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    Fixed in version 1.2. By default, all X-axis values are set to 1.00. Color Dimmer v1.2.zip I'm still not ready for this event. This plugin needs to be improved algorithm. Perhaps when the plugin is finalized, we can open a new thread.
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    @ReMake! Thank you for sharing, and for your effort.
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    @Joshua Lamusga ... I dunno ... I guess music is like sports teams/politics - a matter of opinion. Personally I've always found them (along with The Beatles and Take That) over-rated. I'm not a Pink Floyd fan either but I can appreciate what they do As I say. Personal Taste. I like everything from opera to hard-core punk but some people don't float my boat (Marilyn Manson is a genius to me, whereas some hate him) Another person I would love to have a coffee with but a lot don't like the genre/ him ... the adam's apple didn't fall far from the tree here
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    (Memes on paint.net: an endangered species)
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    Thanks everyone! I could actually use some warmer socks... I hope somebody got me socks... *sigh*
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    Might help if you posted the correct links? Edit: Fixed @Greeneyedlady's links from @dipstick's links ?
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    Thank you @LionsDragon and @ScrapbookWithPDN for the reps! Thank you @ReMake and @Maximilian also, for the reps! ?
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    Reduced memory usage when loading and saving images. Fixed a crash if the save progress callback is null. File version updated to
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    You can get away with no plugins depending how realistic you want the asphalt For the aluminium I always go Gradients >>> Noise >>> Motion Blur and play around with duplicating layers and play with Blend Modes. Again no plugins
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    I saw them perform this live in San Francisco. Here's a picture of me before the concert backstage with the band:
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    @JLeno I just downloaded it to have a look and I see what you mean. Here is my copy. If @Ego Eram Reputo would be so kind to post it to the first entry, it should resolve any further headaches. Hope this helps
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    Here is my first colored eye: https://postimg.cc/image/mr5p0423n/
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    So we're near to close the deal on the third design. Many congrats, Ishi!