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    Happy Birthday @Red ochre! And all the best!
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    On this special day I wish you all the best, health, luck and prosperity for all the years to come. I'm still missing you.
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    Hello Mr. Question. It is not possible to change the default page size. But you can create files with different sizes and resolutions and save them as PDN files. You can then use them as templates. Just click on the icon to open your desired canvas size. You can also change the properties of your templates by changing the attributes to Read-only.
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    Your attempt at helping out is appreciated, but you also need to listen to the findings and advice from others. I don't think anyone else is having these same problems. "These URLs look weird to me" and "I got an error message" does not lead directly to a conclusion of "your site is compromised." You were given additional information from others in this thread and have refused to incorporate it into a second iteration of investigation. I'm locking this thread now.
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    Wow! @ReMake gets up early in the morning Wishing you a wonderful day @Red ochre and hope you are keeping well. Miss you on here and you are often in my thoughts.
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    Dear @doughty, @Pixey, @lynxster4, @DREAM and @welshblue! Congratulations to everyone. Beautiful entries from all, thank you for sharing. Special thanks also for @lynxster4!
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    s3.amazonaws.com is an Amazon Web Services server Invision forum is using serve attachment downloads as part of Invision Community in Cloud service. IMO it is quite safe and not a hijacker of some kind.
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    Congrats Pixey. Your entry is so delicate looking. Liked everyone's entries. Thanks lynxster.
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    Congratulations to the winners! 1st Place: is @Pixey and @doughty with 8 votes each 2nd Place: is @lynxster4 with 4 votes 3rd Place: is @DREAM , @Seerose and @welshblue with 2 votes each Great entries from everyone! I tossed a coin and @doughty won the toss. Congrats!
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