderful board. The Real Estate Award: This one's for the mod who tends to close posts the most – they are always there, just waiting for someone to break the rules or post something useless. Decide that you're gonna make a post wrong forum? BAM! This guy moves it before you even get a reply. Some n00b spamming the forums with Viagra ads? BAM! Bant! Not only does this guy close posts, but he wields the banhammer in a way which would make Thor proud. The nominees for this award include, surprisingly enough: most of the mods! The runner-up with 22% of the vote is... BoltBait (Hey! That's me!) And, the winner with 67% of the vote is... toe_head2001 Keep up the great work! Now, back to an award you probably don't want to win. The "Wrong End of A Massive Pwnage" Award: You have seen it before… a member posts their unsupported opinion as fact and you just watch and wait for an intelligent member to come in and fry them. This award is, as the title suggests, for the member who has been on the wrong end of a massive pwnage, or has one coming their way sooner than later. The nominees for this award include: HCGS, IHaveNoName,and Sakana Oji The runner-up with 29% of the vote is... CodeDmitry The winner with 57% of the vote is... HyReZ Congrats! And, be on the lookout for that massive pwnage! Next up, an award that no one would be embarrassed to win. The Proton Award: This one is for the member who, overall, has the most positive input to the Paint.NET forum. Whether it's through modship, Paint.NET help, organizing UBB games, valuable input in the suggestions threads, etc; this member is always there to give something back to the community. The nominees for this award include: too many to list (which is a testament to how great our board is) The runner-up with 18% of the vote is... Pixey The winner with 38% of the vote is... Ego Eram Reputo Now for an award where just about everyone came in second. The Big Bird Award: This one is for the friendliest soul on the boards. Thoughts toward the vernacular aside, the winner of The Big Bird Award is someone who's always warm, friendly and fuzzy to the other members. The nominees for this award include: Ego Eram Reputo and lynxster4 The runner-up with 18% of the vote is... HyReZ And, the winner with 64% of the vote is... Seerose Wow! You look great in yellow! Next, we have an award that everyone would win, if only we knew you better. The Howard Hughes Award: This one goes out to the most eccentric member of the boards. Whether it's stem cell research, abortion, or what they had for lunch yesterday; this member always seems to be on the other side of a debate. Of course, this award doesn't go to just any argumentative soul, this one's for someone who does it well. The nominees for this award include: HCGS and Dipstick The runner-up with 25% of the vote is... Welshblue And, the winner with 50% of the vote is... HyRez Way to go! The Radiance Award: This award goes out to the most brilliant Paint.NET forumer. This person always has something to say, and sure enough, they're usually right. They know everything about some things, and seemingly something about everything. When someone struck you as a smart cookie, this is where you acknowledged that. The nominees for this award include: The runner-up with 19% of the vote is... Ego Eram Reputo And, the winner with 31% of the vote is... BoltBait Keep on shining! Rookie of the Year Award: This award goes out to the new member who made the biggest impact on the community. To be eligible for this award, the user must have joined after January 1, 2018. The nominees for this award include: Sakana Oji, Mallaboro, and Rick Brewster? The winner with 33% of the vote is... IHaveNoName Now, there's an award you can't win twice in a row! The Homer Simpson Award: This award goes out to the funniest forum member. Whether it be wit, shock value, clever writing, or some other form of humor which I'm invariably forgetting, this member is always on top of it. The nominees for this award include: Scooter The runner-up with 33% of the vote is... BoltBait The winner with 56% of the vote is... Welshblue You all crack me up! Now, for the award that no one wants to win (or do they?) The Pauly Shore Award: This one goes to the unfunniest member. Maybe their wit isn't witty, or their shock value is too much. Whatever the case, here's your chance to recognize someone who specifically doesn't make you laugh. Oh, sure, they try... but always seem to come up short. The nominees for this award include: BoltBait, dipstick, IRON67, and IHaveNoName The runner-up with 22% of the vote is... GillFelis The winner with 38% of the vote is... MJW Better try more loller cats, guys! The Hit & Miss Award: This one's for the member who we miss -- for whatever reason (work, real life, bannination, death by meteor, etc.) they've left the discussion, and the Paint.NET forum members want them back. The nominees for this award include: HELEN The runner-up with 27% of the vote is... TechnoRobbo And, the winner with 64% of the vote is... Red ochre We miss you! Come back! The Spool Awards: This category recognizes members who are big names in certain threads or certain types of threads for their knowledge or help. Captain N: (The UBB gamer) Zagna The MVP: (The sports guru) -NONE- Siskel & Ebert: (The movie guru) BoltBait Rolling Stone: (The music guru) BoltBait 101010: (The computer guru) toe_head2001 Congrats to all! Next, on to the awards for Paint.NET prowess! The Picasso Award: This one goes to the member who consistently creates the weirdest art (in a good way) using Paint.NET. The nominees for this award include: BlastWave, lynxster4, and TREVOR The runner-up with 27% of the vote is... SeeRose And, the winner with 40% of the vote is... Rickhum Well deserved recognition! The Monet Award: This one goes to the member who consistently creates the most beautiful art using Paint.NET. The nominees for this award include: MJW, Lynxster4, and Welshblue The runner-up with 27% of the vote is... Pixey And, the winner with 36% of the vote is... Woodsy The GE Award: This one goes to the author who created the best plugin of 2018. The nominees for this award include: ...just the 2 winners... The runner-up with 19% of the vote is... MadJik The winner with 91% of the votes is... null54 for the plugin G'MIC I think we're *all* the winners of this award, don't you? The Marilyn Monroe Award: This award is for the best shape of 2018. The nominees for this award include: ...just the winner... The winner with 100% of the vote is... Lynxster4 The Marlboro Award: Ever see one of those sigs and thought "Wow, that really makes me think!", or "Gee, that's awesome!"? Well, here's the category where you get the chance to recognize the member with that sig. This award is for the best signature of 2018. The nominees for this award include: TrevorOutlaw, lynxster4, and GillFelis The runner-up with 18% of the vote is... Woodsy The winner with 55% of the vote is... Pixey Paint.NET's Rabbi: This one goes to the best teacher of 2018. Authors of tutorials newly written this year are eligible. The nominees for this award include: ...just the winners... The runner up with 20% of the vote is... lynxster4 The winner with 80% of the vote is... Welshblue I think we can all learn from you! Now, a few things thrown in just for fun! 1) “And your newest mod for the Paint.NET forum is null54!” 2) “Wow, look, Pixey is showing their art in the Louvre!” 3) “Hey, BoltBait has his own TV show!” 4) “Hello, I’m Rick Brewster, and I’m an alcoholic.” 5) “In local news, police have finally gunned down pyrochild from his murderous rampage.” 6) “OMGWTFLOLBBQ, Rick Brewster just got bant good!” (If this actually happens, you'll be the first to know!!!) (My keyboard is on fire now... can't feel my fingers...) And, finally, the award you’ve all been waiting for... The Kings/Queens of Paint.NET: This award is plainly & simply the popularity contest you know you all want. You select 4 of this year's most popular forum members -- be they friendly, smart, interesting, funny, some of the above, none of the above, or what -- this award is for your favorite posters. As one voter put it, "I'll let you decide who are the kings and who are the queens!" The nominees for this award include: BlastWave, BoltBait, Ego Eram Reputo, HyRez, MJW, Seerose, and Woodsy The third place spot with 11% of the vote is... Welshblue The runner-up with 14% of the votes is... lynxter4 *Drum roll, please* And, the clear winner with 19% of the vote is... Pixey the Queen of Paint.NET! Well done, one and all! That about wraps it up for this year. I'd like to thank each and every one who turned in a ballot. You guys rock! And, to all the winners, I raise my glass, "cheers!" Good night. Rick, use a designated driver. Be safe, everyone. See you all next year! You may now give your Acceptance Speeches and Congratulatory Messages below...
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    I thought some of you would be interested to see @Red ochre's amazing art work He recently made his own website with all of his art, including sculptures and beautiful works of delicate ornaments. http://johnrobbinsart.com/index.html
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    'Rounded Rectangle' location: Effects -> Render submenu A very quick example: https://www.mediafire.com/file/mbnmrwf3ff5at9a/RoundedRectangle.zip/file
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    Happy Halloween to Everyone! Gotcha! didn't I?