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    This will be officially released when Rick releases Paint.NET v4.1. CodeLab v4.0 Beta*: <snip> Beta 3 build Requires: Paint.NET v4.1+ New Features: Editor has tabs (toe_head2001) Colorwheel control now has Alpha style option (BoltBait) Filename control (BoltBait) Generate VS Project function on Build screen (toe_head2001) File > New templates have a new "Non Looping" style for all of your GDI+ work (BoltBait) Separate Save and Save As functions (toe_head2001) The autocomplete function now does matching initials (as described below) (toe_head2001) Minor bug fixes (toe_head2001 and BoltBait) New Features in the Second Beta: Indicator Map (Ctrl+M) now integrated with scroll bar (toe_head2001) Colorwheel control reset button can now be hidden (BoltBait) Building to DLL now saves to Desktop in a ZIP file all ready for posting to the forum (BoltBait) Install.BAT files now work for both the Classic install and the Store version of Paint.NET (BoltBait) Generate VS Solution function now has an updated Post Build Event script (BoltBait) New Features in the Third Beta: Fixed bug in smallest colorwheel (found by @xod) (BoltBait) Now, before anyone says anything... when running CodeLab it may prompt you to download v3.5. This is normal! Just ignore it. That error message won't be there once the official release happens. Check out this new UI feature, tabs: How to access the new Colorwheel with Alpha: How to generate a script for using GDI+ commands: *This download has been deleted as the official version has been released.
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    It will soon be Saturday for you @barbieq25 in Australia. Do hope you have a Wonderful Day.
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    Joyeux anniversaire, @MadJik! ??
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    An interesting set of bottles @Pixey love the colors and the splatters? Around the contents ☺
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    I started on this ages ago and found it languishing in a 'To Finish' folder. Got the idea from a PS tutorial somewhere.
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    You should ask the person who emailed the picture to remove it. The watermark is there for a reason.
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    @HELEN ... just seeing your name and I smile. The sig is still looking fresh after all this time. Thanks for the kind words, and I for one know how life impacts - so no apologies necessary. Just that you look after yourself. @Seerose ... Thank you. Not so sure about the great bit - but I have fun trying to be an artist @Pixey ... Thank you ... the background is a brush pdnized. Sometimes being a puritan is too much hard work so got to cheat ? I'm with your hubby but more tight than parsimonious ... and like I tell her ... I spend months raising flowers from seed - just cut some. Instead of promoting the carbon footprint that is the cut flower industry. (something like 80% of roses sold in Britain come from Kenya and Ethiopia) And who said romance is dead ? @Ego Eram Reputo ... that ... says you may be a man who has suffered the indignity of being wrongly accused. In fact I had done something - had a nice win on a football accumalator ... and was going to include a meal out ... but postponed it a couple of days. Just to prove I do wear the trousers - even if she does buy them for me @lynxster4 ... Thank you ... not sure I could swing the bat anymore for a home run I think it says something about my personality that I like dark and moody ... although I think my wife would say I'm just the latter ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I saw this PS Tutorial and thought I'd give it a go and do it my own way. Stock Orange Can ... paint splashes are brushes The rest PDN. Pretty happy with how it turned out with a lot of blurs trying out the new Beta version Juiced