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    Fixed in version 1.2. By default, all X-axis values are set to 1.00. Download I'm still not ready for this event. This plugin needs to be improved algorithm. Perhaps when the plugin is finalized, we can open a new thread.
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    @ReMake! Thank you for sharing, and for your effort.
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    @Joshua Lamusga ... I dunno ... I guess music is like sports teams/politics - a matter of opinion. Personally I've always found them (along with The Beatles and Take That) over-rated. I'm not a Pink Floyd fan either but I can appreciate what they do As I say. Personal Taste. I like everything from opera to hard-core punk but some people don't float my boat (Marilyn Manson is a genius to me, whereas some hate him) Another person I would love to have a coffee with but a lot don't like the genre/ him ... the adam's apple didn't fall far from the tree here
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    (Memes on paint.net: an endangered species)
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    Thanks everyone! I could actually use some warmer socks... I hope somebody got me socks... *sigh*
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    Might help if you posted the correct links? Edit: Fixed @Greeneyedlady's links from @dipstick's links ?
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    Thank you @LionsDragon and @ScrapbookWithPDN for the reps! Thank you @ReMake and @Maximilian also, for the reps! ?
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    Reduced memory usage when loading and saving images. Fixed a crash if the save progress callback is null. File version updated to
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    You can get away with no plugins depending how realistic you want the asphalt For the aluminium I always go Gradients >>> Noise >>> Motion Blur and play around with duplicating layers and play with Blend Modes. Again no plugins
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    I saw them perform this live in San Francisco. Here's a picture of me before the concert backstage with the band:
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    @JLeno I just downloaded it to have a look and I see what you mean. Here is my copy. If @Ego Eram Reputo would be so kind to post it to the first entry, it should resolve any further headaches. Hope this helps
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    Here is my first colored eye: https://postimg.cc/image/mr5p0423n/
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    So we're near to close the deal on the third design. Many congrats, Ishi!